On the sad passing of Bob Carter, a great scientist and friend

From Joe Bast
It is with deep regret that I report the passing of a friend, colleague, and great scholar, Dr. Robert M. Carter. Bob died peacefully in a hospital surrounded by family and friends following a heart attack a few days ago. He was 74 years old.
Funeral arrangements are being made and it will most likely take place on Monday next week in Townsville, Australia.
This is almost unspeakably sad. Bob was the very embodiment of the “happy warrior” in the global warming debate. He was a scholar’s scholar, with impeccable credentials (including a Ph.D. from Cambridge), careful attention to detail, and a deep understanding of and commitment to the scientific method. He endured the slings and arrows of the anti-science Left with seeming ease and good humor and often warned against resorting to similar tactics to answer them.
Bob never failed to answer the call to defend climate science, getting on planes to make the long flight from Australia to the U.S., to Paris, and to other lands without complaints or excuses. He was a wonderful public speaker and a charming traveling mate. He was not an easy man to edit, though – he kept wanting to put unnecessary commas, “that’s,” and boldfacing back into his manuscripts — but the great ones never are.
Bob helped immeasurably with three volumes in the Climate Change Reconsidered series, a series of hefty compilations of scientific research he coauthored and coedited with Craig D. Idso and S. Fred Singer. Just a few weeks ago, he flew to Paris to speak at Heartland’s “Day of Examining the Data” and contributed to the completion and review of another book, Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming: The NIPCC report on scientific consensus.
We honored Bob with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the 10th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-10) in Washington DC last June. I regret that I missed that event due to the sudden onset of shingles, and so missed the opportunity to see my friend as well as publicly recognize his great achievements in science.
We’ve updated Bob’s online bio, it is copied and pasted below. A “guestbook” is being created at Heartland’s blog, Somewhat Reasonable. If you have a comment or memory you’d like to share, please send it to Jim Lakely at [email protected]
Please remember Bob and his wonderful wife, Anne, in your thoughts and prayers.


Robert M. Carter, Ph.D., a long-time policy advisor to The Heartland Institute and a world renowned authority on climate change, passed away on January 19, 2016. He was 74.
Dr. Carter was a palaeontologist, stratigrapher, marine geologist and environmental scientist with more than 30 years professional experience. He earned degrees from the University of Otago (New Zealand) and the University of Cambridge (England). He held tenured academic staff positions at the University of Otago (Dunedin) and James Cook University (Townsville), where he was Professor and Head of School of Earth Sciences between 1981 and 1999.
Dr. Carter served as Chair of the Earth Sciences Discipline Panel of the Australian Research Council, Chair of the national Marine Science and Technologies Committee, Director of the Australian Office of the Ocean Drilling Program, and Co-Chief Scientist on ODP Leg 181(Southwest Pacific Gateways).
Dr. Carter was one of the world’s leading authorities on the science of climate change. He was the author of two books on the subject, Climate: The Counter Consensus (2010) and Taxing Air: Facts and Fallacies about Climate Change (2013) and coauthor of several more, including three volumes in the Climate Change Reconsideredseries produced by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) and published by The Heartland Institute. Shortly before his death he coauthored Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming (2015).
Dr. Carter’s public commentaries drew on his knowledge of the scientific literature and a personal publication list of more than 100 papers in international science journals. His research on climate change, sea-level change and stratigraphy was based on field studies of Cenozoic sediments (last 65 million years) from the Southwest Pacific region, especially the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand.
Dr. Carter has acted as an expert witness on climate change before the U.S. Senate Committee of Environment & Public Works, the Australian and N.Z. parliamentary Select Committees into emissions trading and in a meeting in parliament house, Stockholm. He was also a primary science witness in the Hayes Windfarm Environment Court case in New Zealand, and in the U.K. High Court case of Dimmock v. H.M.’s Secretary of State for Education, the 2007 judgment which identified nine major scientific errors in Mr. Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth.”
Dr. Carter’s research was supported by grants from competitive public research agencies, especially the Australian Research Council (ARC). He received no research funding from special interest organizations such as environmental groups, energy companies or government departments.
On March 3, 2015, Dr. Carter authored a lengthy correction of the scurrilous attacks by the environmental left against his friend and honorable colleague Dr. Willie Soon. Read it here.
In December 2015, Dr. Carter joined Heartland’s contingent to Paris for COP-21 and presented at the “Day of Examining the Data.” Watch his presentation, and comments about an anti-CO2 demonstration below.
Joseph Bast
The Heartland Institute
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88 Responses to On the sad passing of Bob Carter, a great scientist and friend

  1. jock says:

    I am deeply saddened. A great man. Indeed a giant of real scientific discourse on climate matters.

  2. Arnost says:

    Sad news. A premature loss.

  3. Ian Plimer says:

    Very upsetting to lose a friend, colleague and fighter. We all owe him a great debt of gratitude. At times in life we occasionally me a great person, Bob was one of these.

  4. stackja says:

    His legacy of scholarship will live on. Unlike the climate scams he exposed.

  5. I am the Walras, Equilibrate and Price Take says:

    Very sad. His immense contribution to combatting the alarmism of the climate change lobby was tremendously important to the welfare of millions of impoverished people.

  6. ianl8888 says:

    A great geologist …

  7. Snoopy says:

    Sad news. I was fortunate enough to catch one of his presentations in Brisbane a few years ago.

  8. Baldrick says:

    Sad news.

  9. A Lurker says:

    A great loss indeed – Bob Carter possessed a logical, rational, scientific mind – so rare in this time of anti-Enlightenment, and grasping corrupt ‘scientific’ quackery.

  10. rich says:

    I read his book. We should honour his legacy by carrying his torch, as a torch of truth.

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B. says:

    A brave man, and a good one. A skeptical scientist, and thus a true one. Vale.

  12. Tel says:

    Not merely a dead scientist, but a dying breed.

  13. Pickles says:

    First met him at a conference in Emerald a few years ago, when the exposure of the scam began to get traction. Possessed the (unfortunately) rare gift of explaining seemingly complex matters simply. Also happy to stand around a fire drum drinking grog till the wee hours.

  14. Gab says:

    I am quite saddened by his passing.

    Requiescat in pace, Bob Carter.

  15. JohnA says:

    I followed the link to his presentation on COP-21.

    A masterful demolition within 10 minutes.

    Let’s make sure that his successor/s receive the same respect that he rightly deserved.

  16. Ant says:

    My condolences to his family and friends.

    From my own perspective I feel we have lost a warrior for truth; an honourable man of real courage whose allegience was to actual science rather than the passing political winds that constantly seek to undermine it.

    Just last Sunday while working on my computer I was listening in the background to a youtube video of Bob explaining again the fraudulent nature of the “97% of scientists agree that mankind is blah blah blah”.

    His passing helps focus the mind on the immense contribution he made to truth.

    Thank you, and RIP, Dr Bob Carter.

  17. Chris says:

    My condolences to his family and friends. Thanks for the good work Bob.

  18. John Constantine says:

    Just imagine if he had been awarded a much deserved Australian of the Year pulpit.

  19. Mr Rusty says:

    Sad news, he was an excellent speaker who knew what level to pitch at his audience. His work to expose the global warming scam and fraudulent science has been invaluable and he was at the forefront of demolishing many of the fraudsters myths. I cherish my copy of Climate Change: The Facts that Bob signed. I trust he has inspired many others to carry on his good work.

  20. eb says:

    Sad news indeed. My condolences to his family and friends.

    I met him at a protest at Parliament House. Easy to talk to, ability to communicate ideas to lay people, and no academic arrogance at all. One of the good guys, gone too soon.

  21. Barking Toad says:

    A sad loss to truth in science and opened my eyes to the fallacy of the consensus myth.


  22. Dave Wane says:

    Very sad news. And such a loss for the cause of truth and facts in a debate that is over-run with lies and misinformation.

  23. Peter Lang says:

    Bob Carter did an enormous amount to help save us all from stupidity. He was one of three or four non-climate scientists who convinced Senator Steve Fielding (the only engineer in Parliament) that the climate scientists’ projections of catastrophic human caused global warming were not based on sound objective, analysis of the relevant evidence and were highly suspect. This was the beginnings of the undoing of Kevin Rudd, Penny Wong and the advocates for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and then the Gillard Carbon Tax.

    Thank you Bob Carter for helping to bring some rational objective analysis to the debate. Thank you for the long view you brought to the debate that only geologists can bring. Thank you for so much!

  24. cohenite says:

    I had Bob come and give a couple of talks at Newcastle some time ago. He was larger than life and was one of those people who transferred his confidence and personality to those around him. He was easy to talk to and had the common touch which very few scientists have. A great scientist, a good man and a good bloke.

  25. Don Aitkin says:

    I’ve posted this at WUWT and Jo Nova:

    Bob was a lovely man. He was appointed to the Australian Research Grants Committee in 1987 when I was its Chairman, and stayed on in the Australian Research Council’s Earth Sciences group when the ARGC became the ARC. He was a feisty fighter for his discipline. As was common, he got to the position of assessing requests for money by having been a highly successful seeker of research funds himself. When I became interested in global warming ten years ago, Ian Castles, a great and former Australian Statistician, suggested that I should read his take on the issue, and Bob and I became in close contact again. Over the last ten years he has been one of the world’s best sceptics in this awful field of ‘climate change’. He writes well, bases himself on what is known, is alert to error and does not exaggerate. His passing is a great sadness to me, and will be to thousands of people he never met.

  26. . says:

    He fought a good fight. He was like Mises to me. He never shut up, he never pulled punches but remained a gentleman.

  27. old bloke says:

    Sad news indeed, Bob was a true scientist and a great warrior. He will be missed.

  28. sabrina says:

    74 is not that old these days! RIP Bob, you will be missed.

  29. evcricket says:

    Bob was an terrible scientist, whose arguments were thin, easily pulled apart and never included falsifiable theorem. But he was still one of the best the deniers have.

  30. JC says:

    But he was still one of the best the deniers have.

    Sure, unlike Michael Mann who stands knee high to any person of regular height. A veritable prince of climate science. 🙂

    I see you’re still smarting over the beatings you’ve taken here. Why don’t you fuck off, as the man is dead.

  31. JC says:

    Oh it’s a sad day. Bob will be missed.

  32. . says:

    #1921642, posted on January 20, 2016 at 11:01 am
    Bob was an terrible scientist, whose arguments were thin, easily pulled apart and never included falsifiable theorem. But he was still one of the best the deniers have.

    …and you’re still a shit solar panel sales grifter.

  33. Mrs Beardsley says:

    Tribute to Bob Carter.
    His enemies will never forgive him and his mates will never forget him.

  34. evcricket says:

    JC, lucid and convincing as always.

  35. JC says:

    #1921683, posted on January 20, 2016 at 11:29 am

    JC, lucid and convincing as always.

    Fuckhead, the guy’s dead. If you have nothing to say on a site which loved the guy for all sorts of reasons, then fuck off. Hope you die soon and we’re notified, you insensitive prick. You’re sure to get some great comments remembering your miserable vulturous life.

  36. evcricket says:

    Here’s a great review that describes just how bad Bob’s work as a scientist was. This was written by an eminent Australian scientist, but could have easily been written by a year 12 science student, the flaws in his work are that obvious https://theconversation.com/bob-carters-climate-counter-consensus-is-an-alternate-reality-1553

  37. evcricket says:

    What an angry man/woman you are JC. Calm down.

  38. Infidel Tiger says:

    David Karoly! FFS I thought he had been sectioned and was wiling away his days in a sanitarium.

    Bob Carter was a great Australian and his legacy will live on for decades.

  39. . says:

    None of David Karoly’s work is statistically valid. Not a jot of it.

    He ought to hand back his “degree(s)” and pay back the state his ill gotten wages.

  40. Bruce in WA says:

    Here’s a great review that describes just how bad Bob’s work as a scientist was. This was written by an eminent Australian scientist, but could have easily been written by a year 12 science student, the flaws in his work are that obvious https://theconversation.com/bob-carters-climate-counter-consensus-is-an-alternate-reality-1553

    Allow me to second JC … FOAD, leprous troll.

  41. Tintarella di Luna says:

    A very sad loss to the world of science and scientific method not consensus science. Terrible loss, 74 is young too young. RIP.

  42. JC says:

    David Karoly! FFS I thought he had been sectioned and was wiling away his days in a sanitarium.

    Oh yea, that David Karoly. The David Karoly who presented a research paper on gerbil warming that was bad, so wrong it had to be withdrawn in embarrassment.


  43. TC says:

    Sad day , and I give my full support to JC ‘s past and future comments to the disgusting evcriket.

  44. . says:

    Readers may recall Steve McIntyre’s evisceration of Gergis et al. Steve’s question has now been answered. In retrospect, it looks like David Karoly’s puffed up legal whining was just that, puffed up.

    Retraction Watch reports this update:

    In June, we wrote about the withdrawal of a paper claiming that temperatures in the last 60 years were warmest in the last 1,000 years. At the time, we reported, following posts by others, that the authors had been made aware of errors in their work and were withdrawing it to correct their calculations.

    I said:

    #1921708, posted on January 20, 2016 at 11:46 am
    None of David Karoly’s work is statistically valid. Not a jot of it.

    He ought to hand back his “degree(s)” and pay back the state his ill gotten wages.

    I was right!



    A shame Evcricket would troll a tribute to a great man like Bob Carter.

  45. JC says:

    #1921699, posted on January 20, 2016 at 11:42 am

    What an angry man/woman you are JC. Calm down.

    I’m not, but I do take exception to a solar grifter like you posting those comments above about a decent man who died too early. You ought to get a neck tie, head to the nearest lady’s toilet and hang yourself in shame.

  46. evcricket says:

    Never been mad on line hey JC?

  47. . says:

    Ever sold any solar panels by trolling a tribute on a blog, dickhead?

  48. pete m says:

    sinc, can you block that gravatar of evcricket? Terrible, just terrible.

    I third the FOAD motion.

  49. Rohan says:

    David Karoly, that exemplar of pseudo science. While driving, I once heard this clown on radio state that a Melbourne Uni Masters research student was studying the life cycle of the Bogon Moth in the lab. Unsurprisingly, they discovered that the cycle sped up the warmer the incubator got, ergo this proves that man is catastrophic heating the globe with “carbon” emissions.

    I personally felt that the causation of this phenomena was the thermostat set point dialed in on the incubator. But I am just a mere graduate Engineer. What would I know?

    Vale Bob. There aren’t enough old school scientists like him left.

  50. Cannibal says:

    This was written by an eminent Australian scientist, but could have easily been written by a year 12 science student….

    Likening Karoly’s work to a year 12 student – own goal much ?

    RIP Bob Carter – one of the best.

  51. egg_ says:

    Glad he had the courage to participate in The Great Global Warming Swindle Debate Inquisition

  52. egg_ says:

    I third the FOAD motion.

    If he ingests too much H2Se, you may just get your wish?

  53. herodotus says:

    Jones and the ABC team should never be forgiven for using Karoly and others to white-ant the Carter team and pre-emptively (rather than allow viewers to see it as it should have been seen) The Great Global Warming Swindle – which they also cut by about a third when showing it. This is the sort of extreme dishonesty that will destroy western democracies with the help of the retro-viral scourge, PC.

  54. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    We all owe him a great debt of gratitude.

    Yes. One day he will be recognised as the warrior for truth he has been during such a time of mass delusion. I’m sure his family are justly proud of him and our thanks to them also for supporting his work.

  55. Rob MW says:

    Bob Carter is a man of honor and integrity and will be sorely missed.

    Deepest sympathies to Bob’s family and friends.

  56. Myrddin Seren says:

    Vale Bob.

    Regrets at your passing and your contribution to the battle.

  57. Infidel Tiger says:

    Nigella is in Brisbane, CL.

  58. Louis Hissink says:

    This is sad, RIP Bob.

    And of course their ABC have not mentioned his passing at all.

  59. Megan says:

    It was finding the work of Bob Carter that made me realise I was not crazy for questioning the settled science that was being shoved down my throat.
    Vale to a true scientific warrior and a fine geologist.

  60. johanna says:

    A gentleman and a scholar.

    I’ve been reading comments on other blogs about Bob, and it is amazing how unanimous they are in saying what a nice and courteous man he was, as well as a formidable intellect.


  61. johanna says:

    Oh, and to the lowlifes at James Cook uni who took away his office and even his library card because they disagreed with his views on climate change, may you rot in the other place.

  62. Stimpson J. Cat says:

    Bob was an terrible scientist, whose arguments were thin, easily pulled apart and never included falsifiable theorem. But he was still one of the best the deniers have.


    Please clarify.
    Do you mean Holocaust, Climate Change, or Global Warming?
    Or Shifty Satellites?

  63. dover_beach says:

    Condolences to family and friends. A sad loss. Very sad indeed.

  64. DrBeauGan says:

    I’ve read Carter and I’ve read Karoly and have no doubts about which of them is a scientist. Evcricket is a fool.

    I never met either and now I never shall meet Bob. That’s a pity. I should have liked him a lot.

  65. Bob Carter was a true scientist. He correctly taught people that what decides science is empirical evidence.

    One wonders whether evcricket understands the term? If (s)he does, perhaps (s)he could provide the empirical evidence proving that carbon dioxide from human activity affects global climate.

    Because Bob certainly presented the empirical evidence that shows it cannot. As have others. Here’s a summary: http://www.climate.conscious.com.au/docs/20151012/4.4Empirical.pdf

    I shall be forever grateful to Bob for his persistence, integrity and courage. And for his complete devotion to science and to restoring scientific integrity. His accessibility and readiness to drop everything to assist are fondly remembered and appreciated.

    A giant of a scientist. A giant of a man.

  66. John McRobert says:

    Bob you will be sadly missed. A calm voice of common sense in a storm of nonsense.

  67. Paul Farmer says:

    Wow……….just want to add my voice of regret at Bob’s passing. I have read a fair bit of his work and thought his criticism of global warming was superb and raised legitimate questions the orthodox science could not answer. It is a great loss…….I know the vast majority of us who regularly peruse this blog proudly hold ourselves out to be true libertarians and support free speech and evcricket is entitled to his view………….but nonetheless I can assure you evcricket most of us regulars think your posts at this time are in extremely poor taste , no matter what your views are.

    On a technical point regarding science, Karl Popper said that to truly be a valid scientific theory, a theory needs to be falsifiable. This is stating the obvious , an assertion needs to be testable, conclusively determined to be either true or false. On this basis Anthropogenic GW beyond about 1 degrees C has been clearly proven to be false and the 1 degree C is looking like being a net positive to earth not negative.

    Bob was a critic of AGW, he wasn’t proposing his own alterative theory although he had his beliefs. It is not necessary as a matter of science that you need to assert an alternative that itself is testable in order to be justified in critique an existing theory……………so your assertion above none of his work was falsifiable is completely an irrelevant point………..Bob wasn’t trying to change the entire fabric of our entire industrial society based on half baked models, whereas the AGW leftie loony lobby are, so the onus is on them to have a falsifiable theory, not Bob…………..so whoever you are please go away………….and if you have a smattering of humility go and read some science, you might actually learn something.

    Vale Bob Carter

  68. Speedbox says:

    Yesterday I was saddened by the news of Glenn Frey passing. Today, Bob Carter.

    Different men with entirely different skills but both giants in their respective field.

  69. Speedbox says:

    And by the way evcricket, your comments are cheap and unwelcome.

  70. Tel says:

    From David Karoly at the Conversation, trying to smear Bob Carter:

    Lets fall through a rabbit hole and enter a different world: the “Carter reality”. In that world, it is OK to select any evidence that supports your ideas and ignore all other evidence.

    In that world, geologists like Carter “hold the key to delineating climate history” and “many (though not all) geological scientists see no cause for alarm when modern climate change is compared with the climate history.”

    In the real world, this is not true. The Geological Society of Australia, the Geological Society of America, the Geological Society of London and the American Geophysical Union have all recognised the reality of human-caused climate change and called for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

    I emphasize Geological Society of Australia because their initial statement was from the executive only, without consultation amongst the members (i.e. an empty, useless and somewhat dishonest statement). After some time spent getting comments from members, including a survey which must have been too embarrassing to publish they published this climate statement March 2014:

    After an extensive and extended consultation with Society members, the GSA Executive Committee has decided not to proceed with a Climate Change Position Statement. As evidenced by recent Letters to the Editor of TAG, Society members have diverse opinions on the human impact on climate change. However, diversity of opinion can also be divisive, especially when such views are strongly held. The Executive Committee has therefore concluded that a Climate Change Position Statement has the potential to be far too divisive and would not serve the best interests of the Society as a whole. In many ways, the diversity of our membership is its strength. It ensures that the Society continues to represent a wide range of Earth Scientists, across what is a very broad discipline. Long may it be so!


    Even from beyond the grave, Bob Carter can still demonstrate David Karoly is wrong. Must be using some super power or something.

    Now every year we have to listen to them explain why New York hasn’t sunk under the ocean yet. I’m certainly open for expressions of interest: my place in Western Sydney in exchange for a similarly sized buildable block on any Sydney beach front. Haven’t had a lot of takers on that so far, but that rising sea level is gonna shake out the slow pokes. This offer won’t last!

  71. herodotus says:

    In that world, it is OK to select any evidence that supports your ideas and ignore all other evidence.

    Yeah. Until you have to withdraw your paper.

  72. Filbert says:

    I was fortunate enough to have Bob and Anne over for tea and discuss the climate scam.
    Fine gentlepeople indeed.
    God bless Bob and may perpetual light shine upon you.

  73. johanna says:

    Steve McIntyre, grandfather and guru of debunking alarmism (although he is a lukewarmer) devoted a post to this great man.

    In 2003, when I was unknown to anyone other than my friends and family, I had been posting comments on climate reconstructions at a chatline. Bob emailed me out of the blue with encouragement, saying that I was looking at the data differently than anyone else and that I should definitely follow it through. Without his specific encouragement, it is not for sure that I ever would have bothered trying to write up what became McIntyre and McKitrick (2003) or anything else.

    Anthony Watts, who runs the world’s biggest climate website, was also devastated by the news of his death.

    No chance of him being nominated for AOTY, then. White, married to one woman all his adult life, refused to play the victim, annoyed the luvvies.

    Being a great scientist doesn’t count, it seems.

  74. JWillo says:

    only 97% of doctors think he’s passed away..there’s still hope..

  75. Bushkid says:

    This is very sad news. Bob Carter is the ultimate reason I am confirmed in my understanding that “global warming” (anthropogenic catastrophic type) is a sham and a scam and a huge lie perpetrated on the world.

    I contacted Bob Carter a few years ago, out of the blue, by email to seek information and clarification of the so-called “ocean acidification” claims. This wonderful man, busy as he was, took the time to email me back with lucid explanations and an extract from one of his books, a complete chapter on this very subject. It was clear, concise, scientific and fully comprehensible to me, a middle-aged dame who grew up in the Queensland bush at a time when primary school education was a damned good one. I left school at year 11, but took science subjects up to that time, so found the “warmists” claims of ocean acidification dubious at best, and sought clarification from someone who ought to know – Prof. Carter. His generosity in taking the time to communicate so thoroughly and warmly with me, a total stranger from the boonies, was simply astounding and so very much appreciated.

    We have his legacy – his books, his words, his writing – but we are going to miss the man himself sorely.

  76. custard says:

    Given this man’s credentials, it will be interesting to see how the FMIC treats his passing in the media tomorrow.

    I predict sounds of crickets.

  77. MD says:

    There are a couple of things that have stuck in my mind that have Bob Carter’s name behind them. Unfortunately, my memory on the first one is a little vague, and I don’t have time to read up on it, so perhaps someone else can fill in the blanks.

    While working at JCU (or was it AIM) he was involved in a program to analyse drill cores from the barrier reef. This was during the 1990s El Nino, which the Left were trying to blame on ‘global warming’. I believe they found that (and this is where my memory fails me) there was a much longer drought about 600 years ago (can someone confirm the exact finding).

    The second matter again involved the El Nino. You will recall that one of the Left’s favourite scares is to tell children that the barrier reef will disappear due to coral bleaching caused by ‘global warming’. I recall an article in the media, and I’m sure it had Bob Carter’s name to it, stating that the bleaching was caused by the fact that during an El Nino the trade winds drop in strength and there is less cloud cover, both of which mean that there is greater penetration of sunlight into the ocean, which heats it up and causes coral bleaching. Secondly, the article stated that the bleached areas recovered much faster than expected after the El Nino receded.

  78. Rabz says:

    Very sad news and very unexpected.

    Heard him speak a few years ago at a book launch for “Taxing Air”, which is thoroughly recommended reading (with fantastic illustrations from John Spooner)

    Vale Prof Carter, fighting the good fight to the end.

  79. Noodles Romanoff says:

    Interesting link there dover beach. Wasn’t how I pictured Steyn. 😉

  80. stackja says:

    Newbury forced to cancel Wednesday card
    By Jack Haynes 7:30AM 20 JAN 2016
    OFFICIALS at Newbury were forced to cancel Wednesday’s card with temperatures at the track dipping to -7C overnight, leaving the track frozen in places.
    Despite covers being placed down on the racing line on both courses, the extremely low temperatures gave clerk of the course Richard Osgood no choice but to call the meeting off.
    Osgood said: “Temperatures dropped to -7C last night and in some areas of the track they were even lower than that.
    “Unfortunately it was a straightforward decision in the end.”

    And theguardian.com reports:

    Talking Horses: Wednesday’s best bets plus all the latest racing news
    11.25am Thursday jumps cards must pass early inspections
    Tony Paley: Thursday’s meetings at Wincanton and Luldow will have to pass precautionary inspections if they are to get the go ahead.
    Temperatures at Wincanton are reported to have dropped to minus 7C overnight, leaving parts of the track frozen. While a further frost is expected on Wednesday night, landings and take offs at the track have been covered and temperatures are expected to rise on Thursday. Officials will take an initial look at 7am.
    Ludlow have also called a precautionary inspection for 8am. The course had a hard frost on Tuesday night and with a cold day forecast today followed by a further frost tonight, they feel it best to check conditions in the morning. The going is reported to be heavy, soft in places on the hurdles track, with frost covers employed on the chase course fences.
    Wednesday’s meeting at Musselburgh got the go ahead after the track passed an inspection, but Newbury has been cancelled due to frost.
    Andy Clifton, head of communications at Newbury, said: “It’s still minus 7C in the home straight and down by the cross fence it is minus 10C right now. “We have had the covers down and while they have done a good job, we have got to start taking them up now and the track will start to freeze.
    “It’s better to call if off now and let everyone know. Temperatures aren’t forecast to get above freezing for another three hours.”

  81. cohenite says:


    #1921698, posted on January 20, 2016 at 11:41 am

    Only a venal alarmist, cheap and self-centered could mention karoly in the same context as Carter. Bob was to karoly as Everest is to an out of order telephone box.

  82. Helen says:

    I wish he had made the ton. We so need honest men like him, not grafters, pretending to care under the guise of more money or redistribution of the wealth of the West to some despot in charge of an African country somewhere, channelled with appropriate overheads through the UN.

    WE need the men of science to question the science and call out the mistruths.

    BoN – don’t you dare cark it or I will chase you to kingdom come with a cattle prod.

  83. Mindfree says:

    Late reply but simple

    Great man, great mind and a real hero

  84. Tel says:

    Only a venal alarmist, cheap and self-centered could mention karoly in the same context as Carter. Bob was to karoly as Everest is to an out of order telephone box.

    But it’s one heck of a plush, gold-plated telephone box!

    Someone could live very comfortably in a box like that. A lot nicer than climbing Everest, that’s for sure.

  85. Mnestheus says:

    Donna Laframboise reminds us that:

    “. A public that has heard Al Gore’s climate views but not Bob Carter’s is a public that has been spectacularly ill-informed.”

    Let us pray for those who have only heard both.

    Bob was an ornament to the profession of Holocene Marine Stratigraphy, and let us hope he sticks to it in Heaven.

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