Why is Venezuela not in the news every day?

Venezuela is the socialist nightmare of our time. It is kept out of the media in the same way that the famines in the Ukraine were kept out of The New York Times in the 1930s. The socialists who mis-report the news do not wish to see their dreams exposed no more than they would like to live in the countries they hide the details about.


Capitalism works. Nothing else does. This is the lesson from Venezuela that none of the fools who follow Bernie Sanders or the Greens ever seem to understand.

There is this contrast with the United States, which is of course at the absolute opposite extreme, but is somehow disturbing in its own way. Yet if you asked Americans and Venezuelans (and Cubans and North Koreans) which they preferred, there is no doubt which of the two virtually everyone would prefer. It’s the ones who prefer the genuine austerity of Venezuela we have to worry about.

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14 Responses to Why is Venezuela not in the news every day?

  1. They don’t want to frighten the horses.

  2. handjive says:

    Tim Blair did a great piece:

    “Nine years ago, an Australian loser collective sent this letter to Venezuela’s beloved potato-headed socialist leader, Hugo Chavez.

    The letter was signed by various leftist academics, union leaders, Greens and activists, including Phillip Adams, former CFMEU boss Andrew Ferguson, Lee Rhiannon and John Pilger. Thank God nobody sensible ever listens to them.”

    PS. Unlike Doomsday Global Warming, at least it is a realistic date for a prediction:

    Youtube, Published on Apr 13, 2016, Peter Schiff : Last Warning To America – Dollar Will Collapse 100% In 28 May 2016

  3. zyconoclast says:

    The only good thing that Chavez did was UN smelling sulphur speech. It was good theatre.


    Everything else was disastrous except for he and his cronies.

  4. Notafan says:

    It’s the perfect example of a fully implemented social equality policy.

    Everybody has the same amount of food, medicine even toilet paper.

    You could not have had a fairer outcome.

    Thank you Chavez, thank you Madura thank you socialism.

  5. Driftforge says:

    Is ‘the news’ still a thing?

    Largely these days it seems to be just another link, and one with dubious merit attached.

    Venezuela comes up often enough in links, although not, as you suggest, every day.

    The story isn’t changing that fast.

    At some point, r-seleciton catastrophically self-corrects. Be nice to think that this can be averted, but generally by the time people want to avert it, it is a couple of generations too late.

  6. Craig says:

    That is what happens what the zombies take over. The free thinkers, the entrepreneurs, those who strive to make it on their own and be rewarded for it, those days are over.

  7. Pyrmonter says:

    How much news of any sort is published from hispanophone (or lusophone) countries?

  8. Mr Rusty says:

    I guess Venezuela will get in the news eventually as people start to die in large numbers – a feature and not a bug of socialism. Problem is that just like the ‘M’ word that is never mentioned on the news, neither will the ‘S’ word. Bigger problem is with the Obumbaclot still in the Oval Office, the FMIC can’t be adopting the default position of blaming the U.S.
    Of course when Socialism is mentioned the left will try and say it wasn’t “real” Socialism.
    Perhaps they should just start saying “Nothing to do with Socialism!”.

  9. Patrick Kelly says:

    No starved victims amongst those rioters. Overweight to obese most of them.

  10. Baldrick says:

    This news of a failed socialist utopia must be devastating for George Negus and his intrepid co-travellers when they visited in 2014.

    Negus need not travel far on his next insight into socialism. Victoria is right on his doorstep.

  11. Fisky says:

    No aid should be provided until a) the government renounce socialism, b) the entire international Left sign a collective apology.

  12. BrettW says:

    Hand jive mentioned Blairs column. Perhaps it is time those who were such fans of Hugo Chavez and Venezuela were asked their thoughts about how well Venezuela is going now. The list was very interesting and notable for the number of CFMEU leaders who were big fans. The same Union that has organised multiple trips for senior leaders to Venezuela and Cuba. No surprise that the President of the Communist Party in Australia, Vinnie Molina, is a CFMEU WA organiser. The list of Union fans of Chavez was more from WA than from the rest of the country and included Joe McDonald of CFMEU and Mick Buchan of MUA.

  13. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    Stefan Molyneux describes socialists as people who believe Utopia is just one more level of bureaucracy &/or one new regulation away.

    And no amount of incontrovertible evidence will convince them otherwise.

  14. John Constantine says:

    Their family and friends of Chavez are the richest people in Venezuela.

    Some nearly as rich from government contracts as the Rudd family.

    This millionaire friendly socialism is what their Australian cronies just love.

    Only the proles starve and people without the right tone deserve all they get.

    If every Venezuelan prole was armed, things might be different.

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