Prejudice and information

Here is tabloid journalist Susie O’Brien:

THREE cheers for swimmer Mack Horton for calling Chinese swimmer Sun Yang for a drug cheat.

It’s a disgrace that he’s copping so much abuse from Chinese trolls merely for standing up for what’s right.

Here is broadsheet journalist Chip Le Grand:

The Chinese Swimming Federation and WADA accepted Sun’s explanation that he took Trimetazidine for a genuine medical condition and not to gain an unfair advantage.

Can you imagine how the luvvies would react if an Australian was accused on being a drug cheat while being medicated for a medical condition?

Of course the truth will out:

The fact that Horton has admitted the name-calling was partly a ploy to get under the skin of his long-time rival doesn’t matter.

So nothing to do with cheating at all – just another case of sledging. A very nasty and ugly aspect of Australian sport.

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44 Responses to Prejudice and information

  1. teddy bear says:

    I believe there is a clear difference between sledging and smearing, if those are the facts than it is clearly smearing.

  2. m0nty says:

    So uh… Sinc is taking the side of China during the Olympics?

    Makes a change from South Africa, I suppose. 🙂

  3. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Makes a change from South Africa, I suppose.

    m0nty – you’re an 18c supporter aren’t you?

  4. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Sinc is taking the side of China during the Olympics?

    I’m standing up for the rights of sick people to work in a bully-free environment.

    Harassing people with medical conditions would be unacceptable in any Australian workplace.

  5. Robbo says:

    ” just another case of sledging. ”

    Precisely. Horton got the gold but he did it ugly.

  6. Infidel Tiger says:

    Yang just won Gold in the 200m Freestyle.

    It’s a medical miracle!

  7. m0nty says:

    I am ambivalent about 18c, which I suppose means I support it. Not sure how it applies to this case, but I’m sure you’ll tell me.

    Sun didn’t declare this PED, and it was indeed performance-enhancing. Every athlete is responsible for what goes into his or her body, no exceptions. He was rightly stripped of his 2014 national titles, and no one is suggesting they be reinstated. I can understand someone seeing parallels with Essendon, but the right result was reached in both cases (albeit three months was still a little light).

    Also, I didn’t hear anything much out of the luvvies when Alastair Lynch of the Brisbane Lions was allowed to take PEDs to recover from his chronic fatigue syndrome. There was some minor quibbling at the time in the footy industry, but it didn’t blow up into anything major.

  8. Atoms for Peace says:

    So, he served a 3 month secret suspension for what exactly ??

  9. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    It’s amazing the number of elite Chinese and Russian athletes who have medical conditions.
    Maybe it’s something to do with shoulder problems.

  10. Mique says:

    Regardless of the truth about Yang’s drug-taking, it was a deeply stupid thing for Horton to do. He unnecessarily brought down a shit-storm of abuse on his own head, and provided a great deal of motivation for the Chinese that may well have implications far wider than sport.

    But if there is anything that defines Australian sports people at least as much as their ability, it’s their stupidity when it comes to their general behaviour. Of course, even that pales to insignificance when compared to the stupidity of the “fans” and the media that pander to them.

  11. Megan says:

    It’s the usual – says far more about Horton than about Yang. He might have a gold medal but that does not stop him being an ungracious, big mouthed loser.

  12. Megan says:

    And it seems to have not bothered the graceless yob one bit that British athlete Mark Horton was taking a fair bit of abusive flack on his behalf either.

  13. Stimpson J. Cat says:

    Harassing people with medical conditions would be unacceptable in any Australian workplace.

    Respect the Lithium peoples!

  14. Mike of Marion says:

    As long as there is boo-ing – can’t have that despicable behavior from the AOC

  15. Pat Warnock says:

    Never apologise, never explain is a good mantra to live life by .

  16. Ant says:

    Speaking of the media and the Olympics, I got a laugh out of hearing Radio National this morning where Fran Kelly was interviewing their crack sports reporter.

    Naturally, being the ABC, they highlighted the female beach volleyball and how the Egyptian team were allowed to wear head to knee garb rather than the skimpy two piece outfits worn by their German opponents.

    This was great progress they thought.

    Concluding the interview, being a sports report, FK asked him “who won the game?”, to which he responded “er, I’m not sure, but I’ll find out”.

    The ABC at its politically correct, inept and disjointed best.

  17. candy says:

    Perhaps he’s a racist against Chinese? Some kind of swimming culture thing going on in Australia.

    “Graceless yob” for sure though, as Megan says above.

  18. Louis Hissink says:

    Sportspeople tend to think with the muscle between their ears.

  19. Bill says:

    What’s the problem?? He didn’t call him a chink or a slope.

    Yang did take PEDS, seems to have got a pretty lenient suspension.

  20. Rabz says:

    but if there is anything that defines Australian sports people at least as much as their ability, it’s their stupidity when it comes to their general behaviour

    Yep – which is why I no longer follow the ALPFL, Rugby, League or Cricket. Hotbeds of dickheadry.

  21. kevin says:

    Apparently the drug would only be taken for a serious heart condition, which makes you wonder.

  22. Ez says:

    Can you imagine how the luvvies would react if an Australian was accused on being a drug cheat while being medicated for a medical condition?

    Samantha Riley:

    Riley’s coach, Scott Volkers, had given her a headache tablet, Di-gesic, several days before her event. Despite this, Riley received overwhelming public support from not just the Australian public and other swimmers, but from the same media outlets that had castigated the Chinese for their 1994 and 1995 drug positives. Riley’s pharmaceutical misdemeanourwas represented as an ‘inadvertent accident’19 or a ‘clumsy mistake’, 20 whilst Riley herself was reaffirmed as ‘Australia’s favourite sportswoman’,21 ‘Australian swimming’s golden girl’22 and ‘the sweet-smiling princess of Australian swimming’.23

  23. Rohan says:

    And the irony is that the Cats did a modest demolition job to the Bombers last Sunday afternoon. And close to the BOG for the Bombers was a drug free but geriatric former Cat in James Kelly.

    Hey, does this qualify as an 18c moment? 🙂

  24. stackja says:

    In Munich in 1972, Brad Cooper became the only Australian swimmer ever to win an Olympic gold medal after finishing second. The recognition was a long time coming: a week elapsed between the actual swim, the final of the 400 metres freestyle, and the presentation of the coveted medal. Cooper, 18, had gone to the Games with an impressive and versatile record over a range of distances. Under the coaching of Don Talbot, he broke the world 800 metres freestyle record in January 1972, then a month later won Australian championships for 400 and 1500 metres freestyle and 100 and 200 metres backstroke.
    The final of the Olympic 400 metres freestyle was one of the closest of the Munich Olympics, with less than 0.7 sec. separating all eight finalists. Cooper and the American Rick DeMont, 16, swam stroke for stroke and touched almost simultaneously. DeMont was judged the winner by one-hundredth of a second. Then, three days after the medal ceremony DeMont was ordered to return his gold medal. Officials announced that he had failed a drug test and been disqualified. He had taken tablets containing ephedrine, a banned substance. DeMont was an asthma sufferer; he had listed his medication on a standard medical form, but US team doctors were apparently unaware of the ephedrine content. A US team appeal was dismissed, and the IOC announced that the 400 metres title would be declared vacant. Australian officials then protested, and ultimately Cooper was presented with the gold medal. It was a difficult, controversial episode, and Cooper behaved with patience and sportsmanship throughout it.
    Harry Gordon, AOC Historian

  25. Gert, by the sea. says:

    Just watched a report on SBS for American PBS. The reporter said there were loud boos at the pool every time the Russians won anything and were presented with medals. Coming from the team area – specifically the US team area. A lot of feeling there about the Russians. And the Chinese fans can match Australian boorishness and ungraciousness any day.

  26. Des Deskperson says:

    Kitty Chiller has his back. From the SMH:

    “China has demanded an apology but Australian chef de mission Kitty Chiller says that won’t be happening.

    “Mack obviously has very strong views about the need for clean sport, as every single one of us does,” she said.

    “He has every right to express his views and his displeasure in that sense.

    “We have no intention of making an apology.””

    Luvvies on local ABC 666 the other day were gushing over Chiller and what a wonderful job she is doing, although they didn’t quite come out and say that she must be great because she’s a woman.

    She may well be working wonders behind the scenes, but she comes across as a hard-faced company person and at times her public attitude seems to mimic your average Kuta Beach bogan-ess: ‘We’re white and Aussie so we deserve the best”.

  27. Tel says:

    Well known and very dangerous medical condition:

    Being a disappointment to the Chinese Communist Party leadership.

  28. Atoms for Peace says:

    If the athlete believed in himself that the medication was an honest mistake, why get all snowflake over it ?
    If the Chinese psych team hadn’t thought that there may have been a bit of argy bargy and prepared the athlete for same, more fool them.

  29. EB says:

    Anyone on their high horse about drugs ie Susie O’Brien, is clueless and anyone cheering them on a “we’re clean” basis must still believe in the Easter Bunny.

    Apart from old samples, when was the last positive at the TDF? Couldn’t be a better indicator of how things have evolved, if your program is truly sophisticated.

  30. mosomoso says:

    Sledging is what we do, Sinclair. Be careful. The last time you tried to civilise us the result was Malcolm Turnbull, last seen begging the ABC harpies to treat him nice. (Maybe if he doubled up on 18C Leigh would flirt and giggle with him again…)

  31. Kool Aid Kid says:

    Oh joy! Sinc’s Bomb bay is exposed and the flak is flying into his most sensitive orifice.

    Of course we are all buying the story of the Chinese swim authority and WADA despite the fact that the swimmer was suspended and named publicly without any rebuttal.

    And if you don’t like sledging, stay away from the AFL, South African rugby (especially) and all cricket!

  32. Baldrick says:

    This guys wins a gold medal but still has time to stick the boot into his Chinese counterpart for coming second.

    Very un-Australian.

  33. Old School Conservative says:

    It was enlightening to see the Ch7 reporter bail up Sun Yang. He was in a queue for an athletes’ bus and had no escape, with the reporter constantly hurling questions at him. Yang wouldn’t keep his cool and threw back a few challenges of his own.
    Irrespective of the issue of drugs in swimming, Yang refused to be intimidated by the 7 reporter. Qudos.

  34. Galeoturpis says:

    The indications for TMZ (trimetazidine) are stable angina pectoris and cardiomyopathy. There is an off-label indication potentially for fibromyalgia. If this Chinese athlete had any of these chronic conditions, there is no way he could compete. It’s as bullshit as Maria Sharapova’s meldonium case.
    QED the guy is using it to gain an advantage – (less pain, less oxygen use, better times)
    I dislike WADA as much as the rest of the Cat and maybe this drug shouldn’t be banned (although it does cause Parkinson’s disease after 3 months usage!)
    Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable but hats off to the Aussie swimmer for saying it.

  35. Snoopy says:

    I’m with Sinc. Chinese swimmers have no history of being drug cheats. Sun is innocent. Horton should apologise for dissing a rival with a dangerous heart condition.

  36. tabitha says:

    Sinc believes in the honesty and fairness of the Chinese. They said it was a medical issue so it must be. Oh look, Brad Pitt’s knocking on my door. He said he might drop round. Must dash.

  37. Kool Aid Kid says:

    Snoopy: suggest you snoop around the 1994world swimming championships. I think something like 30 Chinese swimmers were subsequently banned for drug related activity.

  38. Kid, Snoops was taking the piss. Take posts literally here at your peril.

  39. Nerblnob says:

    sledging. A very nasty and ugly aspect of Australian sport.

    It’s great entertainment and it’s not confined to Australian sport. Get real.

  40. Oh, and.. Slow news day? Two blokes having a spat. Yawn.

  41. Kool Aid Kid says:

    TBW: of course. I certainly should have seen that. Though humour is not always present here.

  42. Aaron says:

    A very nasty and ugly aspect of Australian sport.

    Ah yes, Sinc showing his anti-Australian prejudice again. It’s not just the Australians who have their doubts about Sun Yang’s allegedly dicky heart – sacre bleu, even the French have had this to say:

    French swimmer Camille Lacourt has waded into the Olympic doping controversy, casting doubt on new 200m freestyle champion Sun Yang.

    Lacourt, who came fifth in the 100m backstroke final just after Sun’s triumph, said swimming was becoming like athletics “with two or three doped in each final”.

    “Sun Yang, he pisses purple,” Lacourt told French radio station RMCsport after his race.

  43. candy says:

    “Sun Yang, he pisses purple,” Lacourt told French radio station RMCsport after his race.

    Purple urine means someone who uses a catheter for urination and infection has set in.

  44. RedneckRuss says:

    Young Mr Horton should remember “revenge is a dish best served cold”. Sadly one cannot put an old head on young shoulders. His victory is to be applauded, his demeanor and conduct could have had more grace. Regarding China we have much bigger fish to be concerned with than their swimmers.

    A better example of true Olympic spirit and values wash on show at The Women’s 7’s Final, young amateurs full of excitement and emotion giving their all on the field of honour. These amateurs show the real meaning of “Citius – Altius – Fortius” (Faster, Higher, Stronger).

    Well done ladies on all sides!,


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