Them’s fighting words

Robert Gottliebson on Treasury:

Treasury for years has deliberately issued false statements about the cost of superannuation to the Australian nation and, unfortunately, has no credibility in giving advice on this subject. (Treasury’s hoax is tormenting the super debate, March 9 2015)

A more experienced Treasurer would have known this but Scott Morrison got caught.

The technical term for Morrison getting caught is “captured”.

Yes – the Tax Expenditure reports that Treasury put out every year are so misleading so as to be worse than useless. Whether they do so deliberately I can’t say.

On a related note I had an op-ed on the PBOs Post-Election Report published at The Conversation.

While the Parliamentary Budget Office’s (PBO) 2016 post-election report represents a massive undertaking in time and effort, it won’t hold any political party to account, nor provide any additional transparency to the electoral process.

Be sure to read the comments.

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7 Responses to Them’s fighting words

  1. Roger says:

    Similarly, who would have expected four One Nation senators after the recent election?

    You really need to get out of Melbourne more often, Sinc.

  2. Artist Formerly Known As Infidel Tiger says:

    Morrison hasn’t been captured. He is now being true to himself – a soft wet idiot.

  3. JohnA says:

    The technical term for Morrison getting caught is “captured”.

    Definitions from “Yes, Minister”

    “House trained” = compliant and submissive to departmental objectives ie. defending the department in public and fighting for the department’s budget in Cabinet

    “Gone native” = totally incapable of independent thought – essentially a puppet of the Department Secretary.

    Take your pick…

  4. H B Bear says:

    The ghosts of Martin Parkinson and the Wombat Whisperer still walk the corridors of Treasury. It is as if they never left.

    ScoMo was out of his depth as Treasurer on Day 1. There is nothing to suggest this has changed. Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly) there is no longer anyone around the Cabinet table that is even remotely capable of or interested in challenging anything put forward by Treasury.

  5. Dr Faustus says:

    The comments suggest that the Conversation is very much a one way process, with minimal uptake at the other end. Although I was very taken with Mr Rudd’s idea that increasing tax by $100 bn and spending $94 bn of OPM would stimulate the economy as well as repair the budget.

    I’m afraid we will eventually see that one in practice.

  6. mrwashout says:

    from the comments…

    On the other hand the redistributional effects of these changes, by shifting money from those who already have too much money to spend (and therefore don’t) to those who have not enough, are to increase demand and stimulate the economy – a positive effect that may even outweigh the adverse effect of the net $5.6 billion removed from the economy.

    Our country is fucked.

  7. Baa Humbug says:

    Well Sinc me old lefty mate, I hope you got paid well for writing and supporting that rag.

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