Diana West on Cultural Marxism: Political Correctness

This is about freedom of speech, both in content and in actual circumstance.

Picked up at Diana West’s website, The Death of the Grown-Up. In this case, she is talking about the roots of a worldwide problem where the left believes it has the right and the duty to silence anyone with a different point of view. It goes back a long way. A very engaging presentation as well.

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8 Responses to Diana West on Cultural Marxism: Political Correctness

  1. john constantine says:

    The left have figured out how to monetise silencing dissenters and deniers.

    Like isis getting converts to denounce and kill non-people from amongst their neighbors, the left filters applicants for membership of the outer party by the dedication they have shown to hounding the politically unsound.

    Lawfare to silence the wrongthinkers and transfer their resources to the cause is as good as money in the pocket to the left.

  2. stackja says:

    Stalin and Hitler created newspeak and the Left adopted this PC.

  3. MareeS says:

    It took ages to download, but well worth a listen.

  4. classical_hero says:

    I watched some videos on the “heroes” of Communism and they are all immoral monsters. They kept claiming to be doing the moral thing yet there is always massive immorality. It’s no surprise to see the nations get destroyed as a result. There’s so much evidence of the problem that it’s amazing that any form of Socialism still exists. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. As the Bible says, righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to peoples.

  5. Norman Church says:

    The ironically named HRC is plainly using section 18C to advance the cultural Marxist agenda.

    Whatever may have been Ms Prior’s motives, the HRC chose to pursue the QUT Three because fhey maintained an heretical view of racism inimical to identity politics which challenged the moral validity of unequal treatment of citizens and positive discrimination. This was their true thought crime and the reason why they were pursued in extremis by the HRC.

    Such mainstream views could not be allowed to stand on campus and the QUT students expressing them had to be pursued mercilessly by the full apparatus of the state even when it was clear that the claims against them would not succeed. On no conventional view of racism, could the QUT Three have been found guilty of racist behaviour, as the judge correctly found.

    Similarly, Bill Leak’s cartoon has been targeted by the HRC as a crude attempt at imposing a post-modern definition of racism where the conduct or beliefs of all members of designated identity groups are placed permanently beyond the reach of comment or criticism by the press or public.

    Under PC orthodoxy, any comment or criticism of any member of such an identity group (however accurate, deserved or appropriately ventilated for public policy reaons) is racist by definition and ought to be silenced. Hence, the ridiculous and shameful spectacle of cartoonists and journalists lining up to support the red guards at the so-called HRC.

  6. twil0805 says:

    I found this presentation fascinating. I was aware of the history of Cultural Marxism. But the missing part of the puzzle is why Cultural Marxism been so successful? Why has our society and culture embraced it across the board? It cannot only be due to the cleverness and deviousness of its adherents and proponents – it must offer something to its converts – it can’t be just brainwashing; this is the part of the puzzle for me that is missing to me.

  7. Shauno says:

    Its due to the education system and why the safe schools system is so dangerous. You start in primary school and in a generation the teachers out of uni are committed to the course. Its just brain washing.

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