US Election 2016

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  1. Lysander says:

    Wonder if Trump reading off-script is a sign of things to come? No more off-the-cuff remarks…?

  2. rebel with cause says:

    ABC news talking head looking shellshocked.

    I wonder how much LOL TRUMP footage they had to junk today. I bet they had a month of stories on Bitter Dumbz Trump Supporters ready to go.

  3. Mother Lode says:

    I would hate to own a TV network today.

    As events unfold and, worse, in their final denouement, you have to broadcast as expert analysts all the talking heads who for the last few months have been getting it wrong.

  4. Yohan says:

    Please, take his fucking Twitter from him FOREVER.

  5. Crossie says:

    Why is Turnbull giving a speech? Don’t our prime ministers just ring up the winner to congratulate him and then issue a statement?

    I bet he can’t bring himself to ring Trump and thinks this is the next best thing.

    Is he trying to make up for the graceless speech on our election night?

    I suppose any opportunity for camera time.

  6. mareeS says:

    ABC heads are exploding, such a nice sound.

    Meanwhile, our son won $20,325 on Sportsbet today, due to the result, which means I don’t have to subsidise him for a while.

  7. Louis Hissink says:

    What a mess here – lefty family member’s head exploded on discovering Clinton Conceded defeat. The worrying bit is totally no self awareness of their problem and why they lost.

    So my prognosis was right, if the MSM reckoned a Hillary landslide, then it will be a Donald-slide.

    And so it happened.

    Heads down, back to work, and all is OK.

  8. Fleeced says:

    What I love most about the experts, who until this morning said Trump couldn’t win, now suddenly seem to know how and why he did.

  9. rugbyskier says:

    This afternoon at work was hilarious. All the lefties were gloating at lunchtime with the early results but they left work petulantly and whining. I just sat at my desk working and smiling to myself.

  10. struth says:

    What I love most about the experts, who until this morning said Trump couldn’t win, now suddenly seem to know how and why he did.

    Get that statement out everywhere.

    That is right on the money.

  11. Trump is god says:


  12. Uh oh says:

    Has Obama commented yet?

  13. hzhousewife says:

    Did I miss Waleed somewhere – must admit, can’t watch every channel at once…..

  14. DtjW says:

    I’d like to say a huge, or should that be YUUUUGGGEE, thanks to all you Cats, Sinc and Jaques (over the 2 threads) for keeping me up-to-date today. I really appreciate the opportunity, via intently looking at my computer screen in the guise of concentrating on work, of secretly observing the wonderful happenings of today.

  15. John Comnenus says:

    Great call TRUMP IS GOD

  16. hzhousewife says:

    Yes me too DtjW,
    Sensational coverage and I worked all arvo with half an eye on the feeds,
    the next few weeks will also be very very interesting because it ain’t all over yet folks,
    now we have to deal with millions of depressed adults who can’t cope.
    Thank you so much Sinc and Jaques for the very very best blog in the whole world on this
    frabjous day.

    Want to know now: what are the reactions from Putin, Merkel, Theresa May, Zuckerberg, Assange –
    so much to live for !!!!

  17. Old School Conservative says:

    #2200781, posted on November 9, 2016 at 7:47 pm
    Did I miss Waleed somewhere – must admit, can’t watch every channel at once…..

    Watching The Project tonight was sheer bliss. A glum Walled reporting from New York was in shock. He went to a Clinton party but left early with all the other depressed Clinton supporters. He talked up exit polls which had negative things to say about Trump, and glossed over the actual election results. Aly also moaned about the troubles that minority groups would experience under Trump.
    Price was subdued but strong and accused a Hillary cheerleader on the panel of exhibiting the same elitism that caused so many people to vote for Trump.
    The lead presenter tried to be a little even handed and actually said “No-one here ever believed we would be crossing to an acceptance speech from Donald Trump.”
    Most of Bickmore’s contributions were attempted jokes at Donald’s expense.
    So Waleed flew to the US to share in the the triumphalism of the left and will come home tail between his legs.

  18. srr says:

    Mick, ftb, others, ta 🙂 , also note that J.C. still isn’t tired of losing 😆 –

    #2200333, posted on November 9, 2016 at 6:11 pm

    The new (alt-right) media called it months ago. Too much of a landslide to be beaten through the usual fraud. Democracy lives another day.

    Nonsense. It’s still a very close election. Picking your side because of tribal instincts doesn’t make you a white gown wearing guru.

    USSR, take off the gown and get off the soap box as you’re still a loon and no amount of people saying otherwise will change this one iota.

    What “tribe”?
    These clowns are still fishing to peg my age, sex, nationality and faith, yet have no shame in continuing to declare everything they imagine and lie about me, invalid.

    Here’s a hint guys, instead of guffawing and attacking people like me for using descriptors such as, “anti-humanity”, how about pondering how someone like President Trump can be so genuinely loved by so many people from all classes of humanity.

  19. Jo Smyth says:

    All those people threatening to leave America because Trump has won. Do they honestly think anybody is worried or upset. Losers.

  20. gabrianga says:

    Turnbull on Trump election as President “em-em I came to em,em bury Trump, em, not to praise him sik I em,em I will just stick to that which of course is a first for me.

    Such an arrogant pillock is our Malcolm.

  21. gabrianga says:

    New York Times has only 4 pages tomorrow as they won’t be running their fair and balanced commentary on, now President,Trump and his family.

    Of course no blame attached to NYT for Democrats defeat. It was all down to the Clintons????

  22. Mantaray says:

    To Bad Samaritan. I hope you read this.

    I’ve been following you for about 5 or 6 months now. Your tips and insights have been amazing! Always pushing Trump and pointing us in the right direction has enabled me to now be in a position to put a deposit down on a house in Sydney (just made a hundred thousand on Trump). I also cleared about half that on Brexit.

    Thanks mate. The first person I’ve encountered who’s been both 99% correct, and also honestly willing to help the less astute. Thanks again.

  23. rebel with cause says:

    Working class whites just reminded Democrats they have ignored the biggest minority of them all

  24. srr says:

    ha Ha HA … Jay Z and Beyonce got paid $62 Million for that rally free concert they did for Hillary … ha Ha HAHA!

  25. Delta A says:

    Yes, thanks to Sinclair for both threads, and thanks to Jacques and his talented hamsters for keeping us informed up to the minute. Thanks and kudos to Kates for keeping the hope alive and thanks to the voters of the USA for delivering the impossible dream.

  26. Ubique says:

    Congratulations to the many Cats (including yours truly) who picked Donald Trump as the likely winner. I don’t imagine that there are too many other Australian websites featuring such a diverse collection of wise, irreverent, cheerful and accurate psephologists.

  27. Boambee John says:


    Been tied up with work (volunteer) all day, and don’t have time to scroll through the threads.

    Tell me, is it still a “frabjous day”?

  28. . says:

    Anne you silly woman. I lost money on this election. I am not sad Trump won. I am sad I lost my money. I thought the Democrats were better at rigging elections and that the MSM had more influence, and a lack of advertising would hurt Trump.

    I always said it was possible he could win but he needed to pull his finger out – and he did and he profited from doing so.

  29. Delta A says:

    I don’t imagine that there are too many other Australian websites featuring such a diverse collection of wise, irreverent, cheerful and accurate psephologists.

    Not to mention money-making experts: just ask Mantaray and his $100,000 windfall.

    Great story, Manta. Congrats… and thanks for sharing.

  30. m0nty says:

    Tell me, is it still a “frabjous day”?

    It always is for someone. Or, as my boy has been taking to saying lately out of the blue, “happy day”.

  31. Crossie says:

    ha Ha HA … Jay Z and Beyonce got paid $62 Million for that rally free concert they did for Hillary … ha Ha HAHA!

    What? They didn’t believe in her either?

  32. Mother Lode says:

    Monty is on a donut bender.

    He’ll be sitting alone in a large empty room, a tray empty but for scattered remnants of cinammon and sugar, staring numb at a donut he turns around in his fingers again, and again, and again, pondering that aching empty hole amidst all that sugary oily donut richness.

    And, unregarded but strewn all over the floor…innumerable rakes.

  33. curious george says:

    Congratulations Mr Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now about that special prosecutor. She needs to be made an example of. Don’t forget Comey or Lynch either.

    As I type I’m listening to some dickhead journalist? who still doesn’t get it. The cnuts definitely need a violent shove.

  34. Sick of softcocks says:

    Malcolm gives a ” it’s ok everyone, we’ll be ok ” crisis style speech . what?

  35. Top Ender says:

    Good analysis by Latham on Paul Murray Live of Hillary’s strategy:

    1) bake Trump in criticism until he explodes.

    2) maximise her vote in women, Latino and black demographics.

    Except it didn’t work.

  36. . says:

    I don’t reckon Trump will pursue Clinton.

    But what did Comey do wrong? Lynch probably countermanded and overruled him.

  37. Zulu Kilo Die Onuitspreeklike says:

    Except it didn’t work.

    Brilliant strategy in every other respect, except that small aspect, though.

  38. rebel with cause says:

    A couple of observations on why Trump won:

    1) He has genuine warmth for people. Listen to him speak, he’s always talking about the “great people, teriffic people” he’s been meeting on the campaign trail. Clinton is cold and distant and only likes to see the people from her limo.

    2) Trump has been appearing at rallies all over the country. People like to see the person they are voting for. Hillary has been sick and stayed home. She looked sick to all but her most brainwashed fans.

    3) Corruption. The Clintons reek of it. Taking bribes is thankfully still on the nose for the majority of the electorate.

    4) The media. People stopped listening to them because they were so obviously in the tank for Clinton. They lost people’s trust so nothing negative they said about Trump mattered.

    5) Trump really connected with what mattered to voters in the important swing states. He didn’t dismiss their concerns. He listened and embraced them. Clinton listens and smiles and doesn’t actually give a shit.

  39. Dr Faustus says:

    Actually, m0nty has dignity.

  40. Dr Faustus says:

    I don’t reckon Trump will pursue Clinton.

    Not directly. He more, or less said that in his speech.

    However, there will eventually be a reckoning on the whole FBI/DoJ issue that may lead to issues that lead to the Clintons.

  41. curious george says:

    But what did Comey do wrong? Lynch probably countermanded and overruled him.

    Then tell it like it is. Let the people know.
    It would appear the people already had a clue.

  42. Nathan says:

    Can’t believe I’m going to say this but I have really enjoyed Mark Latham on SkyNews today. He has had me belly laughing on multiple occasions and just ripped into Simon someone from the the Instruture of American Studies (or similar) and it was gold.

  43. Geriatric Mayfly says:

    I thought Soros was alleged to be a sharp investor. No dividend today you loser, and all the shares you bought in Hillary Inc. now junk.

  44. Docket62 says:

    and all the shares you bought in Hillary Inc. now junk.

    Americans like junk bonds. He’ll wrap them and onsell them for a bomb to some sucker like the UN masquerading as good quality bonds…. Wall street knows no bounds.

  45. Annie A says:

    I am happy that Trump won, If only to prove the MSM are bias or to show how they got it so wrong. How can we believe anything we see on the media ?

    I could not believe the media’s dumbounded expression about the result, ” This was not expected”…” not predicted”… The media do not ask the population what they think. The group think has caused their confusion and disillusionment…When you keep listening to the same people , with the same opinion and do not seek out the alternative…what do they expect? It makes me laugh… Perhaps some did ask and hear alternative opionons but could not or did not report it to the populous…in fear of being kicked off the team?

    I wonder if Trump may not pursue Hilary now, as he may know just how sick she really is? The only picture I saw of her today was one where Bill is holding her up to walk down a path?
    I wonder how her conession speech will look?

    I just hope that there is no civil unrest…

  46. Top Ender says:

    Snap Nathan. Latham was in great form tonight. “Institute of USA Studies” or some such outfit and not one trump supporter.

    Great diversity there!

  47. cynical1 says:


    Experts all wrong on Wednesday.

    Know everything again by Thursday morning…

  48. stackja says:

    Top Ender
    #2201480, posted on November 9, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    SMH SEPTEMBER 22 2010
    Sinister role seen in uni studies centre
    Heath Gilmore
    A senior lecturer at Sydney University has accused it of sacrificing its academic independence by allowing the American Australian Association to set up the US Studies Centre on campus.

    In this month’s issue of Australian Universities Review, Tim Anderson, a political economist, says the business lobby group created the centre to attack anti-American views in Australian society at the instigation of Rupert Murdoch, with minimal oversight of its partisan stance by the university.
    In 2006 the university won a tender to host the centre. It began with the support of Mr Murdoch, the Pratt Foundation, the Dow Chemical Company Foundation, the American Australian Association and $25 million from the federal government in 2006 under the then prime minister, John Howard. More recently the pharmaceutical company Merck provided $US500,000 over four years.

  49. Variable Man says:

    PvO has gone completely spastic – none of the humility of Greg Sheridan. He needs a good talking to by Ross Cameron then a dressing down by Mark Latham to wind him right up in preparation for Steve Kates to detonate the head explosion.

  50. Variable Man says:

    DJT needs to pursue Clintons to show that Rule of Law applies and justice is delivered equally. In the event of convictions he might consider using executive power to suspend any prison sentences.

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