Champions Of Liberty Awards

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is running a vote for the prestigious 2016 Champions Of Liberty Awards.

Please click through a vote.

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44 Responses to Champions Of Liberty Awards

  1. Harald

    Champion of Liberty…. ok, great. What did I miss?
    What did they achieve?
    In what practical, real way has any one of them increase individual liberty? And how?

  2. Ripper

    Excellent question Harald

  3. C.L.

    No individuals, just collectives.
    Nigel Farage is the greatest champion of liberty for 2016, if not of the 21st century so far.
    That’s not even up for debate.

  4. Infidel Tiger

    Tony Galati has done more for freedom in Australia than that pack of useless xunts combined.

    They are fundraising organisations whose only goal is more fundraising to enable more fundraising.

  5. BrettW

    Tony Galati sounds like he should be running an Italian ice cream shop with a typo in its sign.

  6. MD

    I tried to vote but couldn’t see the following option:

    – None of the above, because they are all just tinkering at the edges of the problems in our society, not targeting specific laws and programs, not shaming specific ‘conservative’ politicians, and are too hung up on ideology.

  7. Aristogeiton

    Hahahahah! My sides! Good one Sinc!

  8. Sinclair Davidson

    CL – there are multiple page to the questionaire. The Cat for instance is nominated for best blog. The Doomlord is nominated too.

  9. I am the Walras, Equilibrate, and Price-Take

    I nominate Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull as joint recipients.

    For services to destroying the liberal party, and thus removing it as an obstacle to the spread of liberty.

  10. Siltstone

    It only took me 90 seconds to do the survey. Sadly, there was not a option to rate Potentially Great Prime Ministers (the software does not allow for negative numbers).

  11. JohnA

    Siltstone #2235577, posted on December 15, 2016, at 7:35 am

    It only took me 90 seconds to do the survey. Sadly, there was not a option to rate Potentially Great Prime Ministers (the software does not allow for negative numbers).

    Ah, could you be seeking the Ignoble Prize for improbability, the Darwin Awards in anticipation or the Stella Awards for legal stupidity?

  12. .

    Everyone whinging should STFU and run for Parliament at a minimum.

    Sam Kennard for example come from a family that has financially supported small government and he’s been on the ballot paper.

    WTF have you done, Harald?

  13. struth

    There is this thing called “age ” dot.

    There are many other reasons why people can’t run for parliament also.

    But your youngish……………………………

  14. Siltstone

    Thanks JohnA, the Potentially Great Prime Minister is a clear candidate for the Darwin Award.

  15. Mark A

    90 seconds?

    Took me longer than that to fill in all the info they want from us.
    Actually I hate it when they want your personal information just to take part in a poll.

  16. Harald

    Sam Kennard I respect. But tellingly also he switched from donating to getting personally involved. Apparently also he was not content with what he was getting by merely donating.
    And perhaps you had not noticed, but Sam is not on that list.

    Moreover, the question posed in the Liberty Champion poll is: “What is the most influential centre-right think tank in Australia?”
    As measured by what? Likes on Facebook? Articles published? The most airtime on TV? It certainly isn’t results, because there aren’t any.

    The aitrtime and articles, that’s how the thinktank kids make their careers, of course – nice for them. But meanwhile nothing of substance is achieved and that is all the more pathetic given the Libs are in power.

    But if you want to support these guys handing themselves shiny medals for coming second and third last – similar to today’s primary schools where we don’t keep score and every kids gets a medal – then go right ahead.

    As for me: before I either donate or volunteer for anything, I would like to see a list of priorities to be achieved and a path to actually doing that.
    Instead, far too much of the targets are those you’d expect from a Kardashian: soo many followers on Twitter, and likes on Facebook.

  17. struth

    My personal picks for liberty in Australia are mostly not Australian.

    Nigel Farage is a bloody champion.
    Geert Wilders is too.
    Marine Le Penne has more backbone than the entire Australian Liberal party.
    Donald Trump, if he died tomorrow has done more good for the world than I think most realise, breaking the hold of the Marxist Socialist Media, and smacking the left senseless with straight talking common sense.
    Various right wing internet (now ) celebrities, tirelessly working at the defeat of this totalitarian insanity the west has suffered too long.
    I can really only think of a few members of the ALA in Australia, and I’d give Pauline Hanson an award for standing up when there seems hardly anyone else that will, although she still is economically veering to the left.
    The ex labor leader who’s name slips my mind at the moment, who is quite outspoken about PC bullshit.
    So there are a few individuals that stand out.
    However, there are many thousands of great people out there that care about Australia’s future , from those demonstrating against mosques to the absolute bloody champions who followed me across from Adelaide to Canberra in the convoy.
    The left have always been the noisy minority, and if we kicked them out of our schools, it would be all we had to do to MAGA.

  18. johanna

    I’m not handing over my details – why do they want them anyway?

    But if I did, I’d nominate Tony Morris QC, with Monobrow Galati as second!

  19. Outside of Leak, Dean, Latham, Cameron and Senator Roberts there is hardly anyone worth mentioning in dispatches. The IPA and CIS do some quality research and publications but they are all very formal and think tanky. Bolt is flaky, especially this year and is a champion one minute then kowtowing the next.
    When you look at the US with Whittle, PJ Media, Prager, Info Wars, Canada with Ezra, Steyn, Southern, Rebel Media, Brits with O’Neill, Farage, their much more effective TPA, Dalrymple, Dellingpole…it makes you realise how lame we are. It’s worse because we’re shit and we don’t even know we are.
    The problem here is we rarely DO anything. We sit around in echo chambers whining about the left but when it comes to actually doing something 98% of us are busy, can’t, won’t or are mocking the 2% for trying to do something. Our apathy and cowardice will be the end of us.

  20. incoherent rambler

    there are multiple page to the questionaire.

    I could not advance past the first question. There was no “NONE OF THE ABOVE” selection.

  21. Helen

    If you or your organisation really want liberty for all in Australia, then you need to defend the liberty of lefties, noisy minorities and all the people you don’t like as strongly as defending your own liberty. How many of the organisations nominated really do that?

  22. Siltstone

    Yes, they all support free speech (unlike many others)

  23. If you or your organisation really want liberty for all in Australia, then you need to defend the liberty of lefties, noisy minorities and all the people you don’t like as strongly as defending your own liberty. How many of the organisations nominated really do that?

    I really don’t see why this should be the case. Perhaps we need to re-work Voltaire;
    “We may not agree with what each other says but if you don’t defend my right to free speech then I will not defend yours.”
    The only way the left will learn is when they have their rules applied to them – with a blowtorch and pair of pliers preferably*.


  24. Mark A

    Mr Rusty
    with a blowtorch and pair of pliers preferably*.
    I’ve seen a punishment delivered on a lad in a movie, for having desires on the squire’s daughter, it was done with a sledge hammer while his legs were pulled apart.


  25. King Koala

    Its a ridiculous survey. There is no “none of the above” option. I have never heard of any of these right wing think tanks and, given how far left how society has moved over the last forty years, its clear all these right wing think tanks have accomplished nothing.

  26. King Koala

    I created a fake name and email and went through the survey. I don’t read any of the so called centre right publications, only knew one of the researchers, knew none of the state members and did not see Pauline listed in the federal member list. An absolute terrible survey that I would assume was developed by someone who gained their understanding of the centre right from the ABC.

  27. King Koala

    The Australian who has accomplished the most for liberty is Julian Assange, if he is still alive.

  28. Helen

    OK – I voted for Sinc and the Cat.

  29. Helen

    Who is this pink Helen? Tis not I!

  30. .

    Harald – you useless old shit – if you complain and have done nothing, fuck off.

  31. King Koala

    Dotty, I thought you declared this place was a toilet and you were never coming back.

  32. .

    You thought wrong. I often call it a toilet.

  33. King Koala

    It says a lot about you that you choose to frequent what you view as a toilet.

  34. BorisG

    I’d say Bill Leak has been by far the best this year!

  35. .

    It says a lot about you that you don’t recognise it as a toilet.

  36. King Koala

    You’re right dot, it says I am not threatened by others sharing differing viewpoints and I am not threatened by truth.

  37. Gerard O

    I tried to vote for Catallaxy but the computer changed it to Hillary Clinton?

  38. .

    No King Koala.

    Your viewpoints are loathsome.

    You are another alt right crank who tries to make every issue about race.

    Normal people don’t give two flying fucks about race.

    You are free to speak, we are free to bucket shit on you.

    That is how free speech works.

  39. Muddy

    I’ve just done the survey so I could vote for The Cat and His Almighty Lord Sincovation, but I feel a little dirty, because to get there, I had to select options I either had not heard of or was not confident with.

    I’d echo those above who questioned the intended meaning of ‘influential’ and whether that was relevant, and how much actual, practical achievement had been gained by those nominated.

    I’m going to have a shower now.

  40. King Koala

    Dot is becoming senile and starting to see racists under the bed. It must be hard to have spent your years believing in an equalist fantasy only to have the lie stripped away during your final years. I pity poor old deluded fools like you.

  41. rafiki

    Of course a survey such as this is highly – and probably misleadingly – simplistic, but it does support the notion that there are people and organisations out there that promote a necessary program of liberty (referring here to negative rather than positive liberty). Some – and in particular Catallaxy – provide a vehicle for those who feel strongly about this to express themselves. In a rather far-fetched way, what goes on here is comparable to the samizdat phenomenon.

    There are some who are not worried about personal attacks, and there should be an award for personal courage demonstrated in the name of liberty. I would put Gary Johns name in that group.

  42. .

    equaliust fantasy

    Dude. Normal people don’t insist on literal physical equality, normal people don’t care.

    Funny that – “equalist” is only a phrase that race obsessed loons use.

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