Cross Post: Marcus Putting Trump’s Executive Actions in Perspective

Even though Trump has barely been in office for two weeks, the left is already complaining about the number of executive orders he’s signed – as if he’s behaving like some sort of dictator.

As you’re about to see, the media has completely obscured the truth when it comes to presidential executive action. TMR untangles the mess.

Executive orders

Firstly, here’s the total number of executive orders signed by each US President (up to 29 January 2017):

EO List.png

Obama’s executive actions

One thing you may notice is how few executive orders were signed by Obama. This seems to counter the popular conservative narrative that he was defying parliament and ruling from the Oval Office – until you start including presidential memoranda (see footer to this post for definitions):



The incredible thing is that those numbers are only current to December 2014.

2016 versions of the above graphs don’t seem to be readily available. I wonder why? Could it be that, by the time Obama’s presidency was finished, he managed to crank out a staggering 644 executive memoranda in total?

Putting things together

When combining executive orders and presidential memoranda, we start to get a better picture of things. As you can see below, recent Democrat presidents have had a keen interest in taking executive action (i.e. Obama, Clinton, Carter).


Again, the above graph is only current to December 2014 (via USA Today), so we need to do a little basic maths to complete the Obama picture:

644 presidential memoranda + 276 executive orders = 920 executive actions (i.e. 115 per year over 8 years).

Now take that 115 per year and have another look at the above graph – comfortably the most amount of executive actions since Truman, who had the small matter of wrapping up World War II.

Trump’s executive actions so far

As for Trump, it’s obviously far too early to tell where he’ll will end up ranking on this list.

Of course, that kind of common sense hasn’t stopped the left from trying to spin the nonsense that Trump has signed an unprecedented ‘flurry’ of orders to commence his presidency – something completely lacking in fact when compared to Obama:


Will the baseless hysteria stop?

Undoubtedly, there will things to legitimately criticise Trump on in due course. The problem is that the rampant lying and hyperventilating by the left on things such as this simply serve to embolden Trump and make him stronger. By the time a legitimate criticism does come along, Trump may well be able to flick it away as the bleating of the boy who cried wolf.

That aside, the left needs to get its act together, grow up and get on with it… or not:

(With thanks to Adam Piggott for finding that gem. I just love the friend kneeling down and showing what appears to be genuine concern – behind his mask of bravery of course).

Now, you may have already seen this lady’s hilarious screaming fit from Trump’s inauguration:

But did you give her a chance to explain herself?

But wait! I know you want more:

(*) For those not familiar:

  • A presidential memorandum is a type of executive action issued by the president of the United States to manage and govern the actions, practices, and policies of the various departments and agencies found under the executive branch of the United States government. They used to be referred to as ‘presidential letters’.
  • Executive orders are issued by Presidents of the United States to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage operations within the federal government.

In other words, both presidential memoranda and executive orders are ways for the president to significantly change things without the need for parliament.

First published at The Marcus Review.

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18 Responses to Cross Post: Marcus Putting Trump’s Executive Actions in Perspective

  1. En says:

    I am still not clear on the difference. If I could put it another way, is a memo an instruction in how to implement something that the bureaucracy is able to do anyway but isn’t currently doing it that way, or is seeking advice on how the President wants to do something, and an order is an instruction to go and do something?
    Neither are newly legislated laws.

  2. stackja says:

    Left is out of perspective. Quite normal.

  3. JohnA says:

    En, your puzzle reminds me of Sir Humphrey Appleby’s “dilemma” (real people call it “obfuscation”) over the distinction between the “Administration of policy and the policy of administration”

  4. egg_ says:

    The Left and hypocrisy are no strangers.

  5. jupes says:

    Good stuff.

    Thanks for that Marcus.

  6. Habib says:

    What’s the betting Screamy moves out here, takes up a tenure in a sociology faculty, a senior role in an NGO, and a Greens pre-selection?

  7. Mother Lode says:

    She is not convince anyone unless she goes:


  8. NewChum says:

    Really, it’s not fair to publish interviews with people who have obvious problems with the grasp of reality.

    A clearly disturbed individual who doesn’t even make sense to herself.

    Presidential Memo to Trump : get on with it, why hasn’t the USA been pulled out of the UN and the Paris Agreement yet? That’s one exec order that is in dire need of issuing.

  9. Tim Neilson says:

    Really, it’s not fair to publish interviews with people who have obvious problems with the grasp of reality.

    A clearly disturbed individual who doesn’t even make sense to herself.

    Also, the Fairfax print media business model shows that in the long term it isn’t profitable.

  10. Muddy says:

    When an elderly client commented about the heat here in Queensland today, I jokingly said that it was Trump’s fault because he controls everything in the known universe. That was a mistake. Said client then began to explain that Trump was the second-coming of Hitler (seriously). I said that only those who only watch the ABC would think that. Second mistake. She only ever watches the ABC and reads what passes (according to some) as the local ‘rag’, the Sunshine Coast Daily (I think I just tasted a little vomit). I politely stated that I found it offensive that an individual who so far has done almost nothing in a practical sense, would be compared (unfavourably) with a tyrant who ordered the execution of six million civilians. She didn’t blink. She was born in Holland sometime in the 1930s and began to claim that conditions under Trump (the whole, what, two or three weeks?) are almost indistinguishable from the pre-WW2 conditions in Europe under the Narzees (deliberate misspelling). I stopped just short of asking if she had been born with her intellectual impairment, or had it been acquired?

    So the question is, what do you do with people like this, whose only contact with the outside world (she rarely leaves home) is via the distorted filter of the ABC? She obviously sees them as a trusted authority, so how can that trust be undermined? Can it? I don’t think it can be challenged head-on without damaging the enablers, and somehow undermining their image as an authoritative source.

  11. hzhousewife says:

    Lol Muddy. One can never think quickly enough to have a decent response, I might have said that it would be good that the obesity epidemic would be over in a year or so then.
    Had a couple of meetings today, so came across one person who surreptitously asked me what I though of Trump, so I grinned broadly and said fantastic, then they relaxed and agreed. In discussion with a second person over the policing situation in Melb, they were about to say something, then said, Oh I can’t say that, it’s racist. I said Well don’t talk to me then, I’m racist through and through, it’s simply impossible these days not to be a racist, you get attacked for each and every point of view and suggestion you make, so you may as well just call yourself a racist and get it over with. Both these conversations were with people from Melbourne.

  12. Muddy says:

    Agreed. I’ve begun to identify myself as a racist (though only on here so far). We need to re-appropriate the word and re-redefine it until it becomes so ‘blah’ that it loses its intimidation value. That’s a huge task, I know, but worth a shot.
    RACIST AND PROUD. RACISM IS THE NEW BLACK. (Does my bum look big in this racist?)

  13. Boambee John says:

    Does a Presidential Memorandum rate as a “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest” comment?

  14. Habib says:

    Muddy, how’d you know she thought that was a bad thing? Maybe she wad hoping to recapture her youth. It’d explain her attachment to the Reich Australian Broadcast Corporation.

  15. Why would you consider yourself racist, Muddy?

    To be racist, you need to see people as part of a collective, defined by common characteristics, in this case, race. How can one be racist when one sees everyone as individual human beings, not simply parts of a group?

    Give yourself an uppercut! 🙂

  16. And yes, Muddy, LBM (Large Bums Matter).

  17. Muddy says:

    Beery, I think you missed my point. I want to dissolve the power that the word and concept of racism has been given when used as a means of stifling ‘dissent.’ I want to see it used to the point where it has so many meanings that it means nothing.

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