Roundup Feb 17

Gerard Henderson’s media watchdog.

Dan the man. What have George Schultz and James Baker been smoking to suggest there are so many atmospheric problems that we need to take out an insurance policy in the form of a carbon tax? Dan puts the economic blowtorch on them. British childcare is costing billions, fancy that, maybe something to do with regulations and government provision. Who would have thought? Silly Brits! The fourth amendment to the US constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. Dan has a few things to say about the libertarian approach to crime and the fourth amendment.

First, only activities that harm other people should be against the law. So get rid of laws against drugs, gambling, cash deposits, and other victimless crimes.
Second, make sure that government behaves properly and respects constitutional rights while investigating and prosecuting criminality.
Third, impose appropriate punishment on those properly convicted of harming other people.
In other words, be “tough on crime,” but make sure there’s a morally just system.

How Dave Rubin left the left .

Culture. Next month at the Artarmon Gallery (Sydney) a show of work by the late Kilmeny Niland, versatile artist and author and Webmistress of the Rathouse liberal/libertarian website. Date to be decided. Food for the future. Let them eat cockroaches.

Around the traps, what the usual suspects are up to. The Spectator, Mark Steyn . Spiked. , the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, The Institute for Public Affairs IPA. The Centre for Independent Studies. The Sydney Institute, Jo Nova. Check out Andrew Bolt on dud government schemes and add a few. The Heterodox Academy review.

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2 Responses to Roundup Feb 17

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    How Dave Rubin left the left.

    He is another fine article about how the Left thinks, and then what happens when a leftie is confronted by reality.

    How a pro-Palestinian American reporter changed his views on Israel and the conflict

    The journo is still a lefty, but a small seed of doubt has been planted in his brain. It’ll be interesting what that will do to him in the fullness of time.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Let them eat cockroaches.

    Grubs up!

    How Crickets Could Help Save the Planet (yesterday)

    Entomophagy may also be an attractive option for those who are hoping to lose weight by counting calories. The FAO notes that raw adult yellow mealworms have about 140 calories per 100 grams — roughly 100 fewer calories than 80 percent lean ground beef.

    I learn a new word…entomophagy!

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