Roundup March 3

STOP PRESS. Impending disaster for Trump.

Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. Events at the Sydney Institute.

Andrew Hastie stands up for free speech.

Alan Moran book launch, Melbourne on Monday 6, Sydney Tuesday 7 and Brisbane Thursday 9. Alan Moran’s March Climate News.

Dan Mitchell. Positives and negatives in Trump’s speech. Looking for serious deregulation from the Trump administration. Like the FATCA.

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is an odious law enacted back in 2010 when the left controlled all the levers of power. It’s horrible legislation that threatens the rest of the world with financial protectionism (a 30 percent levy on all money flowing out of the United States) unless foreign governments and foreign financial institutions agree to serve as deputy tax collectors for America’s anti-competitive worldwide tax system.
That’s the bad news.
The good news is that the Republican platform endorses the repeal of this onerous law.
But will GOPers deliver on that promise? Especially if the left unleashes the kind of demagoguery we often see in Congress and that we saw from Obama during the 2008 campaign?
I guess time will tell, but if the goal is good policy (and keeping promises), this law deserves to be tossed in the trash.
I’ve previously explained that FATCA is so brutal that it has led many overseas Americans to give up their citizenship simply because FATCA made their lives miserable. They couldn’t open bank accounts. They had trouble finding places to manage their investments. Even retirement accounts became a nightmare.

The problem of the cost of public health entitlements in the US.

Things happening at the Centre for Independent Studies, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. News from the Menzies Research Centre.

History. A fascinating reconstruction of the reason why the Vikings disappeared from Greenland. In brief, they were highly dependent on the sale of walrus tusks in Norway but three factors brought them undone: global cooling made life more difficult but the two crucial blows came from the erosion of the market for walrus ivory when better ivory started to turn up from Africa and the halving of the Norwegian population during the Black Death.

Books and the life of the mind. The American Scholar. Accuracy in Academia. Michael Giffin has just released his latest book on Patrick White, reviewed in the current edition of Quadrant. Previous books and articles.

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace speaks on the relationship of CO2 and warming.

Karl Popper on the moral responsibility of the scientist (1969).

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4 Responses to Roundup March 3

  1. King Koala says:

    You missed this tidbit: Iran’s President claims the United States belongs to all nations.

    I wonder how many view Australia the same way, as not belonging to the descendants of those who built thw country but instead belonging to everyone who wants to come here. I imagine some on the Cat agree with the Iranian government, such as dot and Sinc.

  2. classical_hero says:

    It’s Andrew Hastie.

  3. Mark M says:

    RE: Alan Moran’s Climate News and the ‘pause’ in global warming:

    Study reveals the atmospheric footprint of global warming hiatus

    and …

    RealClimate 2014-“It never rains but it pause”

    Real climate 2017-“There was no pause”

  4. min says:

    Re Greenland ,In an archeological journal it was said that the climate was getting colder and instead of dressing like the Inuits in furs, the Vikings continued to dress in their usual gear. This based on the dressing of those that had been buried. Also as the ice was increasing it was more difficult for boats to do trading. The younger members went back to Denmarkv for schooling and stayed on so decrease in inhabitants and the Inuits were getting more aggressive.
    But the biggest problem would have been lack of food for their cattle. They were paying their taxecs to the pope according to Italian History.

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