Jo Nova on the sabotage of the SA power system

Spend 30 Mil to save a Billion? No thanks, not green enough.

The SA blackout cost around half a billion, and building a new gas plant (with a $170b in green bribes) adds another half. It’s now emerged that Alinta offered Jay Weatherill a deal to keep Port August Power running which he turned down. If he had paid just $30m to keep the Northern coal fired station in business, there might have been no statewide blackout, and no need for regular load shedding. Wholesale electricity contracts in SA have risen from 8c per KWhr to 14c since mid last year.

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  1. John L

    The SA blackout cost around half a billion

    Attention: This is only the first half-a-billion cost! There will be more. How many more billions before the band-aid is applied?
    The important thing is that they have the experience to build sail-powered submarines!

  2. Beachside

    Weatherill’s contempt for the people of South Australia is gobsmackingly outrageous.

    Weatherill, Andrews, Palaceshook et al have no respect whatsoever for the ‘other peoples’ money’ they’re entrusted to manage with care and due diligence. Half a billion here, half a billion there ….. it’s only other peoples’ money, there’s more where that came from, who cares? Colin Barnett in W.A. would have welcomed a lazy half billion going into his States’ coffers prior to the recent election given W.A.’s ‘share’ of the GST distribution is decidedly inequitable, because Weatherill’s S.A. (Qld and Tas.) is subsidised bigly.

    … and sadly, the same fate awaits the once great manufacturing State of Victoria, coming real soon.

    Job losses and energy poverty are the future in Dan the man’s CFMEU Victoriastan.

  3. Sydney Boy

    State money vs Federal money?

  4. Leo G

    The MT national electricity plan appears to involve retail electricity price escalation, followed by distributed load-shedding and blackouts, followed by segregation of the electricity grid, followed by a federal election.
    The PM must really hate the Liberal Party.

  5. thefrolickingmole

    Meanwhile the muppetts of Canberra are congratulating themselves for going “100% renewable” despite SFA of their power being generated in the state.

  6. Aycee

    Now try 21 c/kWh Peak and 11 OP for 2018 contracts.

    If you can get a retailer to quote.

  7. Up The Workers!

    It’s “Back to the Future” with Neanderthal Jay Weatherdill from the A.L.P. (Anti-Light & Power) – Taking the State of ‘Jurassic Park’ back to the Dark Ages.

    I wonder how he goes when he has to cook a candle-lit tea for the family by rubbing two sticks together in a bunch of twigs?

    Was he ever this much of a dill when he was Penny’s wife?

  8. Nathan

    Not to mention the additional costs incurred to the support Leigh Creek and then having to place 132 workers from the plant that had a clause in their EBA that guaranteed placement into another public service role.
    Total balls up.

  9. RobK

    Blinded by the CO2 fit-up, heading up the wrong path.

  10. Pyrmonter


    It seems Alinta wanted the state government to pick up the entire “make good” liability – something that will cost them quite a bit; factor that back in and this is the sort of deal you’d expect of Tim Marcus-Clarke, Joan Kirner, Brian Burke or Ian Johns.

  11. Jannie

    Hazelwood is closing this week, and SA will have to go without the backup. Just sit back and watch.

  12. struth

    So where’s the SA Liberals?

    Hahahahahahhahhahahaahhahahahahhahaha cough hahahahahahahahahahaahahah sniffhahahahahahhahaahhaahahaahhahhaha choke hahahaahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaahhaahahhaahahahahha…….aha….ha……er………….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahhaha

  13. Mike of Marion

    #2340997, posted on March 30, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    SA Libs – led by Marshall.

    That goose who stood before the Media on the eve of the last Sate Election and said loudly,

    “Vote LABOR!”

    An absolute fuckwit (with Bar).

  14. State money vs Federal money?

    It’s all our money though, in the end, not “theirs”.

  15. Was he ever this much of a dill when he was Penny’s wife?

    Perhaps the fact he ever was is proof enough. But I thought he’d been SH-Y’s squeeze, not the other one’s. Same question is valid though. It’s all so confusing the way these pollies mix and swap etc.

  16. Shy Ted

    Off topic but you must see the Beyond Blue cartoon at Pickering Post.
    And Jay’s battery will be a Neverready.

  17. Speedbox

    My family and I left SA many years ago and it was the smartest decision I have ever made.

    We still have friends and some family there and whenever we talk to them, it is nothing but moans about the lack of jobs, failing industry, the crap Government and the embarrassment of their electricity system, not to mention the cost of supply.

    We used to tell them to head east. Things aren’t always great over here but you can be certain that it is better than Adelaide. Your children will thank you as they have a reasonable chance of getting a job. But for some reason, they seem rooted to the spot.

    I’ve given up exhorting the improved lifestyle, income, facilities and opportunities of the eastern states to my Adelaide friends. They seem too focused on reminding me about the Festival of Arts, The Fringe and the wineries. Plus, the new submarine contract will bring some good jobs and investment they say.

    I have a theory that some people of SA suffer a form of Stockholm syndrome.

  18. Walter Plinge

    I’ll be at Aldi first thing Saturday to snaffle a genset. Then off to Bunnings for extension leads and powerboards to keep the house going when the power stops here in Melbourne.
    If I was Engie I’d tell Bracks to shove rehabilitation of the Morwell mine and just walk.

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    Show trials ,strict interrogation ,firing squads ,gulags, spring to mind ,they want world communism,give them a taste , the destruction they have caused deserves severe retribution ,never mind courts and the law trade , peoples tribunals ,cleanse Australia Fair .

  20. Dr Fred Lenin

    My union comrades ! May I draw your attention to the fact that our comrades in the Party bowing down to the green wankers demands to cut coal and gas fired electricity ,is costing jobs and losing us members to boss about ,and union fees that maintain our lavish standard of living and retirement benefits ?
    Les members means less money for us to steal . Its tine we pulled the lawyers in government into gear .its allright fir them they have tax money to get their hands on ,send a few of the boys round to remind them who the Boss is . The good old days of williamson and thompson are gone ,where would you steal $20 million from these days.?

  21. Viva

    Spend 30 Mil to save a Billion?

    Andrews topped that – spent a billion to save ….. oh wait.

  22. Tim Neilson

    #2341052, posted on March 30, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Thanks for the link to Marshall’s site. Just shows he’s another sub-mediocrity. Bleating about how in response to the imminent closure of the power station “the government” should provide jobs. Not a word about what a power station is really there for – just an assumption that industry’s raison d’etre is to be an upmarket alternative to Centrelink. FMD. If he’d been captain of the Titanic there would have been superbly polished brasswork when the iceberg struck. The real tragedy is that Weatherill is way worse.

    PS, I don’t doubt you’re right that Alinta was trying to gouge on the make-good. Any sane company in this age of crony capitalism would. Perhaps it mitigates Weatherill’s offence. But it doesn’t excuse it. The shit-eating imbecile didn’t have to personally dynamite the power station.

  23. john constantine

    They have to dynamite the old Western foundations of industry, which were the foundations of the culture they are deconstructing.

    The fundemental and eternal transformation of Australia into a pure services economy, where wymynsys have great Big Government jobs, critiquing, denouncing and showtrialing unsound Australians, must leave no trace of old australia except wasteland.

  24. Grandma

    It’s just South Australians getting what they voted for – good and hard. Enjoy!

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