How’s That Landslide Going?

While everyone in the mainstream media was falling over themselves to congratulate WA Labor on its landslide election victory, TMR noticed that things weren’t quite going to plan in the upper house:

The media’s ‘analysis’ of WA Labor’s victory in the WA election seems to be missing something critical: the upper house results.

For anyone who has passed year 3 maths, it’s obvious that WA voters weren’t quite prepared to wholeheartedly trust Mark McGowan and WA Labor just yet.

While Labor will have a 2 to 1 majority in the lower house, they won’t have anything resembling this in the upper house (a likely 15 seats out of 36).

In fact, the upper house looks like it will cause quite a few headaches for McGowan…

The final result now confirms what TMR saw coming a mile away:


As for the mainstream media, it continues to demonstrate all the insight of a bunch of flies buzzing around a piece of dung – a great example of which is the garbage written below about new Liberal Democrat MP Aaron Stonehouse.

In addition to his thinly veiled attempt to smear Mr Stonehouse via his age, previous job, new salary, music preference, apparent refusal to talk to morons, marital status and mother, The West’s Dylan Caporn also pathetically makes up some fake news by saying that Mr Stonehouse:

  • holds the balance of power in WA’s parliament; and
  • isn’t the only ‘wannabe politician’ in his family.

Regarding the balance of power, assuming the Greens and Labor comprise one bloc, any idiot can see that this is shared between One Nation, the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, the Liberal Democrats and even The Nationals (to the extent they want to spite the Liberals). All it would take is for one of them to side with Labor and The Greens to render the others redundant. So no, Dylan, Mr Stonehouse doesn’t hold the balance of power.

The ‘wannabe politician’ remark is equally galling, given that Mr Stonehouse will be an ‘actual’ politician as of 22 May 2017. Indeed, it would be far more accurate to label Caporn as a ‘wannabe journalist’ – particularly given his apparent view that cold calling strangers, Google searching their name and publicly smearing them passes for journalism.

Dylan’s not the only one who can Google search by the way. If you’d like to join me in letting him know what you think of his article, go here.

Meet the 26yo heavy-metal fan who holds the balance of power in the WA Parliament

He is the 26-year-old heavy-metal fan who has gone from working in a call centre to holding the balance of power in State Parliament.

But ask Aaron Stonehouse, the new Liberal Democrat for the South Metropolitan Region, what his policies are and you are unlikely to get any answers.

Mr Stonehouse will take his $156,000 a year job in the Legislative Council from May 22.

The State’s youngest MP has gone into hiding since his election, rejecting all requests for an interview.

Instead, Federal Senator David Leyonhjelm’s office has acted as a go-between, asking for questions to be emailed and sending a brief biography of the MP which reads more like a dating profile.

“A single man, he enjoys kayaking around Warnbro Sound and Shoalwater when time permits, and is a recreational shooter,” the profile read.

“Aaron enjoys heavy metal and attends gigs in Perth when he can.”

“Aaron supports the small government ethos of the Liberal Democrats which means he will never vote for an increase in taxes or a reduction in liberty.”

A Google search turns up no results before Mr Stonehouse’s election, and his Facebook profile was created after the March 11 result.

Further digging finds a congratulatory message for Aaron from his mother, Sylvia, on the social network.

“Congratulations to Aaron my 6th son NEW MEMBER for SOUTH METRO in the LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL of Western Australian PARLIAMENT!!! Love you son, and so proud of your achievement,” she wrote.

And it appears Mr Stonehouse isn’t the only wannabe politician in the family.

His mother ran against Mark McGowan in the seat of Rockingham for the Australian Christians at the election.

Ms Stonehouse placed the new Premier second last on her how-to-vote card.

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22 Responses to How’s That Landslide Going?

  1. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Whilst I don’t like heavy metal music, I realise that lots of young people do, so it’s good to know that they have a voice in the new parliament. Now how about a candidate for those of us who like the original Thunderbirds, not the cartoonish modern stuff?

  2. Hydra

    Good luck Mr Stonehouse!

  3. stackja

    MSM getting ‘news’ wrong. I am shocked!

  4. Roberto

    The result for PHON in the WA Legislative Council isn’t such a ‘disaster’ either.

  5. Empire GTHO Phase III

    Dylan Caporn has that curious “feminazi with a dick” look so favoured by omegamales.

    I worked for one briefly. This was before Trump won the GOP nomination. He was convinced that Krooked Killary would save the world from “gun lunatic” Ted Cruz. I ran into him in a shopping centre car park recently. I had the roof down and was wearing a MAGA cap. The triggering was priceless.

  6. sabena

    So correct me if I am wrong but the new Government will need the support of the Greens in the upper house and one other(PHON,Shooters,Liberal Democrats),so they won’t be able to pass any leftish legislation without someone ratting.

  7. Jannie

    I voted for Stonehouse. If I had known he was a heavy metal head I would have voted for him several times.

  8. test pattern

    From the very beginning the media have missed the real story. The rise of the Missos, now rebadged as United Voice, at the expense of the MUA and CMFEU. McGinty began the march, it was his faction that drove Def Geoff out of politics. Kelly now controls the WA ALP. ALP strategy has been to keep him and the other missos out of the media, so voters can’t see what they’re voting for. It worked, only because journos failed to investigate how a small group of well connected tertiary educated could take over the missos, the lowest paid of all with the least political influence, and use them as a vehicle to launch themselves into power.

  9. Combine Dave

    I worked for one briefly. This was before Trump won the GOP nomination. He was convinced that Krooked Killary would save the world from “gun lunatic” Ted Cruz. I ran into him in a shopping centre car park recently. I had the roof down and was wearing a MAGA cap. The triggering was priceless.

    Well deserved !

  10. egg_

    the 26yo heavy-metal fan who holds the balance of power in the WA Parliament

    Will he need a deaf signer?

  11. .

    Journalists are unashamed far leftists. Completely unreconstructed.

    They just hate he is in the LDP with a CDP mum, and not in the Greens, watching shitty Australian dramas.

    Goodluck and godspeed young un.

    What’s your policy on land rights for gay whales…?

    Well you see, we don’t have one…

    No policies! Unfit to govern!

  12. Sydney Boy

    Strangely, I haven’t seen the news article “Meet the 47 year old unionist and social justice agitator who has been elected to the WA upper house – Alison Xamon”. No idea why type of music she likes, and her Facebook page is not exactly a wealth of personal information.

  13. Stewart

    I knowand have worked with Aaron and have always found him to be an honest hardworking young man with a passion for politics and economics.
    His music tastes have nothing to do with his ability to think clearly and make wise decisions.
    The Caporn article on Aaron seems to be rather sarcastic?
    Was that Caporn’s intention?
    Maybe Mr Caporn is jealous of this young man achieving a seat in the Senate?
    I would say congratulations to a young man who has aimed high and succeeded.
    It is good to hear of a young person achieving success and being willing to serve their fellow citizens.

  14. gbees

    glad I can post here and not be censored for using words like wanker (once) or call Malcolm Turnbull Chairman Maol or Lord waffler over at the bolt blog. then when I complained I was further censored and now any of my posts go straight into the bit bucket. me thinks Mr Bolt is not as for free speech and allowing offence as he would have us believe. apologies if it’s his zealous moderators doing the censoring.

  15. King Koala

    The result for PHON in the WA Legislative Council isn’t such a ‘disaster’ either.

    As I told all the chicken littles on the Cat the day after the election.

    When I was 26 I was a libertarian and a heavy metal fan. Then I grew up but I am still a heavy metal fan.

  16. .

    Yes, you became a socialist and a white supremacist? LOL.

  17. King Koala

    Dot believes anyone who does not want muslims raping their children is a socialist. Sad.

  18. .

    Plenty of people here want more restrictive immigration than I do and don’t believe in whacko race theories or socialism, like you actually do.

  19. King Koala

    Dot why do you want children to be raped?

  20. .

    This is some truly pathetic shit.

    You cannot argue the topic and are now rather reticent to discuss your actual white supremacist views, and so come up with this cowardly, false and vile insinuation.

  21. Yohan

    People who listen to heavy metal are in my experience more intelligent than those who listen to other modern contemporary music genres. Not always, but on average.

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