Roundup 2 April

Steyn on line. The Media Watchdog. The Australian Spectator. The British Spectator on line. Jo Nova reports on the testimony of climate experts at a Congressional Committee also reporting on Graham Richardson’s shifting position on warming. Quadrant on line.

Minimum wages. Washington DC not exempt from the laws of economics. Restaurants shed jobs in the wake of increased minimum wage.

Dan Mitchell. Six charts that might have enough visual impact to worry a few people about the fiscal future of the US. Welfare fraud stories. Tax reform. End the bias of debt over equity.

There are many powerful arguments for junking the internal revenue code and replacing it with a simple and fair flat tax.
1. It is good to have lower tax rates in order to encourage more productive behavior.
2. It is good to get rid of double taxation in order to enable saving and investment.
3. It is good the end distorting preferences in order to reduce economically irrational decisions.

Warwick Hughes on Life after Hazelwood. First day, Tasmania helps out.

Round and about. The US Heterodox Academy. Spiked. Cato University.

Culture. The Beatrix Potter books, check out all the covers. We had about ten of them in my childhood, they are falling apart now and a relative who is doing bookbinding for a hobby is repairing them.

The wonders of science. Geoengineering, the bargain basement of climate disaster mitigation.

Local history. A bit of nostalgia about Perth courtesy of Harlequin Decline on the Monday Forum. In a more wordy form, a thematic history of Walgett.

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  1. Sally

    Anonymous government sources started to blame Abbott for the debacle and accused him of misleading the Chinese and failing to do anything as prime min­ister. Abbott hit back publicly by ­accusing those “anonymous ­voices of being liars” and was vindicated by official documents.

    Dennis Shanahan
    1st April 2017

    Tony Abbott on …
    Posted on 10:35 am, March 30, 2017 by Sinclair Davidson

    As far as I was concerned, we were never going to allow these guns into our country.


    This was a process initiated by the Howard government, so I wasn’t going to repudiate it. But I had no intention of seeing it come to a conclusion, given my concerns about the Chinese legal system.

    This is a man who knowingly makes deals with the full intention of not honouring them.

    Interesting analysis, by Sinclair Davidson, who seems to make comments without facts.

    This seems to be the fault line in many of the issues confronting voters today. This hate of Abbott where anything can be said in support of Turnbull.

    Is destroying Abbott more important than recognising that Turnbull is a dud?

    I have included this in the round up comments because I have not seen a retraction from Mr Davidson of his blistering comments from the March 30th post. I will wait with baited breath a reasonable explanation of such an unfounded personal attack.

    As Labour said…… “It’s Time”

    Australia needs a leader with political nouse, with connection with the people, with genuine policies and it needs commenters who do not show such inamicable bias.

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