Roundup 9 April

Update. Mark Steyn’s Week. Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog. The Australian Spectator. The British Spectator.

Dan Mitchell. How to depopulate a state, the example of Connecticut where there is a flight of the well-heeled due to rising income tax and death duties. Republicans not draining the swamp. Expensive and useless ways to spend public money and feel good about it.

Miracles can happen. Democrat mayor of Baltimore runs on a promise to support the $15 minimum wage, in the office she does some research and refuses to sign the legislation when it got to her desk. The Seattle and Washington DC moves have made the point.

Coral bleaching caused by falling sea levels! Recall the modest trajectory of the rising seas. Jo Nova on the achievement of the Prime Minister and Daniel Andrews with the RET and the loss of Hazelwood Power Station

•You have just put at least 1,000 people out of work in the Latrobe Valley.
•You will bankrupt many businesses in the Latrobe Valley and devastate a whole slab of the Nation’s economy.
•You have placed the viability of every single manufacturing business in Eastern and South Australia under threat.
•You have caused power prices for every single Eastern and South Australian to rise by a ridiculous amount.

The state of science. Harry Collins on science studies. Introduction to the Milankovitch cycles related to the orbit of the earth around the sun and the way they produced a pattern of climate change independent of CO2. The orbit varies from almost circular to obviously elliptical – that is the “eccentricity” of the orbit and it fluctuates over a period of many thousands of years. More complications in climate control and the cause of ice ages.

Culture. My Boston/Boxford host Charlie Sawyer. Blues historian, photographer and software engineer, the oldest man in Google when he retired last year. On the campus Heterodox Academy weekly roundup. Accuracy in Academia survey of issues and events.

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  1. Cpt Seahawks says:

    I am a proud Kekistani coral bleaching expert and I have no job because I proved coral bleaching is no problem. I bleached my hair to prove but the ladies jabber in jealously. So I stop.

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