Art of the Impossible Sydney book launch this Thursday

For those who can’t make it to Sydney you can buy your copy online from Connor Court at this link. But for those who can:

Mark Lathan & Ross Cameron introducing Dr Steven Kates “The Art of the Impossible” –  Sydney 27 April

Join Mark Latham and Ross Cameron as they discuss candidly the Trump election win before introducing Dr Steven Kates to speak about his new book “The Art of the Impossible: A Blog History of the Election of Donald J Trump as President“.

“The book is a complete compilation of my blogs on the 2016 American presidential election beginning in July 2015 as the election cycle began and ending with the tallying of the votes which was completed on November 9, 2016. It is a blog history, and may be the very first of its kind.”

Dr Steve Kates was the Chief Economist for the Australian Chamber of Commerce for 24 years and a Commissioner on the Productivity Commission. He is now associate professor of economics in the College of Business at RMIT University in Melbourne.


This LibertyWorks event is proudly co-sponsored by Connor Court and Australian Taxpayers Alliance.

When: Thur 27 April from 6:15 pm
WhereMetropolitan Hotel, Sydney
Early bird tickets can be purchased HERE for $15 inc complimentary drink. (Note: LibertyWorks financial members attend for free but you must reserve tickets)

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5 Responses to Art of the Impossible Sydney book launch this Thursday

  1. Ubique says:

    Steve, could we please have a Perth launch too, not least because about half the Cats are Sandgropers?

  2. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    You guys arent going into competition against the Sydney Writers Commune are youse? Not getting Taxpayers money fir the pubs meats and booze are youse , you gotta get the austriacouncil to get on the teat ,ask any sjw writist how to do it . I call it the austriacouncil cos it might as well be there its certainly not Aussie , European interlekchools are as arrogant and ignorant as that lot .

  3. Rabz says:

    I’m in.

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