Latest Weight Loss Program – The Venezuelan Diet

According to Vox:

Venezuela’s economic crisis is so dire that most people have lost an average of 19 pounds.

But, in 2007, the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s (AVSN) invited the former President, Hugo Chavez to Australia.  Who signed the invitation?  The list included the below.  Just never forget who they are (and their roles at the time):

  • Senator Kerry Nettle (Australian Greens)
  • Warren Mundine (ALP National President 2006)
  • Wayne Berry (ALP Speaker in the ACT Legislative Assembly)
  • John Pilger (independent journalist and film-maker)
  • Gavin Marshall (ALP Senator, Victoria)
  • Dr Meredith Burgmann (ALP President of the NSW Legislative Council)
  • Jack Mundy (environmentalist)
  • Lee Rhiannon  (Greens NSW MLCs)
  • Sylvia Hale (Greens NSW MLC)
  • Sam Watson (Murri activist)
  • Simon Cocker (secretary, Unions Tasmania)
  • Dave Robinson (secretary, Unions WA)
  • Reverend Alex Gator
  • Tim Gooden (secretary, Geelong Trades Hall)
  • Phillip Adams (broadcaster and Republican of the Year 2006)

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13 Responses to Latest Weight Loss Program – The Venezuelan Diet

  1. Bear Necessities says:

    I’ve never heard of Senator Gavin Marshall before! He has been in the Senate since 2002. Gavin’s wood was dead even before it reached the Senate.

    He is now Deputy President of the Senate.


  2. H B Bear says:

    They obviously haven’t tried my flamingo tikka marsala. Flamingo – the hero of the dish.

  3. Dianeh says:

    Bit disappointed that Warren Mundine signed onto this. I think he may have since seen the light.

  4. cui bono says:

    Phillip Adams needs a Venezuelan diet. But that’s for other people. He’ll just use his taxpayer funded platform to preach sugar tax, carbon tax and open borders.

  5. Sparkx says:

    Tham Watthon should be on the diet as well.

  6. sabena says:

    Send them all to Venezuela without the option to return.

  7. Des Deskperson says:

    ‘Phillip Adams needs a Venezuelan diet. ‘

    I dipped into his column in The Australian weekend magazine a week or so back – it’s sandwiched between the fine wines section and the posh houses for sale – and his stuff is awful, not just leftie, but the sort of crass sub-cerebral ‘progressive’ boilerplate that takes one back decades, the sort of unreadable crap you used to get in student newspapers back in ’75 and that still sometimes manifests itself on the decrepit works of chronic letters-to the-editor writers in the Canberra Times: crudely anti-Americanism, stale moral equivalences and turgid sub-Pilgerism.

    The guy seems to have regressed mentally and he may be having issues associated with, as they say, the ageing process, but, whatever, he needs to pack it in. Patrice should take him in hand, metaphorically and probably literally as well.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    Des Comrade fatty adams is going back to the days when he wasnt fat ,its easier than dieting .all the sinatories should be strpped of all family assets ,then sent to Venezuela as a gift from the fraternal comrades of the national green laboral party rudbullist wing. they should have a one way ticket on a tramp steamer hold ,and their passports revoked for 150 years . Solidarity for ever tovarishi !

  9. . says:

    H B Bear
    #2378356, posted on May 12, 2017 at 11:08 am
    They obviously haven’t tried my flamingo tikka marsala. Flamingo – the hero of the dish.

    Haha! LOL. Good stuff.

  10. Empire GTHO Phase III says:

    Make no mistake. Socialism kills.

  11. . says:

    Pepsi Commercial! Ahh, dank memes.

  12. Squirrel says:

    Fascinating to learn that some of those people are still extant, and resident in ‘Straya.

  13. classical_hero says:

    Don’t be splitters.

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