Macron leading France to Armageddon


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  1. Dr Fred Lenin..

    Oooh that wicked Trump. The seas will rise by 652.768 metres ,the temperature by 342,23 dge=Rees 123,76 billion refugees will die without ever having access to welfare ,the carpetbagger renooable mafia family wont get billions of dollars and be upset which has serious financial effects on politicans retirement finances,there will be a 3452,76 per cent rise in lone wolf terror attacks with the heat driving them crazier ,a noted perfesser of bones who is familiar with Trumps facsist thinking said to CNN today . This is crisis of huge proportions the leader of the peeples decromatic resistance in the USA ysheik hussain obummer who is in exile in brampstonland ,said today ,he is also familiar with Trumo]ps thinking . The alpbc fully supported the figures quoted on fax Czech today ,so it’s gotta be true ,innit?

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