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  1. Snoopy

    He must have been listening on the car radio.

  2. stackja

    MSM has lost the plot. Jihadists are the problem.

  3. stackja

    Ubique just typical MSM.

  4. Baldrick

    Leftards are evil. Pure.Fucking.Evil

  5. Confused Old Misfit

    And he thinks he’s so f$$$ing smart and “with it” and superior! Supercilious [naughty word edited. Sinc]!

  6. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Filthy grub.

  7. pbw

    If your politics is learned from late-night talk-show comedians, everything is a gag. Gag.

  8. stackja

    Baldrick Leftists are evil, and have never cared.

  9. stackja

    Zulu grubs don’t deserve such comparison.

  10. Confused Old Misfit

    Sorry Sinc!

  11. Catfeesh?

    Worse still, who are the 1233 fuckheads that liked the comment?

  12. test pattern

    ‘everything is a gag’

    Reports said she was singing ‘Pokari-Ariana’ when she slipped on a banana all the way to Rotarua…

  13. MsDolittle

    What a fucking disgrace.

  14. Brett

    The voice of the morally superior and compassionate left. It’s fodder for a joke, or an irritant, or less likely than being killed by fridge; all before the blood has been cleaned from the floors.

  15. A sleaze bag. As low as they come . Freelance? I hope he never works again.

  16. Confused Old Misfit

    I cannot put into socially acceptable words the utter contempt and disrespect I have for this Leavitt creature and those who align with him.

  17. Ubique

    Worse still, who are the 1233 fuckheads that liked the comment?

    Just what I was thinking.

  18. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    And he thinks he’s so f$$$ing smart and “with it” and superior!

    If a commenter on another site is to be believed, he’s also openly gay. The ironing, it burns.

  19. feelthebern

    Language Ms D.
    It’s not that kind of blog.

  20. rickw

    We’re going to need a lot of piano wire and lamp posts to clean up this fucking mess.

  21. 2dogs

    The only good thing about that tweet is that it will hopefully end his career.

  22. hzhousewife

    Who is this person?
    Does he count?

  23. hzhousewife

    If I owned twitter I would happily delete 1234 accounts instantaneously.

  24. Infidel Tiger

    It’s no worse than Channel 7 in Perth having their main news story tonight being about sea level rises flooding Perth.

    And at least the tweet had some truth.

  25. hzhousewife

    David Leavitt‏Verified account @David_Leavitt 10h10 hours ago
    Sorry 4 offending. Didn’t realize the magnitude of the tragedy. I always make stupid jokes about whatevers trending. Condolences 2 families

    Someone got his attention, finally.

    David Leavitt‏Verified account @David_Leavitt 8h8 hours ago
    I’ve delete the tweet since so many people asked

    David Leavitt‏Verified account @David_Leavitt 5h5 hours ago
    I made a mistake #AndThenIStartedToLaugh

    I think he thinks he’s FUNNY ….

  26. These murderous attacks will continue as long as Britain continues to turn a blind to a malevolent society within its society.


  27. hzhousewife

    and his instagram is being dumped on too….. 🙂

  28. Leigh Lowe

    I think he might be a faggot.
    I bet he doesn’t take jokes about poofter bashings so well.

  29. hzhousewife

    Pointman, welcome! Just read your stuff when linked here in the last day or so, already bookmarked and shared, you are supported.

  30. Thanks for the greeting hzhousewife.


  31. ar

    Too obvious. Sick jokes gotta be funny at least.

  32. Tintarella di Luna

    These murderous attacks will continue as long as Britain continues to turn a blind to a malevolent society within its society.


    Pointman love your work – thanks — as for this observation — Britain’s ‘protected species’ will take great comfort in the moral vanity that they are not discriminating and the minority group from whence almost every single terrorist attack emanates.

  33. Pete of Freo

    All very well, but it only differs in method, motivation and chronology from the wholesale and relentless murder of innocent babies by the tens of thousands in our hospitals and abortuaries.
    A woman, and accessories apparently, can murder with impunity on the basis of “lifestyle”, a terrorist, for whatever their reasons, can’t.
    Ironic that this is posted in “Hypocrisy of progressives”.

  34. mareeS

    Who is Ariana Grande?

    Unfortunately, my cousin is one with an injured daughter.

    This must stop.

    These people are of such a low inbred IQ, they have no understanding of conscience or personal responsibility or humanity.

  35. Robber Baron

    What’s worse. Climate change or Muslim terrorism? We all know the answer to that.

    Instead of a tax on CO2, let’s just tax the Muslim because their community does nothing to stop Muslim terrorism. A tax of about 50% on everything should just about do it. Good-bye Muslim terrorists and Muslim terrorist sympathizers.

    And no more Halal certification. That will stop a bit of Muslim terrorism funding.

  36. Oh come on

    I first learnt of this tweet at work today. Some stupid fat git who was reading his iPad during lunch suddenly burst out laughing. Then he was all look what I found on the interwebz hahahaha see hahahaha. After an uncomfortable silence, he declared it to be funny – but maybe too soon. But still funny!

    Ha ha ha. I’m sure if it were the remains of his daughter being returned home to him piece by piece, body part by body part, oh he’d definitely stop to consider the lighter side of it all.

  37. Infidel Tiger

    What would a court of law say if you beat him to death with the iPad?

    An interesting discussion.

  38. Leo G

    The last time I listened to Ariana Grande, I almost died too.

    Was this imbecile blaming the victims?

  39. Clam Chowdah

    David Leavitt, you are a piece of human shit. Fuck you.

  40. Clam Chowdah

    Anybody who thought that tweet was even mildly amusing is a shitheel.

  41. Fulcrum

    This guy is part of the cancerous gene pool who give ” emocrats” a bad name.
    Over twenty innocent lives taken and the families have endure this narcissistic crap.
    Hopefully, he will get what he deserves.

  42. Andrew

    I see testes is no better. But we knew that.

  43. zyconoclast

    Leigh Lowe
    #2388546, posted on May 23, 2017 at 8:57 pm
    I think he might be a faggot.
    I bet he doesn’t take jokes about poofter bashings so well.

    If Mo is doing the bashing, caning or tossing from the roof, then its cool.
    If you refuse to bake him cake, then he may have a serious problem with you.

    P.S. Pointman —> good work.

  44. J.H.

    Moron. Not a moral bone in his body or a fukin’ brain in his head.

    The Left, the Religion of Pieces and morons. They seem to attract each other like blowflies to shit.

  45. Old School Conservative

    How do you start a firestorm of epic proportions to get this guy hung drawn and quartered?

  46. stackja

    Old School Conservative
    #2388817, posted on May 24, 2017 at 5:36 am
    How do you start a firestorm of epic proportions to get this guy hung drawn and quartered?

    Boycott this guy

    Freelance Writer. CBS, AXS, Yahoo!, Examiner, & etc. I review #Games #Tech #Fashion #Travel. Casual #MTG #Twitch streamer. Inquiry? [email protected]

    and he will disappear into a well-earned abyss.

  47. rickw

    Well, I do blame Muslims, and I do blame Islam.

    From Pointman, difficult to not reach this conclusion unless you are a politician or sjw.

  48. Tom

    Excellent work by Pointman (8.55pm link) after the March attack in London:

    Everybody nowadays assumes the worst and everybody is yet again proved right as the truth finally dribbles out. The authorities lie to us, the police lie to us and the lying media really do have to live up to that name. On the evening of the atrocity, a BBC interviewer actually asked a guest why we had to identify them as Muslims, why not as disturbed persons? Seriously, I kid you not. It’s all the usual lies piled up upon the usual foundation of lies, and just waiting for the next phase of the operation.

    What comes next is the saccharine candlelight vigils, teddy bears with pink bows on them, homemade condolence cards made by children, impassioned appeals not to blame all Muslims, and long mawkishly lingering shots on the TV of a bunch of virtue signalling twenty somethings determined to get their fifteen minutes of self-indulgence splashed all over the lying media. Give us all a break. It’s what was done the last time, the time before it, and will no doubt be done the next time around.

    Well, I do blame Muslims, and I do blame Islam.

    It’s not a religion as understood in the civilised parts of the world. It’s created nothing in centuries but death and destruction as it conquered its way across the Arabic world, which after a brutal period of submission mainly live in a level of ignorance and squalor that predates the medieval ages by a century or two. It’s not a religion arriving on your shores, it’s a conquering force and therefore can only be beaten by superior force, which the civilised world has.

  49. OldOzzie

    Wouldn’t it be brilliant if instead of the Multi Coloured Turban Clown Yassmin Abdel-Magied supported by Skeleton Lady Julie Bishop and “Our “ABC”, we had a Female Muslim like this representing Australia.

    Muslim Reform Leader Asra Nomani: Donald Trump’s Overseas Trip Has Been ‘Genius’ So Far</strong>

    Asra Nomani, co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement and author of Standing Alone: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday morning. Her original goal was to discuss President Trump’s address to Muslim leaders in Riyadh, but she began by talking about the previous night’s horrific terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

    “It’s a grim morning,” said Nomani. “I know so many young folks who love Ariana Grande. It could be any concert, anywhere. It’s just another tragedy.”

    “I also feel the connection to the reality of the patterns of Islamic extremism and terrorism,” she continued. “We know that the U.K. has a history of radicalization.”

    Referring to a news clip in which Prime Minister Theresa May said it was not known if the Manchester attacker acted alone or was part of a network, Nomani said, “At the end of the day, if it is Islamic extremism, we know that it’s part of a wider network of ideology.”

    “That brings us to the speech in Saudi Arabia, and the connection between all of this,” she said. “It’s tragedy, more blood spilled on the streets of our world. I’ve always been saying we have to wake up to the realities of the ideological threat that we face.”

    After speaking with a caller who doubted Islam is compatible with Western values, Marlow asked Nomani for her response.

    “I understand the sentiment,” she said. “I emerge from moments like this also very angry and very grim about the prospects of the capacity for our faith to integrate well with the West.”

    “What I say is I’m a Muslim who was born in India to a mother who had to wear the face veil, so you know that we came from a very conservative interpretation of Islam,” she recalled.

    “I came to America. I grew up on Nancy Drew as my best friend. I was a 4-H-er, which many people don’t even know still exists. I was a Girl Scout. My mom didn’t want to sign the permission slip to let me go square dance because girls were not supposed to dance with boys. I forced her to do so and had my first dance with a young boy who came from a Jewish family in Morgantown, West Virginia,” she said.

    “What is Islam? There is no monolithic interpretation of the faith, just like there is no one interpretation of Christianity or Judaism,” Nomani contended. “And so we sit, many of us in our Muslim community, as reformers challenging the hardcore conservative orthodox ideology that I do believe is the sort of impetus for the ire of folks like your caller, who don’t think there is a possibility for compatibility.”

    “What we argue is for values that are in sync with Western values. We use Islamic theology as our grounding. We are engaged in a struggle for the soul of Islam – in a struggle just like Catholics were in the Inquisition, trying to face a church that was burning and killing their own Catholics who thought differently. I just wish and hope that people would allow for the expanse that there is, that includes us as Muslims challenging that orthodoxy that also angers us,” she said.

    Nomani shared Marlow’s concern that the more hardline, and even radical, interpretations of Islam seem to be proliferating more quickly than the reformist approach she advocates. She said her mission was made more difficult by the left’s contention that “you can’t have this conversation and that you can’t talk about the extremism problem; otherwise, you’re an Islamophobe or a racist or a bigot.”

    “I literally said to my friend, ‘We need you. You have to have our backs. We can’t have you abandon us because we are facing so much,’” she recalled saying to a friend with whom she was arguing.

    “A while ago, just over a year ago, I started a petition to have a boycott of the government of Saudi Arabia. I knew, as a Muslim, that that was not going to happen. I voted for Donald Trump because I believed that he was going to be able to figure out some way that we could challenge the extremism. I knew that with bases in Qatar and Saudi Arabia that we’re going to have to cut some kind of a deal. We’re going to have to incentivize these guys in a way that was not going to be aligned with my ideas of a boycott against these exporters of extremism,” she acknowledged.

    “This week, in a scenario that I could never have imagined, Donald Trump went there to Saudi Arabia, did the sword dance, got the golden necklace – all moments that turned my stomach as a Muslim, as a Muslim reformer especially,” Nomani said. “But then the next day, through the genius that he has figured out, he was able to have this audience in which he dared to call out Islamic extremism.

    “Folks have tried to do this tap dance that he was tired and didn’t mean to say ‘Islamic.’ Well, he said Islamic. He said Islamist. He called it out, and he said what needs to be said, which is it needs to be destroyed. It needs to be rooted out of our communities, out of our mosques,” she declared.

    “When I went to Rome some years ago, I did what I called the ‘heretic score.’ I went to all the places where people in the Catholic Church were burned and killed and hung and persecuted. But Catholics persevered, and now there is a very different church than there existed during the Inquisition,” she observed. “I don’t want to wait hundreds of years, trust me. I just want to have some hope that we can have transformation. Stand with us, please.”

    In Nomani’s estimation, President Trump’s trip to the Middle East has been “genius.”

    “In the seventh century, Prophet Mohammed flew on this mythical creature, the story goes – a winged horse, Buraq. This horse took him from Mecca to Jerusalem, to that place that’s the Dome of the Rock now. That’s what my name means. ‘Asra’ is that journey. I could never have imagined that a President of the United States would get flying rights to go from Saudi Arabia to Israel,” she said.

    “That happened, and he even uttered the words ‘Israel’ and ‘Netanyahu’ in Saudi Arabia without somebody throwing off their shoe and flying it across the chandelier room to smack him in the face. It’s unbelievable,” she observed, humorously citing the Arab custom of throwing shoes to express severe disapproval.

    “I actually think that if you talk business-to-business with these power brokers, who ultimately care about their bottom lines – including in the Palestinian territory, there could actually be deals cut that forge a two-state solution, that forge an acceptance of the state of Israel,” Nomani advised.

    “My dream as a Muslim, as a human being, as a citizen of this world, is that before my 14-year-old grows into adulthood, there will be a retreat by the government of Saudi Arabia from this poisonous ideology that has corrupted minds from Manchester, England, to Orlando, Florida, back to my home in the state of Virginia right now. It has to happen,” she said.

    “I’m literally driving right now my son to school because he missed the bus, and we are just miles away from the mosque where the 9/11 hijackers preached, where they prayed, where Anwar al-Awlaki preached. This is a reality around each one of us and all of our communities,” she warned.

    “We have to stand strong with, I believe, compassion and kindness against the reality of this threat. That’s what I saw on this tour. It turned my stomach at points, absolutely. Saudi Arabia is the problem. But it also, unfortunately, has to be the solution. We have to negotiate in a way that they will come to the table and accept responsibility for the scourge that they’ve put out in the world,” Nomani urged.

  50. Notafan

    This is Uthman Badar back in the day praising up the islamic conquest of India.

    Starts off in Urdu? but switches to English.

    There’s a good reason why muslim groups like Hizb ut Caliphate Now! operate in countries like Australia.

    Hint; they think they are righteous with their slaughter and subjugation.

    Will history repeat itself?

  51. Fred

    Have you seen this article about the terrorist attack by Farifax columnist Alan Stokes?

    He somehow manages to mention Nazis once, but Islam/Muslims zero times. And people wonder why Fairfax is going broke.

  52. Dianeh

    The man is a fuckwit.

    No empathy, no common sense, heartless prick. He has shown the world what he truly is.

  53. Sparkx

    Thanks for the link Fred. That article is pathetic in the extreme. Don’t mention the war.

  54. Sparkx

    #2388614, posted on May 23, 2017 at 9:45 pm
    Who is Ariana Grande?

    I didn’t know until yesterday.

  55. Chris

    We’re going to need a lot of piano wire and lamp posts to clean up this fucking mess.

    You know, Underpants Conroy, Juliar and Wayne Goosesteen along with many others are obviously deserving cases, but a nitwit like this is the wrong focus for too much anger. They are nitwits, and their witterings are of no interest.

  56. Dr Fred Lenin

    When the UK builds the gulags they are going to need to eradicate the islamofascist menace within the UK ,may I suggest a statue of St Enoch Powell,be erected in front of the houses of parliament and in front of each gulag ,to be knelt before five times a day by the islamofascists and the open borders prisoners held there . A point of humanity ,it will give them a little rest from the 16 hour working day,7 days a week ,and every fourth year they get an extra days work to look forward to ,

  57. Stan

    Enoch Powell 50 years ago:

    It almost passes belief that at this moment 20 or 30 additional immigrant children are arriving from overseas in Wolverhampton alone every week – and that means 15 or 20 additional families a decade or two hence. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancés whom they have never seen.

    Let no one suppose that the flow of dependants will automatically tail off. On the contrary, even at the present admission rate of only 5,000 a year by voucher, there is sufficient for a further 25,000 dependants per annum ad infinitum, without taking into account the huge reservoir of existing relations in this country – and I am making no allowance at all for fraudulent entry. In these circumstances nothing will suffice but that the total inflow for settlement should be reduced at once to negligible proportions, and that the necessary legislative and administrative measures be taken without delay…

    There could be no grosser misconception of the realities than is entertained by those who vociferously demand legislation as they call it “against discrimination”, whether they be leader-writers of the same kidney and sometimes on the same newspapers which year after year in the 1930s tried to blind this country to the rising peril which confronted it, or archbishops who live in palaces, faring delicately with the bedclothes pulled right up over their heads. They have got it exactly and diametrically wrong.

    The discrimination and the deprivation, the sense of alarm and of resentment, lies not with the immigrant population but with those among whom they have come and are still coming.

    This is why to enact legislation of the kind before parliament at this moment is to risk throwing a match on to gunpowder. The kindest thing that can be said about those who propose and support it is that they know not what they do…

    But while, to the immigrant, entry to this country was admission to privileges and opportunities eagerly sought, the impact upon the existing population was very different. For reasons which they could not comprehend, and in pursuance of a decision by default, on which they were never consulted, they found themselves made strangers in their own country.

    They found their wives unable to obtain hospital beds in childbirth, their children unable to obtain school places, their homes and neighbourhoods changed beyond recognition, their plans and prospects for the future defeated; at work they found that employers hesitated to apply to the immigrant worker the standards of discipline and competence required of the native-born worker; they began to hear, as time went by, more and more voices which told them that they were now the unwanted. They now learn that a one-way privilege is to be established by act of parliament; a law which cannot, and is not intended to, operate to protect them or redress their grievances is to be enacted to give the stranger, the disgruntled and the agent-provocateur the power to pillory them for their private actions. ..

    Member of Parliament agreeing with the views I had expressed, and that they would risk penalties or reprisals if they were known to have done so. The sense of being a persecuted minority which is growing among ordinary English people in the areas of the country which are affected is something that those without direct experience can hardly imagine…

    The other dangerous delusion from which those who are wilfully or otherwise blind to realities suffer, is summed up in the word “integration.” To be integrated into a population means to become for all practical purposes indistinguishable from its other members.

    Now, at all times, where there are marked physical differences, especially of colour, integration is difficult though, over a period, not impossible. There are among the Commonwealth immigrants who have come to live here in the last fifteen years or so, many thousands whose wish and purpose is to be integrated and whose every thought and endeavour is bent in that direction.

    But to imagine that such a thing enters the heads of a great and growing majority of immigrants and their descendants is a ludicrous misconception, and a dangerous one.

    We are on the verge here of a change. Hitherto it has been force of circumstance and of background which has rendered the very idea of integration inaccessible to the greater part of the immigrant population – that they never conceived or intended such a thing, and that their numbers and physical concentration meant the pressures towards integration which normally bear upon any small minority did not operate.

    Now we are seeing the growth of positive forces acting against integration, of vested interests in the preservation and sharpening of racial and religious differences, with a view to the exercise of actual domination, first over fellow-immigrants and then over the rest of the population. The cloud no bigger than a man’s hand, that can so rapidly overcast the sky, has been visible recently in Wolverhampton and has shown signs of spreading quickly. The words I am about to use, verbatim as they appeared in the local press on 17 February, are not mine, but those of a Labour Member of Parliament who is a minister in the present government:

    ‘The Sikh communities’ campaign to maintain customs inappropriate in Britain is much to be regretted. Working in Britain, particularly in the public services, they should be prepared to accept the terms and conditions of their employment. To claim special communal rights (or should one say rites?) leads to a dangerous fragmentation within society. This communalism is a canker; whether practised by one colour or another it is to be strongly condemned.’

    All credit to John Stonehouse for having had the insight to perceive that, and the courage to say it.

    For these dangerous and divisive elements the legislation proposed in the Race Relations Bill is the very pabulum they need to flourish. Here is the means of showing that the immigrant communities can organise to consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign against their fellow citizens, and to overawe and dominate the rest with the legal weapons which the ignorant and the ill-informed have provided. As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

  58. Pointman is always well worth a read. If you haven’t already been to his blog, do yourself a favour.

  59. Bad Samaritan

    Look Cats, here are the facts…..

    A martyr in the name of Allah gets to go to the highest-level Paradise (the seventh). That’s where Mohommed is these days, and that’s where all the sweetest rewards are waiting. Meanwhile every martyr also gets to nominate seventy fellow Muslims who will also gain automatic entry to that highest-level of paradise.

    Thus, every Muslim has the chance, by supporting and encouraging wannabe mass-murderer martyrs, to maybe be among the seventy who get the greatest reward of all. And that is the nexus between the ‘radicals’ out doing the killing, and the “moderates” sitting at home.

    Now, any practicing or observant or believing Muslim knows this. They all dream of getting to be with Mo, so why would any of them miss the opportunity of maybe getting there for certain when all it takes is for you to be a family member of, or a bestest of, a martyr and to encourage them? Why would any believer discourage a martyr and thereby miss their big chance?

    And that’s all there is to it. We have an ideology in our midst which wants us dead so’s it’s adherants can get to Paradise. No amount of inducements will alter the balance; the reward of eternal paradise is far far greater than anything on offer by anyone here on earth. As a result Islam cannot be appeased.

  60. Cassie of Sydney

    The bottom line is that islam is a scummy and degenerate ideology, practised by and large by pretty scummy, degenerate and inbred people. Wherever it goes, it brings violence, murder and mayhem. All of this is nothing new if you study the history of this very scummy and pernicious ideology. Historically, the west, when strong, was able to combat this backward and degenerate ideology however over the last 50 years, with the encroachment and infiltration of Marxist relativist ideology and the collapse of the west’s moral foundations, we in the west have become soft and appeasing. I happen to know who the enemy is and that enemy is called islam. Most people know this. However my main concern is the constant, incessant leftist apologists who seek to minimise, trivialise and relativise this grubby ideology. You see this on the ABC, in the Fauxfax press and so on. The fact that parasites such as Weed Ali and Yasmin aka Maggot are given any airtime on the ABC shows how clearly the left in the country are in bed with this very grubby and toxic ideology. For years I have been disturbed by the airtime given to Weed Ali and the fact that nobody calls him out for his irritating prattle however it took the sublime Ayaan Hirst Ali to call out the weed for what he is, a clandestine and very covert apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood. As for the maggot, well she is just a joke.

  61. .

    I dunno. Too soon? I didn’t laugh but anyway:

    Hitler art jokes, Hitler dating jokes, Hitler Chewish jokes, Hitler dating Chewish girl jokes and The Producer’s “Springtime…for HITLER…and Germany!”

    Let’s not forget the awful Anne Frank meme.

  62. Blair

    Did he write scripts for The Chasers?

  63. EB

    It’s always funny to see how many working in communications disciplines are really clueless when it comes to communicating.

  64. Beware the malady of “terrorism fatigue” that is manifesting everywhere.

    The chief symptom is the tendency to accept the advice of the mayor of London that terrorism is a fact of modern urban living. A secondary symptom is the belief that nothing can be done, so we must live with it. A further symptom is the fatuous belief that there is little statistical chance that you or your family will be a victim.

    This is a malady of a lazy mind. Sufferers should be told to stiffen their backbone.

  65. cynical1

    Pretty impressive.

    The internet’s biggest cu,err, vagina.

    Let’s hope going out in public gives him an insight into real terror..

  66. cynical1

    Uthman Badar

    Bout time some of these types started going for a ride.

    One way.

  67. Vicki
    #2389104, posted on May 24, 2017 at 12:02 pm
    Beware the malady of “terrorism fatigue” that is manifesting everywhere.

    … A secondary symptom is the belief that nothing can be done, so we must live with it.

    Aided and abetted by Muslim apologists like Waleed Aly who said on The Project last night “… but living your life, that’s how you stick it up them.”

    No, rooting out the perpetrators is what sticks it up them. Going to concerts just puts you in harms way.
    Aly is hoping the populace ignores these facts:
    Mooted targets of Benbrika and his Melbourne and Sydney terror cells members included the MCG during the 2005 Grand Final, Sydney’s Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, and Crown casino on Grand Prix weekend.

  68. cynical1

    If Waleed Ali had to fear being assaulted every time he left the house, do you think he would live with it?

    Or take action to prevent it?

  69. Dr Fred Lenin

    The motto of the left “speak before you think”.
    A left wing “comedian”? Dont make me larf ! There is no such animal .

  70. mizaris

    yassmin abdel maggot off the alpbc early june. good riddance.

  71. PB

    ” And he thinks he’s so f$$$ing smart and “with it” and superior!
    If a commenter on another site is to be believed, he’s also openly gay. The ironing, it burns. ”

    Jewish too. No-one noticed? Or are we only allowed to notice certain things and not others? If you wanna rip into him for being Gay, then go on…ramp it up…see how far you get. Nothing is off limits in the free-speech land of the Cats…is it?

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