Mark Steyn on the refrigerator risk to freedom

In Australia in recent days there has been some controversy over a Quadrant editor’s response to the obnoxious remarks of someone on the ABC’s Q&A panel that an American has more chance of being killed by a falling refrigerator than by terrorists. This happens not to be true. As far as I can tell, the only source of this bon mot is a US Consumer Product Safety Commission report that found that, between January 2000 and December 2011, toppling television sets, furniture, refrigerators and all other domestic appliances killed a total of 349 Americans – or 29 people per year.

For purposes of comparison, in Britain Islamic terrorists have just killed 28 people in 12 days. [SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: it’s now 29.] More to the point, your refrigerator is not trying to kill you, and not eternally seeking new ways to do so. You don’t have to worry about your fridge getting hold of an automatic weapon, or a dirty nuke. The Islamic supremacists want to kill as many infidels by whatever means are to hand. Nor are statistics relevant: If you’ve lost your only child because she went to an Ariana Grande concert, that’s 100 per cent of your kids who are dead. When it comes to deceased loved ones, the only statistical pool that counts is your family, not the nation or the planet.

This is a heartless sophistry from, in large part, the very same people who supported the policies that imported these pathologies to the west. It seems, at a certain level, incredible that you can have two major terrorist attacks in Britain’s capital and second largest city in the days before a general election – and yet it will make no difference to Thursday night’s result. For who among the major parties is offering any alternative to the disastrous, destructive conventional wisdom?

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  1. Adelagado

    I recently read The (un)Documented Mark Steyn.

    I cant remember the exact details, but following the 9/11 attack in New York he wrote something like “You cant help wishing one of the hijacked planes had chucked a right turn at Boston and wiped out one of the Govt bureaucracies that were now giving the families of the victims such a hard time”.

    I’ve got the names wrong but the sentiment was exactly the same as Roger Franklin’s.

  2. RobK

    There’s still no getting around it: older fridges can wipe out the whole world with ozone depleting Freon which will eventually extinguish the sun. They can also do lonewolf attacks using bioagents such as Listeria and the like given half a chance. The fact that only a few are given the chance to bludgeon or asphyxiate is to be celebrated.

  3. jupes

    And, as I said only the other day, the reality of what is happening in Britain and Europe is that this problem was imported and that, until you stop importing it, you’re going to have more of it.

    Steyn points out the bleeding obvious.

    The amazing thing is, it’s not obvious to 97% of politicians who continue to bring the fuckers in.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    Every islamofascist potential terrorist should be deported,accompanied by an alpbc and a fauxfacs stenographer, on one way tickets , without passports . Yemen sounds good take them by ship with orange rafts to get ashore the female lefties would of course weat the burke ah ,named after the alp clown from NSW who is always chasing musso votes to keep his career going untill he retire “to spend more time with his family” and ger[t a once a month highly psid job with z company that propered during his time in politics ..

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    It would help if the media and politicians just once stated what the terrorists are trying to achieve. They want to establish a caliphate in Europe. This is the purpose of the killings. Once this is acknowledged then steps can begin to be taken to counter this threat. The most useful one would be stop the indoctrination of children. They will grow up imprinted with Muslim ideology. This suits the imams but divides our society. I would also discourage the wearing of dress (actually uniforms) that display adherence to a particular religion.

    Lots of good comments on the Steyn article. I like this one above; it makes a lot of sense.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    The thread about stopping ISIS Literature using similar laws to paedo laws has similar suggestions to those that will be posted here and that are found on Steyn’s site re this article.

  7. Fulcrum

    On the subject of the ridiculous,Katie Perry said to get rid of hate, just turn to the person next to you and say “I love you”.

    Message to CNN , obey Katie and your hatred for Trump will disappear.
    Message to Hollywood, obey Katie.
    Message to Merkel, obey Katie.

    I could go on but the joke has lost already lost its novelty, value.

  8. iampeter

    Neither “falling fridges” or “bringing them in” is a correct assessment of the issue anyway. Sadly Steyn is as wrong on this as most Conservatives.

    Terrorism is a foreign policy issue and will only be brought to an end when state sponsors of terror are destroyed.

    Conservatives made a complete mess of foreign policy after 9/11 and now cannot politically touch the topic with a 10-foot pole. This means no one has any ideas or policies that will do anything to resolve this problem and it’s just going to keep getting worse and more innocent people are going to keep dying.

  9. David Brewer

    The real point is not just that your appliances are not trying to kill you, but concerns the total effects of each phenomenon.

    Total effects of falling fridges etc. – a few once-in-a-blue-moon accidents.

    Total effects of terrorist attacks – many more deaths and injuries, military interventions that cost more lives, billions or even trillions spent on security measures of all kinds, massive restrictions of freedom and intrusions into privacy, laws that restrict freedom of speech, corruption of public discourse about problems, toleration of religiously-motivated forced marriage, clitoral circumcision, wife beating, sharia-law punishments etc. for fear of upsetting members of a certain religious minority who could turn nasty. Etc etc.

  10. Leigh Lowe

    Rhymes with bridges.

  11. Just Interested

    Refrigerators. More dangerous than Presbyterians.

  12. egg_

    an American has more chance of being killed by a falling refrigerator than by terrorists.

    Or the only steel building(s) in history to burn/collapse to the ground.

  13. john constantine

    They don’t care that much about islam, but their left is passionately committed to ending the Anglosphere.

    Whatever weapon works.

    Once the imperialist running dog settler societies are toppled, then the globalist totalitarian left can wipe the English language from the face of the earth as well.

    All those athiest lefty writers that fondly imagined their dross and drivel would make them as immortal as Shakespeare are about to be purged into the forgettery.

  14. Oh come on

    London Bridge is falling down, Leigh?

  15. one old bruce

    Refrigerator rhymes with Terminator. Yeah think about it.

  16. Captain Crunch

    Steyn is on the money again. My wife borrowed the car and left the radio on ABC this morning. I listened as they couldn’t roll out the script fast enough. Words to the effect This struggle has gone on for years, it’s only a small number and n the bigger scheme, it’s not Islam yaddah yaddah. Faine distainfully read out SMS messages disagreeing with Their ABC narrative. Then he let through callers in agreement. Somehow their echo chamber all agreed it was the fault of the far right and they needed to be stopped.

    FFS. Steyn nailed it with the view that if you lost your only child to these vermin, that 100% and the rest of the stats do not matter. This is an imported problem. It may be too
    Late to shut the gate but its worth a try.

  17. Captain Crunch

    COBRA meets to determine appropriate response: candles , bollards, hashtags. In which order?

  18. C.L.

    I am so sick of hearing about how the UK/concert goers/politicians/etc are “standing defiant.”
    The media have changed the meaning of this word. It now means, being too afraid to solve a problem (or even name it) and instead hiding behind pop concerts and hashtags. Standing defiant would be to face the police, the courts and the left-wing noise machine after being arrested or vilified for pointing out that the UK is filled to overflowing with Muslim killers – who should be either deported or interned.

  19. jupes

    Terrorism is a foreign policy issue and will only be brought to an end when state sponsors of terror are destroyed.

    Sure, nothing whatsoever to do with importing Muslims into western countries.

    You idiot.

  20. Cassie of Sydney

    Katie Perry said to get rid of hate, just turn to the person next to you and say “I love you”….yep, very comforting, those words are sure to stop a knife wielding fanatical Muslim terrorist in his or her tracks. As this is what western society has come to, I am almost inclined to surrender and then wait for the refrigerator to kill me.

  21. Razor

    This is a heartless sophistry from, in large part, the very same people who supported the policies that imported these pathologies to the west

    One of your best statements in my opinion – for what it is worth.
    I think you have made great use of the word pathology for that is what Islam is. Islam is a distortion of what it is to be human – a pathological condition which the self assigned elites have unleased on democracy.

    There is however no way of stopping it in the west until there has been much knashing of teeth and mournfull cries for the loss of the youth to the butchers knives.

  22. For centuries, Poland, Czechoslovakia (Czech Lands) and Hungary (Hungary-Austrian Empire) stood as a bulwark against expansion and conquer of Eastern Europe by Germanic tribes. Many, many times in history, Germans tried to conquer and enslave Eastern Slavik Europe. The last attempt was in 1939-45. Czechoslovakia was betrayed by Western powers in Munich in 1939. Poland was betrayed both by Hitler and Stalin. The result was the tragedy of WW2. Similarly, Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and in particular Hungary, was devastated and destroyed by the Treaty of Trianon. This created a vacuum in Central Europe and enabled Germany to redevelop so by 1939 they were able to start WW2.
    Despite their military proves and “expertise”, Germans were never able to conquer Europe by arms. So they created the Europian Union! All of a sudden, Germans conquered and enslaved all of Europe – without firing a shot. Today all of Europe works for Germany. How clever is that!
    Similarly, Hungary, Poland and other Slavic nations stood as a bulwark against Islamic invasion of Western Europe. This culminated in the Battle of Vienna on 12 September 1683, when Polish king Jan Sobieski comprehensively defeated Ottoman Empire and thus put the stop to Islamic expansion to Europe for next 300 years. Until Western fools allowed Islam expansion by ideology. Again, what they could not achieve by sword now they are achieving by ideology.
    Will Trump be another Jan Sobiesky and stop Islam and Germany? Hope to God it will be so and he can succeed!

  23. Andrew M.

    Don’t worry, folks, there will be no more fearsome fridge furphies going unpunished on the ABC this week, because the totally unbiased and agenda-free public servants in ABC Fact Check are certain to put a stop to it!
    Hot on the heels of lask week’s outrageous factoids, their first fact check is obviously… the cut to the education budget.
    Yep, no agenda there.

  24. iampeter

    Sure, nothing whatsoever to do with importing Muslims into western countries.

    Nope. And wouldn’t even be a question if after 9/11 state sponsors of terror were destroyed. There would simply be no terrorism today. Exactly like there is no imperial Japan today or Nazi Germany.

    Terrorism is a foreign policy issue, anyone not calling for a foreign policy solution is on the same level as Katy Perry on this issue.

  25. Nerblnob

    Rubbish. You don’t need a state sponsor to hire a van and buy a few knives.

  26. Up The Workers!

    Good to see this morning that Australia’s trusty crime-fighting superheroes, Halal Mal the Head-Loppers’ Pal and his Performing Stick Insect (along with her Frequent-Flying, Globe-Trotting Boyfriend) are on the job once again.

    They have solemnly declared, for the 250th time in the last 12 months, that they “stand with” the latest daily crop of innocent murder victims and their families “in solidarity”, and propose “even stronger” powers be handed to Police to deal with Muslim terrorists (before the terrorists are routinely set free on multiple, concurrent counts of bail by bleeding-heart, Labor-appointed Magistrates and Judges; any deportation Orders or course, being routinely over-ruled by bleeding-heart Labor appointees to the A.A.T.).

    Meanwhile, the Performing Stick Insect and her Frequent-Flying, Globe-Trotting Boyfriend are enjoying a few well-earned days at home in between trips to throw hundreds of millions more dollars of Australian taxpayers’ cash – all borrowed from the Chinese at extortionate rates of interest – at the construction of overseas terrorist training centres, bomb-making and hate-preaching schools.

    Your Taxes At Work!

  27. Pyrmonter

    Viewing May’s Presser last night, Steyn is wrong. The “anti-austerity” crowd are gunning for her for (it is said) having cut police funding and “20,000” police (number sounds far, far too high). That will carry weight, true or not, with the Scots Labor Unionists and Daily Mirror readers.

  28. Diogenes

    So they created the Europian Union!

    Nope that was the Frogs, who also had a few attempts.

    Some history

    Europe’s post-war nations weren’t just after peace, they were also after solutions to economic problems, such as raw materials being in one country and the industry to process them in another. …

    In order to solve this six neighboring countries agreed in The Treaty of Paris to form an area of free trade for several key resources including coal, steel and iron ore, chosen for their key role in industry and the military. This body was called the European Coal and Steel Community and involved Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, and Luxembourg. It began on 23 July 1952 and ended on 23 July 2002, replaced by further unions.

    France had suggested the ECSC to control Germany and to rebuild industry; Germany wanted to become an equal player in Europe again and rebuild its reputation, as did Italy; the Benelux nations hoped for growth and didn’t want to be left behind. France, afraid Britain would try and quash the plan, didn’t include them in initial discussions, and Britain stayed out, wary of giving up any power and content with the economic potential offered by the Commonwealth.

    (my emphasis)

  29. It seems, at a certain level, incredible that you can have two major terrorist attacks in Britain’s capital and second largest city in the days before a general election – and yet it will make no difference to Thursday night’s result.

    The stoicism of the British people is legendary. They survived V-2s, they can handle a few blokes with knives or a lorry. More power to them.

  30. Muddy

    The more recent strains of violent Fridgelam began as attempts to subvert, damage or destroy their own governments in the Middle East. They focused inward, by fostering internal rebellion, before eventually refocusing on external targets such as the U.S. Some basic reading will reveal this. Hence the argument that all terrorism is the result of foreign policy, is, in this case at least, utter bollocks.

  31. Ubique

    A refrigerator might be cold and hard but the rest of the claim ain’t no fact.

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