Weekend roundup

Gerard Henderson’s media watchdog. Steyn on Line. Spiked on Line.

Our man in Washington DC is back. On the Norwegian welfare state, propped up by oil, but what about the future? An another US state is in trouble from high taxes. Actually he was there all the time, I was away.

Accuracy in Academia. The Austrian on line from the Mises Institute.

For science nerds Science Made Stupid: How to Discomprehend the World Around Us a pisstake on school science texts, I love his description of the deductive and inductive approach to science.


Formulate Hypothesis
Apply for Grant
Perform Experiments or Gather Data to Test Hypothesis
Alter Data to Fit Hypothesis


Formulate Hypothesis
Apply for Grant
Perform Experiments or Gather Data to Test Hypothesis
Alter Hypothesis to Fit Data

This book is the answer to 1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England, comprising all the parts you can remember, including 103 Good Things, 5 Bad Kings and 2 Genuine Dates.

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10 Responses to Weekend roundup

  1. pbw says:

    From Science Made Stupid, this gem.

    The particle accelerator is a device that turns your taxes into a small beam of subatomic particles.

  2. Tom says:

    The fruitcake left’s delusions are hilarious. Hendo quotes some nobody frightbat (Paula Matthewson) writing in Crikey (which is to the left of the Graniuad and Fakefacts):

    By holding fast to this increasingly progressive approach, Turnbull is starting to deliver the centrist government many voters expected of him. But in doing so the PM will also incite a perfect storm of resistance from the conservative insurgent within his own party.

    Filth-voting neo-commos just love making believe they’re “centrists”. If dragging the LNP to the left was what “many voters expected of him”, then Martin Trumble’s personal ratings and the LNP’s primary vote would be soaring — not in the toilet where they currently reside on the way to one of the biggest defeats in the Coalition’s history.

    You’d think leftoids would be ecstatic that their man Trumble was destroying the hated Lieborals. But in their fantasy world, he’s turning the Lieborals into the sort of party they would consider voting for — for a millisecond before they tick the Filth box.

  3. md says:

    Making America great again, one step at a time:
    First New Coal Mine of Trump Era Opens in Pennsylvania.

    Meanwhile, the Left continue to show that their hatred of mainstream society runs so deep and is so all-consuming that it has extinguished any sense of decency they once might have had and any principles they once might have upheld:
    Report: More Than 5,000 Non-Citizen Voters Purged From Rolls in VA

  4. john constantine says:

    Their ruddfilth/redfilth/ruddfilth government lost the election and were hated by the Australian people, but considered themselves massively successful because they eternally transformed Australia into a debtor nation with their Great Big Stalinist State social mechanism locked in for all time.

    Their turnfailure debacle team will consider themselves successful for transforming the boat people problem into an airlifted solution, for continuing the indebtedness that sells out Australias freedom, for locking in required compliance with all united nations dewesternisation, decolonialisation and Stalin worship programs and for constructing a Docile, State crushed, Indebted, Balkanized herd of proles, and the Big State weapons required to beat them into eternal submission.

    The true success of their turnfailure is to have made the labor party that gave us rudd/gillard/rudd and is now giving us weatherfilths south australia, the Nazgul in victoria and ponygirl in queensland, to have made this labor party the natural party of eternal government for this poor bastard sold out country.

  5. Entropy says:

    John, politicians consider themselves successful if they survive three terms at a minimum salary of $200k as an asleep backbencher, and even more if they actually turn up to do something occasionally (the only job in the world you get paid more to be on a committee), with all expenses paid you can dream up and rort.
    Then when your electorate eventually pays enough attention to kick you out, you can retire with immediate access to an extraordinarily generous superannuation, superannuation of a kind not available to me and thee. PLUS, if you have played your cards right and voted the right way often enough and for the right people, a junket board position on a superfund or as a glad handing ambassador, prime ministerial “economic adviser” or on some bloated Commission you and your mates set up as a bolthole if the gravy train should prematurely end. Heck, if you build it right you could get paid $300k plus as a commissioner or ambassador. Makes the electorate rejecting you a hell of a lot more palatable.

    As a class, politicians are worse scum than journalists. That’s how bad they are.

  6. Entropy says:

    I forgot the absolute best scam set up on [forced] departure, the overseas UN post or foundation post, set up in advance by using taxpayers’ borrowed funds to establish some NGO foundation or other type of bureaucratic and unacountable talkfest. You set it up as foreign aid to minimise accountability, and in the best scenario you set it up so your wage would be tax free. If you are smart enough the transfer can be hundreds of millions of dollars. All for you to play with in ‘retirement’.

    That they so often get away with this is why the average politician and aspiring politician has such contempt for the little guy.

  7. Mark M says:

    Sneak peak! Trailer!
    Hillary V Trump: The Movie!

  8. Muddy says:

    My condolences to Gerard on the passing of his dog Nancy. Some days I’d much prefer just the company of my dog than other so-called humans.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    Latest from Alf gore ,”God told me to fight climate changs” .you really think zgod would belive the u,n, ommunist science” . Hearing voices Alf? Bit like old mo ? There are people who can help called Psychiatrists .

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