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This is a long read, a gobsmacking account of the way billionaire John Arnold got into the war on bad science. After listening to the libertarain Russ Roberts on EconTalk he started giving out real money. The Arnold Foundation.

As Nosek tells it, John Arnold had read about the Reproducibility Project in The Chronicle of Higher Education and wanted to talk. By the following year, Nosek was cofounding an institution called the Center for Open Science with an initial $5.25 million grant from the Arnold Foundation. More than $10 million more in Arnold Foundation grants have come since. “It completely transformed what we could imagine doing,” Nosek says. Projects that Nosek had once envisioned as modest efforts carried out in his lab were now being conducted on an entirely different scale at the center’s startup-like offices in downtown Charlottesville, with some 70 employees and interns churning out code and poring over research. The skeletal software behind the data-sharing project became a slick cloud-based platform, which has now been used by more than 30,000 researchers.
John Ioannidis was put in touch with the Arnolds in 2013. A childhood math prodigy turned medical researcher, Ioannidis became a kind of godfather to the science reform crowd in 2005, when he published two devastating papers—one of them titled simply “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.” Now, with a $6 million initial grant from the Arnold Foundation, Ioannidis and his colleague Steven Goodman are setting out to turn the study of scientific practice—known as meta-research—into a full-fledged field in its own right, with a new research center at Stanford.
British doctor Ben Gold¬acre also got an email from the Arnold Foundation in 2013. Famous in England as a sharp-witted scourge of “bad science,” Goldacre spent years building up a case that pharmaceutical companies, by refusing to reveal all their data, have essentially deceived the public into paying for worthless therapies. Now, with multiple grants from the Arnolds, he is leading an effort to build an open, searchable database that will link all publicly available information on every clinical trial in the world.

Police doing better at taking stuff than the burglars. h/t the evil dwarf.

Wartime recruitment posters mostly US. The Australian Norman Lindsay did some for WWI.

Our man Dan in DC, a reminder. On seizing assets. You are supposed to sign up and get his stuff in your email so I don’t have to post links here. Benefits of less government spending in the UK. Great moments in foreign government.
• The British government giving welfare to people with multiple wives.
• The German government having a jihadist working in one of its intelligence agencies.
• The Italian government appointing the wrong person for a job that shouldn’t exist.
• The Norwegian government financing friends for a mass murderer.
• The Greek government turning tourists into snoops for the tax police.
• The French government ordering trains that were too wide for railway stations.

Trump ends the war on coal and CO2 and helps the Dutch, among European nations. Psychiatric assessment of Donald Trump. Finding: OK. Mark Steyn’s week. The narcissism epidemic.

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12 Responses to A few things

  1. Diogenes says:

    The French government ordering trains that were too wide for railway stations.

    Before we start laughing too hard. NSW did the same with the J class & O Class steam locos in 1891 , and the 57 class in 1929. To be fair the J & O were inside the loading gauge, its just that construction branch ignored it.

  2. sabena says:

    In NSW we have had judges appointed by mistake too.
    Incidentally the 2 links quoted are the same-can we have the second link again?

  3. Tim Neilson says:

    Before we start laughing too hard.
    No chance of that in CFMEUistan. Dan Andrews paid $100’s of millions in order to prevent a much needed road being built. In fairness to Dan, that wasn’t entirely a manifestation of his undoubtedly imbecilic incompetence – the main factor was his prostitution of his public duties in favour of his servitude to his CFMEU overlords.

  4. Rafe Champion says:

    Fixed sabena, thanks.

  5. Haidee says:

    Notacollector butif I had, it would’ve been posters;I love them. Thank you.

  6. Rafe Champion says:

    You are most welcome!

  7. max says:

    Queensland chief scientist Professor Suzanne Miller sidelined over fraud charges

    Bail conditions include that Professor Miller must surrender her UK and Australian passports.”

    Court documents state between February 1, 2014 and July 24, 2017, Suzanne Miller dishonestly gained approximately $45,000 in benefit for namely herself using private health insurance of the Queensland Museum.”

    shouldn’t the role of “chief scientist” only go to someone with impeccable credentials, excellent character and the highest ethical standards?
    a person who is prepared to defraud a health insurer may also be prepared to engage in fraudulent activity in any field with which they are involved?


  8. J.H. says:

    Not to forget to mention that the Australian Greens managed to install two Foreign Ecofascist insurgents into the Australian Federal Senate who then illegally interfered with the rightful functioning of our Democratic and Constitutional Government…… and defrauded millions of Australian taxpayer’s dollars when they misrepresented themselves as Australian Citizens.

  9. Scavenger says:

    The French & problems with Machinery that doesn’t fit.
    Maybe a Submarine that doesn’t fit in any bugger’s dry dock also!
    My experience in past times with the French when you are having problems with their gear & seeking support/answers was greeted with what amounted to a shrug of the shoulders!
    Who remembers the Mirage “Aluminium Coffin”.

  10. True Aussie says:

    • The British government giving welfare to people with multiple wives.
    • The German government having a jihadist working in one of its intelligence agencies.

    The inevitable outcomes of multiculturalism. Its time for Australia to put a moratorium on immigration before we end up like Europe.

  11. IRFM says:

    Excellent article Mr Champion. Perhaps all of these chappies should try exploration geology to determine ‘truthing’ in modelling. Things go pretty well with lots of colourful models from remote sensing until some clown rolls up with a barrage of rotary lie detectors. Many a duster before the bonanza (ration about 1:100). Even after discovery the fun begins with often a mere 10 years to elapse before exploitation. And now you guys want to build a power station or two as puffery from the climate modellers has been shown to be a dismal exponent of allegedly quality science.
    If there is any doubt about geoscientists being defined as scientists over weathermen simply go to the definitions of scientists in the early NAFTA agreements and you will find that geoscientists rate while there is no mention of meteorologists and their kin. Perhaps these guys knew something.

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