Roundup 20 Aug

The media watchdog. The cost, supply and use of power across the states.

BIG THINGS of Australia. My fave is the Big Gumboot at Tully.

Ideas at The Centre for Independent Studies. Short articles to stimulate conversation. Political civility, indigenous empowerment and better teaching of maths and science.

Dan Mitchell. The capitalist way of environmentalism. How to argue across the aisle. “Unsurprisingly, there are people on the other side who also contemplate how to convert their opponents. Harvard Professor Maximilian Kasy wrote a column for the Washington Post that advises folks on the left how they can be more effective when arguing with folks on the right. He starts with an assertion that conservatives are basically impervious to facts.”

Vintage postcards. Short reads by great authors. You may not have time to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace (800 pages) but try something else. 50 great historical fiction books.

Al Gore talks about his dealings with the President, the Paris Agreement and his new film. Solar jobs are growing!

For nerds. People analytics for business productivity.

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12 Responses to Roundup 20 Aug

  1. Hydra says:

    The Big Cigar, in my hometown of Churchill:

    It was not actually meant to be a cigar, but given the name of the town and what it looks like, I think it is a good resemblance.

  2. Rafe Champion says:


  3. Muddy says:

    An interesting article on people analytics thanks Rafe.

  4. Rafe Champion says:

    Thanks Muddy, it was referred by one of my sons who was struck by some of the counter-intuitive findings. I didn’t have time to read closely and write a summary to make it attractive to busy readers.

  5. testpattern says:

    Wyndham has two. The big croc and the big pre contact tableau. The latter has been temporarily removed to freo for a refit because it was vandalised by the big white bastards.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    He starts with an assertion that conservatives are basically impervious to facts.

    Another example of a lefty professor who thinks beliefs are facts. Pretty much everything the Left regards as a “fact” can be falsified with substantial evidence. CAGW is one example (WUWT has a post today which shows ECS is about a fifth the IPCC level, which is in accord with Dr Marohasy’s recent paper). Dr Mitchell does the same regarding Kasy and Obamacare.

    As to arguing or debating, the Right would just love to have a debate! Unfortunately it never happens because guys like Prof Kasy always lose.

  7. Haidee says:

    Vintage postcards! thank you

    “War and Peace” – good
    “Life and Fate” – better

  8. old bloke says:

    The Big Root – Nowa Nowa VIC – that will bring the crowds in, though they may leave disappointed.

  9. Rafe Champion says:

    Thanks Haidee! Good to know some people like these things. Abe is an interesting site, if you like that kind of thing you can get regular emails, not enough to crowd the mail box like some others.

  10. Rafe Champion says:

    Re power use across the states, can someone explain the contents of the little boxes describing the flows between the states? Yes I know I should be able to work it out myself.

  11. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Rafe – You mean the AEMO Data Dashboard? I was looking at it just now myself.
    The little arrows say which direction the electricity is flowing along the interconnectors. The larger number in the interconnector box-with-arrows is the MW flow. The smaller pair of numbers are the capacity limits, which are different for the two directions.

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