What really happened

Hillary has just released her campaign memoir, What Happened, in which she blames everyone under the sun for her loss. For myself, I have never been in much doubt about the mechanics about what went wrong for her. There is only one person to blame and that is Obama, with Comey and Loretta Lynch playing major supporting roles. This is what I think happened with Point 2 decisive in allowing one to understand what went on.

1) Obama hates Hillary.

2) Tim Kaine is not just from the Obama side of the Democratic Party but was one of the first of the Democrats to defect to Obama in 2007. She would have hated Kaine to an infinite degree. Hillary would never ever under ordinary circumstances have chosen him for her Vice President, even assuming he would be a great campaign asset which he most assuredly was not.

3) However, she can only run for president if she is not under indictment for the undoubtedly illegal use of an insecure server. Hillary was therefore compelled to choose someone who she would never have chosen as her Vice Presidential candidate.

4) Obama’s aim was to be succeeded by someone with his own agenda to carry on where he had left off.

5) Hillary wanted to be president, but not necessarily serve as president. She is a sick woman which can hardly be denied. She might not have lasted a year before her illnesses would have forced her to resign.

6) But in any case, just in case she was reluctant to give up the presidency once she had it, the evidence of illegal activity could be used to impeach her if she chose to battle on, or at the very least, force her to stand aside and allow the Vice President to take over.

7) Comey had begun the original investigation, which was extraordinary enough. But since it is necessary for Hillary to win if Kaine was to become president, Comey – under instruction – says on his own bat that she has no case to answer.

8) Hillary then moves to the front and looks set to win the election. But now there is no means to force her from office if she doesn’t want to go. So suddenly 650,000 classified emails are found on Weiner’s laptop leading Comey – under instruction from Obama – to open the investigation again.

9) But then, to everyone’s astonishment on the Democrat side of politics, Trump begins to move ahead in the last week of the election, throwing the result into doubt. The investigation against Hillary therefore needs to be shut down immediately. Comey therefore declares that they FBI has gone through the 650,000 emails and states there is nothing there to prosecute.

10) But by then it is too late and Trump gathers just enough momentum due to the various scandals that have surrounded Hillary to win the election.

And to add a bit of fuel to my little fire, this is from back in May: Clinton blames Comey, WikiLeaks for election loss. I think this is exactly right:

Clinton said she was on track to winning the election until Oct. 28, when news broke that Comey had sent a letter to Congress announcing that he had reopened the investigation into her emails. . . .

“I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me, but got scared off,” Clinton said.

The only thing Hillary has ever said that was true. Now she has written her book which is discussed in this article, Cluelessness, thy name is Hillary Clinton. In the book, she blames Obama and Comey among others but doesn’t single them out. All this was discussed before the election and can be found in my Art of the Impossible, a book that in my view becomes more interesting the farther from the election we are.

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  1. Oh come on says:

    I don’t see Obama’s hand in Hillary’s loss, although he certainly does hate her and her husband passionately.

    Hindsight is an amazing thing. It prompts people to make ridiculous statements like Bernie Sanders could have beaten Trump. Absolute tosh. Sanders would have been another McGovern.

    But there is someone who I feel a lot more confident could have beaten Trump, and that’s Joe Biden. Remember Biden seemingly all but guaranteeing that he’d enter the Dem primary by revealing that his son on his death bed urged his father to run? Under what circumstance could you not run after such a revelation?? Yet something happened behind the scenes, Obama most probably intervened, and Biden slipped off the radar. Yet it seems to me that if Obama wanted to guarantee his legacy, he would have endorsed his VP, Joe would have served a term (he’s already really old) while Michelle spends some time in his cabinet or the House, and is ready to run in 2020.

    I can’t see how Obama torpedoed Hillary. If anything, he had some hand in Biden not running, which resulted in the Dem nomination going to Hillary.

    Hillary’s inept campaign subsequently mismanaged Obama, only making full use of a popular incumbent in the dying days of the campaign.

    Hillary wants to blame everyone but herself for her loss. However, the facts are that she was a widely disliked and distrusted public figure who was an astonishingly bad candidate who headed up a historically appalling campaign.

  2. Indolent says:

    One thing you seem to be overlooking here is that Comey has been a fixer for the Clintons for decades. The original investigation could well have started as a response to public pressure when the details of the insecure server became known. Just the other day, there was confirmation that Comey, in fact, started his letter exonerating Hillary months before he did so, and even before examining witnesses. The fix was well and truly in.

    I don’t doubt that Kaine was probably forced on her, but Comey has always been her agent. Of course, in combination with Lynch, who knows. But then, Lynch was the one to meet with Bill on the tarmac. Let’s just say, broadly, that they are all crooks. There’s not much doubt that she was flabbergasted when Comey reopened the investigation had he totally beclowned himself by saying that the FBI had reviewed all the material in one week.

  3. Winston says:

    Personally, I think her ‘Deplorables’ tactic came back and bit her hard with a FU vote. Maybe not the only thing that brought her down, but I think it was not an insignificant factor.

  4. Iain Russell says:

    All of the above, but the rabbit killer was the ‘deplorables’ death mantra.

  5. Yohan says:

    An example of how this book rewrites history – in the 2nd debate between Clinton & Trump, a photo appeared to show Trump hovering close behind her. But this was just a camera aspect, he was on his side of the stage, about 5 meters away from her.

    After that debate the media took those pictures and ran with them, pretending Trump was intimidating her and encroaching on her space, despite it never happened.

    Hillary has now taken that fake media meme and worked it into this book. She now claims Trump was right behind her, breathing down her neck, encroaching on her space, and giving her the shivers.

    This is a perfect example of how nothing in this book can be trusted. Its not about the past, or what happened, its intended to promote current anti-Trump attack narratives.

  6. Peter says:

    Every time Hillary opens her mouth she proves yet again why she was unfit to be President. Unfit physically, unfit emotionally, unfit morally. Unfit in every way it is possible to be unfit. Her only claim to Office was “It’s my turn”. And apart from the other grounds for unfitness it this was possibly the thing that more than anything else got Trump the job. Hillary’s self aggrandizing sense of entitlement. She is America’s own Nero to America’s own Caligula – otherwise known as Barak Obama.

    Just before the election was held, when I said something that revealed my conservative leanings, my slightly to the Left of Centre sister said to me “Surely if you were American you would never vote for a man like Trump?” My response was “Sis, there is only one person in the world who could make me want to vote for Trump. Her name is Hillary Clinton.” Me and a few score million actual voting Americans.

  7. J.H. says:

    Trump won because, Trump…. Hillary was never in the running. Even Bernie beat her.

  8. Leigh Lowe says:

    More long bows in there than Sherwood Forest Steve.

  9. Irreversible says:

    Then there’s the alternative theory: Clinton is a dud candidate. Paranoid. Poor communicator. Heavily tied to the Washington machine.

  10. True Aussie says:

    What really happened is that Hillary and co stuffed the ballot boxes but didn’t stuff them enough to counteract the unforeseen election day popularity of Trump. Investigations into voter fraud are going to prove, eventually, that Trump won the popular vote too.

  11. Rabz says:

    This is a perfect example of how nothing in this book can be trusted. Its not about the past, or what happened

    The book no doubt portrays events that occurred in a bizarre parallel universe right up to and including election night, when the monstrous ol’ harridan still couldn’t bring herself to accept that she’d lost.

    It may yet have some value as an (unintentional) work of satire.

  12. overburdened says:

    My apologies if I offend. This is another opinion piece assuming a lot of truths regarding the arcane subterfuge that is reported to exist in the hive. Same as all the recording of opinions re Australian or other politics. FWIW I support the theory that opinions are like arses some better than others. If you aren’t in the mix then any opinion based on what one is told for whatever reason or whatever conclusions that are made up after the event should be given the lightness it deserves.
    The only truths that matter is that is Obama is gone and Clinton didn’t get to continue and then add her own brand of hell to the project. The Americans voted with their feet. Feel free to navel gaze and offer sage commentary all you like.

  13. overburdened says:

    My bad. Should be ‘…that matter are..’

  14. egg_ says:

    I blame P3do Island, Bubba’s never been the same since he had wild wheelchair sex with Hawking.

  15. egg_ says:

    Clinton is a dud candidate. Paranoid. Poor communicator. Heavily tied to the Washington machine.

    But, but… she’s the natural heir…

  16. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    Hilarity was part of the corrupt privelaged aparat of career political maggots ,the only people who favour them are the benificiaries of public funds ,and some rusted on ,stupid democrat voters . The Real peopke .who do productive work and produce the taxes that keep the aparat going . Even the communust sanders is part of the aparat ,like any communust ,they must have had the goods on him to make him withdraw from the race where he was the first communist candidate to get within a bulls roar of nomination . The goods must involve long jail time to put the wind up him like that . Trump won Because he is Not. Career politician ,like the rest of the western world. The voters are sick of the corrupt career aparat ,it’s time it was totally destroyed,before it makes thw West a colony of islamofascisim and=d u,n,communism ,in a 1984 situation .

  17. Tel says:

    1) Obama hates Hillary.

    One of a small number of things I can agree with Obama on.

    IMHO back in 2008 it was good news for everyone that Obama beat Hillary, and also the best feasible outcome that Obama beat the unabashed warmonger John “Bomb Iran” McCain.

    Anyway, there’s some simpler explanations for the 2016 election:
    * Almost all of the US public are fed up with perpetual war, only the elites and war profiteers refuse to accept this.
    * Obama ran as the “anti-war” candidate and then sat back and was pretty soft while Hillary and others started more wars all over the place. Obama’s deal with Iran was at least temporarily stabilizing even if it also involved some can-kicking (but they all do that).
    * Trump was also seen as the “anti-war” candidate when you consider that anyone with half a brain had already checked Hillary’s record by that stage (yes I accept there’s plenty of people too lazy to check, or incapable of simple tasks like reading, but sufficient people did go and check).
    * Trump was the ONLY ONE promoting strong borders, and there a fairly large number of “little people” who intuitively understand that wide open borders cannot work.
    * Trump supporters always knew that Trump would bum out on a lot of his promises, but hey the alternative was Hillary, and standards are rather low. Thanks for playing.
    * The economy was shit under 8 years of Obama, recovery was weak, barely any sort of recovery to speak of… bad economy always pushes voters to want to change parties (it’s the economy stupid).

    I find it very difficult to believe that anyone would consider Tim Kaine as suitable material for President, and you do bring up a fair point that although Hillary is diabolical, she has never been stupid and Kaine must surely have been the result of some internal factional tradeoff. That said, the possibilities are pretty broad I think. We can imagine many scenarios, but other than amusement I wouldn’t put much credence in any of them.

    What happened to that “Ant” guy anyway? He said that Trump was better than Hillary but then he vanished as soon as Trump won… Do you think he was a spoiler agent? Has he come back under a different name?

  18. RobK says:

    Now all the fluff has been removed from the navel, we can get a really good look…..all of the above and a modicum of old fashioned good fortune.

  19. Big Jim says:

    The reason for Kaine as VP was simply to deliver Virginia. Without the ‘local boy’ on the ticket, VA could have been a shitfight like NC. Remember that the time of the decision to select Kaine, everyone from ReaClearPolitics to Nate Silver was saying that ALL Hillary had to do was win ONE of a long list of ‘too close to calls’. Many pundits called it a campaign masterstroke at the time. Closing out the Electoral College race with Virginia’s payload was seen seen as a bargain for the price of having numbnuts as 2IC.
    That was my basic take, but, Steve, your hypothesis is interesting.
    I would say also that the idea of Obama as 5D chess grandmaster doesn’t gel with his indifference to much outside of ‘Color Issues’ and his general low energy presidency.

  20. Big Jim says:

    Tel, Yes true. Obama’s two greatest achievements, for which he deserves every category of Nobel Prize:
    1. John McCain not president.
    2. Mitt Romney not president.

  21. Mr Black says:

    She was never winning, at all. The US polling organisations did what they always do, they rigged the results to show democrats ahead the whole time, as a way to influence public perception of who the winner is going to be and increase the momentum of the democrat campaign and then in the last week they allow some accurate polls to be released so as not to reveal their agenda and bias, claiming that the electorate “moved” in that last week.

  22. Oh come on says:

    For myself, I have never been in much doubt about the mechanics about what went wrong for her. There is only one person to blame and that is Obama, with Comey and Loretta Lynch playing major supporting roles.

    What an astonishing thing to say. Steve, you might want to reword this. Because you’re currently suggesting that Clinton would have made a fine candidate if not for Obama’s dastardly influence. No blame can be attributed to her. The voters pulled the lever informed by an ugly, fictional distortion of Hillary Clinton that Obama promulgated.

    Assuming this to be true, how can you not deeply resent the influence of Obama in denying the Presidency to Clinton, and besmirching her excellent Presidential qualities?

    Nonsense. Hillary was a truly awful candidate – so bad that there really would have been precious little Obama could have done (that didn’t also diminish his own stature, natch) to make her appear worse than she already looked.

  23. Robbo says:

    It’s all pretty simple. If she wants to zero in on who is to blame for her loss the she should buy a mirror and then look into it.
    If Trump does nothing else he will be remembered for saving the USA and the world from having that nasty, malicious liar from being elected POTUS.

  24. I am the Walras, Equilibrate, and Price-Take says:

    So, Hillary is blaming everyone but herself for her loss.

    Well, bugger me. Who’da thunk it??

    Biggest bullet the West has dodged since Lepanto.

  25. egg_ says:

    Even Colbert is parodying the Hildebeest and her new book.

  26. Chris M says:

    No Steve, it didn’t all change in the final week. Trump was ahead well before then (look at the Hillary crowds for example) and the insiders knew it from internal polling etc but the reality only began to fully sink in during the last week… and for many in the clintonmedia only in the last hours.

  27. IDefender of the faith says:

    Who cares about Clinton?

  28. Rasputin says:

    Something far more plausible is that the polls were mostly rigged in her favour so that when the voting machines were hacked to flip votes, the outcome would reflect the poll predictions. But the a algorithm was based on previous elections where for a long time the majorities, marginal as they were, comprised aggregating minorities by pandering to them at the expense of the true majority. One has to be a dope not to realise that Trump’s triumph was to ignore the minorities and mobilise the majority once more, and in the middle of the election was too late to reprogram any computers. Trump is compromised by no minority and the country loves it! A drovers dog would ha e lost that election and she was the drovers bitch!

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