Roundup October 16

The media watchdog. The cost, supply and use of power across the states. Check out the Coal Tracker especially Units Planned and Under Construction. China 583, India 217, Indonesia 145, Turkey 71, Vietnam 84, Japan 43, Australia 0. Total exceeding 1500. I appreciate that most Cats are up to speed on the power situation and it is important for everyone else in Australia to be familiar with these numbers and to appreciate what they mean for the future of our industries and family budgets.

Alternative ideas. Mark Steyn on Line. For booklovers, Mark’s serialized “Tales for our Times“, now reading The Prisoner of Zenda following Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent which is the story of a terrorist plot to blow up the Greenwich Observatory circa 1900. Intellectual Takeout. Accuracy in Academia. The American Scholar.

Dan Mitchell. The IMF urges higher tax rates.

Local. Mannkal read the latest. Don Aitkin. Centre for Independent Studies, Ideas: The Elephant in the Classroom, More Community Control of Indigenous Lands, The Tragedy of Zimbabwe. Articles from Libertyworks, IPA Weekly What Did I Miss?

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5 Responses to Roundup October 16

  1. Entropy says:

    What I love about that coal tracker is the activist groups that fund it are documenting their failure.

  2. Ubique says:

    I post the coal tracker on my Facebook account to remind my lefty mates that their hopes are futile.

  3. Shine a Light says:

    I believe that there is a saying for every occassion. against the wind looks appropriate here.

  4. Rafe Champion says:

    Right on comrades! Quietly maintain the rage!
    Just keep pointing out what everyone else in the world is doing.
    As the power bills rise people will become more interested.

  5. Rafe Champion says:

    Jo Nova signals another straw in the wind. More hungry people!? Another lever to attack the warming alarmist brigade.

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