Roundup Oct 21

The cost, supply and use of power across the states. Coal-fired power Units Planned and Under Construction. China 583, Australia 0. Don Aitkin on the Clayton’s energy policy.

Hot off Jo Nova’s press, the games the Bureau of Meteorology plays with the temperature records. I wonder why? Jo Nova on Malcolm Turnbull’s “game changer“. Strangely unimpressed!

Alternative ideas. Weekly roundup from Heterodox Academy, the organization started by Johathan Haidt of The Righteous Mind. Mission: To improve the quality of research and education in universities by increasing viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding, and constructive disagreement. Intellectual Takeout. Accuracy in Academia. The American Scholar Inside the house that Stalin built.

Dan Mitchell. The impressive record of Ronald Reagan. The left really want higher taxes for middle income earners, not just the rick, they know they cant get what they want from the rich alone. On President Nixon, big on spending and regulation. He kicked off the War on Drugs for example.

The top tax rate on labor and small business income was reduced from 70 percent to 50 percent as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1969. I would have included that law in the pro-growth column, except that was the legislation that also created the alternative minimum tax (for both households and corporations). And there was an increases in the tax burden on capital gains, as well as a more onerous tax regime for new investment. My assessment is that these bad provisions basically offset the lower tax rate.

Local. Mannkal Get Involved! Centre for Independent Studies, Ideas: Thoughts on Gonski, free market solutions for problems and Indigenous service structures. IPA Weekly What Did I Miss?

Books. Abe list of mystery writers. Judging from the comments it seems that a lot of good ones were left out! What about some Australians?

Sites of Cat threadsters. People who missed out, please complain in comments!
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For nerds. The Inner Lives of Markets.

The book is a lively discussion of what one might call the “greatest” theoretical hits of economics. Starting from the early 20th century, Fisman and Sullivan review a number of the major insights from the field of economics. The goal is to give the average person a sense of the interesting insights that economists have come up with as they have worked through various problems such as auction design, thinking about social welfare, behavioral economics, and allocation in a world without prices.

I’ve taken a bit of economics in my life, and I’m somewhat of a rational choicer, so I am quite familiar with the issues that Fisman and Sullivan talk about. I think the best reader for the book might a smart undergrad or a non-economic social scientist/policy researcher who wants a fun and easy tour of more advanced economics. They’ll get lots of interesting stories, like how baseball teams auction off player contracts and how algorithms are used to manage online dating websites.

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2 Responses to Roundup Oct 21

  1. mareeS says:

    It’s such an entertaining place, inside the markets.

    So many crazies, just like the media. We have been in both places and survived. Coming out of it with money and a future puts a smile on one’s face.

  2. manalive says:

    The house that Stalin built:

    …. Just across from the Kremlin, the hideous colossus, the House on the Embankment, with its own cinema, built for the government in the early 1930s, was decimated during the 1937 Terror when many of its inhabitants were shot. In the morning the doorman told the survivors who had been arrested overnight …

    Stalin inspected the apartment in the House on the Embankment selected for fellow Georgian Beria when he took over the NKVD after Yezhov’s execution and declared it not good enough so he was given a palatial villa in central Moscow from where he would cruise the streets in his limo after dark picking up young women, many never seen again.

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