Roundup November 13

Breaking news! OMG Dan Mitchell has written a book! Support Connor Court. Buy Dan’s book!

The media watchdog. The cost, supply and use of power across the states. Cheap power in Tasmania today (2.30 pm). Coal-fired power Units Planned and Under Construction. China 583, Australia 0. Don Aitkin on the Clayton’s energy policy.

Power prices at 1.50 am. Queensland $64, NSW 69, Vic 74, Tas 78, South Australia 86. The joy of insomnia.

Alternative ideas. From the Centre for Independent Studies. Citizenship, the history wars and the staircase of opportunity for Aborigines. Lets not have a Universal Basic Income. Mark Steyn on line. A roundup from Heterodox Academy, the organization started by Johathan Haidt of The Righteous Mind. Mission: To improve the quality of research and education in universities by increasing viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding, and constructive disagreement. Intellectual Takeout. Accuracy in Academia. The American Scholar Inside the house that Stalin built.

Dan Mitchell. The triumph of communism. 100 years, 100 million deaths. The Senate tax plan. What we learned, or should learn about higher taxation in the 1950s.

Books. Good old fashioned horror! Scary books. Collecting New York. Discounted books.

Lets hear it for the Robots! A piece by our local Neutral Bay economics roundsman Peter Smith on the power of markets to handle the rise of robots.

For nerds. A bunch of philosophers.

Culture. Its the culture, stupid h/t Jo Nova. St Crispins Day, worth a re-run.

Liberty Quote: The corruption of the regulatory bodies does not shake his blind confidence in the infallibility and perfection of the state; it merely fills him with moral aversion to entrepreneurs and capitalists. Ludwig von Mises

From the archive. Review of three books about the Australian identity. These were running at the time when the push for the republic came to a popular vote. We may be approaching that again.

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1 Response to Roundup November 13

  1. grumpy says:

    Mises’ statement deserve a response (thanks for the quote, Rafe).

    Only those who presuppose the possibility of the (moral or otherwise) perfectibility of man will hold to the notion of an infallible state. As a utopian ideal, a presupposition of the perfect state means that behaviour that appears to be contrary to that assumption is denied or ignored.

    Hence the possibility in their mind that they can use whatever means to attain that end. Thus morality is turned on its head – evil becomes good and good becomes evil. Lying, deception, theft and, further, the gradual, incipient replacement of “private property” with the state-centred welfarism (redistribution) are all justified – it is a new morality.

    Thus Lenin, and that poor sod, Stalin, were merely wrong-headed. According to the utopians, they could have done with re-education training at the USSR’s popular holiday camp, the gulag!

    To state the bleeding obvious, there is no moral perfectibility in this life — not even by Christ — and certainly not by the state.

    Does the state issue refunds on tax (donations)? I think I’ve been swindled.

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