It’s a new economic world coming

From Drudge:

You don’t get all that much credit for an economic upturn since life is never perfect even if everyone has a job, specially if everyone has to work to earn a living. But it will create wealth since the tax cuts are also coming with spending restraint (of a kind) and the removal of regulations at a rate of 22 gone for every new one introduced.

I know there are #NeverTrumpers out there but what exactly they could have expected to have occurred instead that was better remains a mystery. And speaking of which, here is a rhetorical question that needs no answer: Why Does the Media Not Report That ISIS Was Defeated in Iraq and Its Capital City of Raqqa in Syria Has Been Captured by US-Allied Troops? As he says, I would imagine for much the same reason the media is silent on the economy.

And let me add this: GOP Senators Unanimous in Support for Tax Bill.


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  1. J.H.

    Trump is winning and was right…. The Socialists would rather die than admit that…. Which is something we probably should be helping them with….. but whatever. 🙂

  2. Tom

    GOP Senators Unanimous in Support for Tax Bill.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Rubio is a virtue-signalling lightweight, so he fell into line after his 15 minutes of fame on Twitter on Friday, but RINO parasites like Flake, Corker and McCain are the senatorial face of the Deep State and none is seeking re-election, so their capacity for treachery is unlimited.

  3. Token

    The US will need every possible boon it can get, it has nearly regulated itself to a point of risk:

    Here’s the quote of the year, from Sam Altman, the chairman of the start-up incubator Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful innovators:

    Earlier this year, I noticed something in China that really surprised me. I realized I felt more comfortable discussing controversial ideas in Beijing than in San Francisco. I didn’t feel completely comfortable—this was China, after all—just more comfortable than at home.
    That showed me just how bad things have become, and how much things have changed since I first got started here in 2005.

    It seems easier to accidentally speak heresies in San Francisco every year. Debating a controversial idea, even if you 95% agree with the consensus side, seems ill-advised.

    Corporate America is wallowing in political correctness, following our elite universities. That is all the more destructive in a winner-take-all world where there is room for just one search engine and Internet ad provider (Google), one social media site (Facebook), one standard business software maker (Microsoft), and so forth.

    Hello BHP, anyone paying attention?

  4. RobK

    Trump is making winning look easy. Long may it continue and with time it may become easier as results become more apparent. I hope he can do the distance. God bless him.

  5. Trump is making winning look easy

    He is followingnthe same path as Reagan – reduce tax and regulation and business will have confidence and drive the economy.

  6. RobK

    From WUWT:

    This is encouraging news:

    The Trump administration will reverse course from previous Obama administration policy, eliminating climate change from a list of national security threats. The National Security Strategy to be released on Monday will emphasize the importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection, according to a source who has seen the document and shared excerpts of a late draft.

    Where’s our Trump.

  7. Token

    Where’s our Trump.

    We have the ABC and no Fox news. Good luck getting past the gate keepers. Don’t waste your time talking about their Australian Paywallian.

    Weak as dishwater in their pathetic attempt to avoid being regulated out of business when the government changes.

  8. rickw

    Where’s our Trump.

    There can’t be and won’t be.

    The Left managed to import enough internationalist vote herd to ensure that it can never happen.

    40% of “Australians” are either immigrants or 1st generation Australians, no one knows what the fuck Australia was, they’re not going to vote to get it back.

  9. Faye

    The one thing stopping the globalists and their socialist allies from taking over the world was America.
    Obama in eight years of bowing and scraping to everybody but Americans, nearly let them have it.
    President Trump has reversed the fortunes of America in such dramatic and unique ways. He has returned the power to the people.

  10. Marcus

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Rubio is a virtue-signalling lightweight, so he fell into line after his 15 minutes of fame on Twitter on Friday, but RINO parasites like Flake, Corker and McCain are the senatorial face of the Deep State and none is seeking re-election, so their capacity for treachery is unlimited.

    I’ll bet if you looked it up, you’d find that all four of them vote in line with Trump’s agenda at least 90% of the time*. For all the talk about the “Deep State” establishment Republicans who are doing their best to sabotage Trump, it’s usually just one or two free-wheelers who are enough to sink whatever bill he’s trying to pass, generally because they prefer to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    I’m looking at you, Rand Paul!

    But hopefully if they make gains in the Senate next year (which will only happen if they select sane candidates next time) then the free-wheelers won’t be able to derail anything for the second half of his term.

    * Well, maybe not McCain.

  11. Nerblnob

    .It doesn’t bother me that Trump’s a dick. I was bothered by the protectionist rhetoric in the campaign but so far it seems more like a negotiating tool than a serious policy. The other stuff he’s doing, great.

  12. Joshua

    Yep, the media is doing the equivalent of sweeping these significant gains under the Trump administration under the carpet. Instead, they are focusing on Trump’s lack of decorum. (Of course, the Left abandoned decorum decades ago.)

  13. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    When are we getting a tax cuts you politician herd of baboons?

  14. Texas Jack

    Here’s the rub – the US already has power prices down at around 10c US$ per kilowatt hour, and a federally mandated minimum wage of just U$7.25. If the GOP can hold their heads and back corporate tax reform and ongoing cuts to red and green tape the US will be just too attractive as a destination for a yield-starved world and the whole risk continuum thing will be altered for the planet. The benefits are unlikely to be felt, or appreciated, overnight – but they’ll become more obvious. Eventually the’ be as obvious as what happens in places like Iraq’s Syrian border provinces when a president acts to delegate authority to his military specialists. They’ll be as obvious as the endemic bias at the NYT and Washington Post. As obvious as the fact nobody with any brains will bother with investment into Australia unless it comes with a very big after-tax hook. And obvious just when Trump is looking for re-election.

  15. Garry

    Can’t happen here. No Trump for us! None of the nearly 50% living off welfare or those soaking a living from the public service and the climate change scam are ever going to vote for that. The only way to get this country back on an even keel would be to only allow those who are net contributors to vote. Politicians would very quickly lose interest in welfare recipients and minorities!

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