Another round to Trump

Democrats fold on the shutdown. So much for the display of Trump Derangement to celebrate his first year. Does anyone remember that there was a march of some kind the other day?

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  1. Baldrick

    Only because internal polling showed them a majority of American’s blamed them for the shutdown. There were no other altruistic motives.

  2. Who is the boss and who is the apprentice?

  3. a reader

    I’m growing to like Trump more and more

  4. the sting

    Typical gross misreprentation of the backdown by the Democrats by the ABC followed by an even more disgraceful effort on the 7.30 report by Leigh Sales with the author of Fire and Fury .

  5. Myrddin Seren

    Via Instapundit:

    The problem with America is not Donald Trump

    Cut to the penultimate conclusions, as Instie did. Where it says ‘America’ – you may freely insert Australia, the UK, Canada, NZ, France, Germany etc etc

    Donald Trump is only the beginning of a populist retrenchment, one that faces great adversity from a well-entrenched globalist political class.

    And that, rather than anything to do with Trump’s presidency, is what has gone horribly wrong in America.

    The broader ruling class in the country, the wealthy and politically connected, the best educated and most widely heard, have abandoned their countrymen.

    The very concept of citizenship, to say nothing of placing one’s fellow citizens above those whose loyalties are to other states and cultures, has fallen out of vogue among America’s most privileged.

    This, and not Donald Trump’s temperament or tweets, is the real menace to the country: an elite that has lost the trust of the people because the people knows what the elite will not admit—namely, that it despises them.

    I think this is a theme repeated by the likes of Brendan O’Neill, Angelo Codevilla, Ben Pile and others. This is a pretty concise summation though. The Davos Set can barely contain their revulsion at the ordinary folk.

  6. Muddy

    One thing is for certain: without President Trump, the blogosphere would have to write about…well, umm…

  7. Texas Jack

    Gotta ask what circus put Chuck Hairpiece in charge of mucking out the monkey enclosure? Just Google news on this douchebag and have a bellyful.

    Get this, according to CBS; Douche Combover is “perhaps the most powerful Democrat in Washington..” Right. In that case they’re royally up Shit Creek. No need for any tears, this is the same guy that claimed that negotiating with Trump was like “wrestling Jello”. Looks like he was in the wrong wrestling contest.

  8. Up The Workers!

    Channel 10, now owned by C.B.S. (Clinton Bullshittery Network) announced it as a complete Trump backdown.

    Just remind me…why did they go broke in the first place?

  9. NB

    Myrddin Seren, quoting Instapundit, includes above: [elites] ‘have abandoned their countrymen’.
    Well, yes. But elites (and a sizable chunk of the electorate) have also abandoned their senses, adopting bizarre notions full of hocus pocus. Global warming, the UN as the epitome of wisdom and virtue, floods of refugees, appeasement of North Korea, Keynes, Marx, Clintons. The list of follies is almost endless. The deplorables and the elites despise each other for a reason. Elites have become disconnected from any kind of reality.

  10. Joe

    an elite that has lost the trust of the people because the people knows what the elite will not admit—namely, that it despises them.

    The real question is WHY the elite despise them?

    Is it simply a matter of in crowd exclusion?

    Is it because control is held by the non-elites in a democracy?

    Have past elites despised their serfs? Was an Autocracy better for non-elites because the elites were busy despising the rulers?

    Is it because the elites can’t think and get their views from academics that are irrelevant and envious of the non-academic? Do the irrelevant academics so despise their state that they create twisted and destructive ideas to enact their revenge on the rest of us, elites and non-elites?

    Or is it that academics just are allowed to think ridiculous and unrealistic thoughts without being corrected by real world evidence and the elites pick up on these blatherings as a fashion statement?

    Or is it all of the above?

  11. Jimf

    Apparently the marching girls ran out of profanities and crayons…

  12. md

    Even though we all have a lot on our plates it is worth taking the time to follow the building investigation into the conduct of government agencies under the Obama administration:
    Rep Paul Gosar on #ReleaseTheMemo: Obama’s ‘Weaponization’ of DOJ and Intelligence Services Links to Fast and Furious, IRS, and Benghazi Scandal

    And here’s a brief explanation as to what Fast and Furious is. Astounding!

  13. Bill Thompson

    The last word on “Schumer’s Shutdown” of the US Government…

  14. Kneel

    “The real question is WHY the elite despise them?”

    If you make a promise and not only fail to keep it, but actually do the opposite, and then:
    1) your friends all rally around and tell you it was the right thing to do;
    2) the media and hollywood all say you did the right thing by breaking your promise;
    3) you still win at the next election;
    Then it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of believing that the voters are morons who don’t know what’s good for them. It’s not far from there to despising the voters.
    When both sides do the same thing, is it any wonder DJT won the presidency? No, but it IS a wonder that he is at least trying to do what he said he would – how novel, a politician actually making outrageous promises and then keeping them! He needs lessons from the ALP – you don’t keep promises you made just to get elected, you only keep the ones that make things better for YOU. Bloody amateurs…

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