Look who’s back

Migration in the news both in the US and here. The ones who are maybe back in the US are the members of Congress who are up against a wall of resistance from PDT who has the majority of the American population on his side. Here it is the boats that are back, thanks to NZ’s new policy of Swedish compassion. First the US.


From the first of the stories:

President Donald Trump says he is pleased that congressional Democrats “have come to their senses” and abandoned their filibuster that shut down the federal government. Trump says his administration will make a long-term immigration deal “if and only if it’s good for our country.”

Trump issued a statement Monday afternoon after roughly 25 senators from both parties helped negotiate an end to the federal government shutdown. It was read by spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a press briefing.

Trump said he was glad the government will be funded. He continued: “Once the government is funded, my administration will work toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration.”

He added: “We will make a long term deal on immigration if and only if it’s good for our country.”

Meanwhile, they’re back here too: New Zealand asylum offer fuels smuggle trade.

New Zealand’s offer to resettle 150 asylum-seekers from Manus ­Island late last year is believed to have prompted an escalation in people-­smuggling operations, with intelligence officials claiming at least three boats had recently sought to test the shift in policy and use the country as a “back door” to Australia.

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  1. Shy Ted

    Jacinta’s got baby brain.

  2. stackja

    DT being Presidential.
    NZ getting what they voted. And people smugglers are happy too.

  3. stackja

    NZ bitten off too much?

  4. John Constantine

    The lottery for American citizenship was designed with the full intent of importing voters that would never have made it on merit, from places that are rich only in corrupt looting and raiding traditions.

  5. egg_

    It’s a wonder that ‘backdoor’ Ardern got pregnant.
    Thanks for nothing, virtue signaller.

  6. John Constantine

    The crazy birth tourism legislation, where a pregnant tourist goes to America, lambs down, then the kid is automatically a citizen, with the right upon turning 21 to sponsor their parents into America seems loopy enough to be Australian.

    Check out organised Chinese birth tourism to America to see the same scamsters in action as organise Australian citizenship through our education rort.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    I have to credit McConnell for some nice tactical politics.
    The Dems rapidly worked out that the shutdown was awesomely bad for them.
    The poll numbers are terrible.
    But the Dem base is ululating religiously about Dreamers and Dacas.
    They wanted the shutdown to continue.
    So how to get out from between the rock and the hard place?
    McConnell comes along and offers a Claytons immigration offer!
    We promise to swiftly address legislation on DACA if you stop being idiots.
    No details, no hard stuff, all fluff.
    The Dems positively leapt for joy at this marvellous figleaf!
    Meanwhile Trump says no immigration deal unless Tom Cotton signs off on it.
    Total victory to the Donald.

  8. RobK

    Total victory to the Donald.

    Certainly a step in the right direction. The dems appear to be being done slowly. This will play out for a while i think.

  9. jupes

    NZ getting what they voted. And people smugglers are happy too.

    Imagine how happy the smugglers will be when Australia gets what we will vote for at the next election.

    Baby Brain and Dolly!

  10. and use the country as a “back door” to Australia.

    These people smugglers know their political history well.
    ’twas Keating who reportedly said Australia was the arse end of the World, so these smugglers are trying to get in thru the sphincter, otherwise known as New Zealend.

    By the way. If you want to know how NZ will end up in the near future, just look at Canada. NZ elected a female version of The Boy Trudeau. Everything that’s happened to Canada will happen to NZ, but only 3 years in arrears.
    The same will happen to Australia if and when The Union Thug gets in. While The Thug is busy raiding the Treasury for his union mates, the wymynses of the Labor party, in concert with the wymyn of The Greens like Little Adam Bandt, will make the social policy.

  11. Tim Neilson

    Surely we have to amend our law so that the rights we give to NZ citizens apply automatically only to natural born NZ citizens, and blow-ins have to satisfy our normal immigration criteria.

  12. Terence Barr

    Jacinta has a big mouth which is working against the mutual interests of Oz & Nzild. Nz will be knee deep in Asians and Indian sub conts while we run education courses as a soft entry. Oops we are beginning to look like Oz. Please keep boat people away. Please tell Jacinta to but out.

  13. Joe

    Close the borders with NZ completely. NZ gets to live with it’s decision and attempt to bypass AUS border controls.

  14. H B Bear

    No need to use the backdoor one the glorious Peanut Head revolution arrives and the R-G-R welcome mat is rolled out again.

  15. Whalehunt fun

    Time for a bounty on pelts. Once the scum realise they’ll be shot and skinned, or maybe just skinned, they’ll be less eager to lie their way in.

  16. Mother Lode

    Wasn’t it Boris G who was here the other day arguing that Trump had been…trumped?

    That the shutdown showed he had been outplayed and had been a failure?

  17. Whalehunt fun

    Or we could hire Maori to eat them like they gobbled up the Mori Ori original inhabitants of New Zealand. Youtube clips of Maori roasting and eating long pig on the beach beside a beached refugee boat would work wonders.

  18. Tom

    Certainly a step in the right direction. The dems appear to be being done slowly. This will play out for a while i think.

    Trump knows the Dems are fighting for their life: unless they can flood the USA with imported welfare-dependent Dem voters, they have no future. It’s helping Trump that the Dems are totally irrational and infantile and can’t make coherent arguments that don’t rely on lies — like Dreamers are virtuous and much better than white people when they are most likely to be crooks and jailbirds.

    I think this is going to be The Sting for stupid people: Trump is going to sign up the left for a complex deal that appears to give them what they want, but actually picks their pockets and — on top of the tax cuts and a booming economy — delivers a resounding GOP victory at the mid-terms (which the GOP establishment is dreading).

  19. mh

    The Shithole Network hates this video. And the Democrats pissed their pants when they saw it.

  20. Roger

    I say we start deporting all NZers with criminal records to show our thanks to Jacinda.

  21. John Constantine

    When they say:

    “Our mass imported voteherds are Our strength”

    They obviously are using the Royal ‘Our’, to include the elite quisling Vichy class that benefits from gross numbers, and excludes the proles that see their per capita ability to freely move their families ahead in any way [except by joining an orc-herd at the elites command] being chopped up into mincemeat.


  22. John Constantine

    Fighting an election in 2018 against the democrat strategy of immigration lotteries for people from looting cultures, the right to enter America as a tourist, give birth, then claim welfare for life from the American taxpayer, the democrat call for endless waves of welfare child migrants to swamp the electorates and transform the polity.

    Not a losing strategy except in the left controlled cities where the dead rise to vote for Stalin anyway.

  23. dopey

    Reserve 8 spots in the All Blacks for them.

  24. testpattern

    I told you this months ago. As usual the Oz is months behind TP. And Dutton. And NZ.


    #2575298, posted on December 4, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    Latest boat with 41 ppl en route to NZ via Indon and Aust was just over a month ago. Perhaps someone should raise this with Mal and Jaz. The smugglers, of course, have never been stopped, despite what Dutton may say to an unquestioning media.

    ‘ the immigrants were secured after receiving reports from the Tablolong people who saw them aboard the ship being stranded. “Based on the results of the examination last night, it is known that they will sail to New Zealand ,” Jules told Kompas.com, Friday (27/10/2017) morning… of the 41 illegal immigrants were five children under five, five women and the rest were men. From the interim results, the illegal immigrants will sail to New Zealand. But on their way to New Zealand, their ship ran out of fuel and food.’


    NZ not a greater target for people smugglers: Minister

    ‘There have been no intelligence reports that boat-people are targeting New Zealand more since the change of Government, nor any suggestion of a credible attempt by people smugglers to reach these shores by boat, the Government says.’


    October 27 2017. 41 illegal immigrants. NZ Minister is telling lies.

  25. NZ might be frigged anyway.
    Recent super-short biz trip to Auckland revealed the only Caucasians to be found in the CBD are drug-addled homeless types. (Of the “dangerous” look rather than the “washed up hobo” look).
    Shopstaff were either sub-continentals with no regard for NZ, or Asians with no grasp of English (i.e. were limited to grunting & pointing at the LCD displayed amount on the cash register)
    At night it was plain dangerous. The atmosphere was on the seedy side of rough. Litter everywhere, rough types lurking, atmosphere more unpleasant than in some of those tough-in-the-Bronx type movies. Nothing like the Auckland I’d known some years before.

    The takeaway message was that Australia has to block all NZ passports from entering, period. Never mind migrating.
    Native born might do it, until the current crop of babies born there start reaching majority.

  26. Zatara

    The TTTA should have been ‘suspended for review’ the moment NZ spit in Oz’s eye by taking country shoppers Oz had refused. A clear case of WWTD.

    WWTD = What would Trump do?

  27. egg_

    sub-continentals with no regard for NZ

    Teh 7-Eleven crew must be universal.

  28. John Constantine

    New Zealand airlifted in the transformation of their polity.

    Result is jacindamania’s preggersmania, and they are all so happy they could squeal.

    No anglophone colony will escape the fate of Rhodesia.

    Kiwibabwe will just take a little longer, maybe it will settle at Hong Kiwi level for a while.

    No bollards yet though.

  29. Rollyone

    The RNZN should be patrolling with our RAN and the RNZN can shuttle the economic refugees to NZ for settlement and settlement is in NZ not to enter AUS.

  30. Tel

    Trump knows the Dems are fighting for their life: unless they can flood the USA with imported welfare-dependent Dem voters, they have no future.

    The Dems always have the choice of bringing their policies back towards sanity and competing on matters of good governance. You know, they might consider ideas such as being opposed to imperial wars of choice, ending the War on Drugs, demilitarizing the police, telling police they cannot steal private property until after the court finds someone guilty. There’s a bunch of options out there.

    Admittedly, last resort stuff, might upset a few of their backers.

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