Jo Nova on the cost of unreliables

Yesterday we were talking about the correlation between the move to unreliables and the cost of power. This graph tells the story. Australia is the outlier being far above the international trend line. Punching above our weight!

The full article from Jo Nova.

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18 Responses to Jo Nova on the cost of unreliables

  1. John Constantine

    The thirty percent tariff on chinese communist party solar panels announced by the Trumpnado means they will be looking for suckers to take the excess capacity.

    Look for announcements of vast godless communist solar panel farms in Australia.

    You can almost hear the rustling of the lobbyist’s brown paper bags right now.

  2. Roger

    Irrefutable proof we have the most incompetent politicians in the Western world.

  3. John Constantine

    Our politicians can’t even do bribery and corruption properly.

    At least Papua New Guinea is getting some good new roads as its corruptocracy sells out to China.

    All we get for being sold out is some crappy short life solar panels destined for landfill.


  4. Follow the money!

    Q. Which Prime Minister’s family is heavily invested in the roonybells scam?

    Raising electricity costs for the peasants and destroying a country’s electricity grid is no biggie.

  5. From Jo’s comments:

    Read ’em and weep.

    Not one Euro country has a retail domestic cost for electricity that is greater than my standing best quotation.

    Petrol/diesel tax and price comparisons are also of interest.

    Welcome to Shitstainia!

  6. egg_

    Oz leads the race to the bottom!

  7. John Constantine

    Our autocratic quislings assure us on their black handed honour that:

    We can dynamite our power plants and buy replacement solar panels from the chinese communist party.

    We can mass import millions of people to be clients of the solar panel supplied services economy.

    We will have an advantage over the Chinese economy, that uses coal power to make the solar panels they sell us, because will have a refugee powered population Ponzi house renting bubble that will never end.


  8. John Constantine


    Their united nations voting blocks are committed to the toppling of the remaining racist Anglosphere colonies.

    Until the entire polity of Rhodestralia has been transformed through immediate mass immigration, the racist settler colony will be loathed as deeply as Rhodesia was loathed.

    Their turnbull mightn’t be our Mugabe yet, but he and his kind is the best the transnational looting cartel can get installed until they have moved another four million voters into the country through mass migration and the fertility of their established vote plantations–somewhere around 2025?.

  9. herodotus

    Commenter Bemused at Jo Nova:
    Renewables are akin to Socialism; it’s never worked anywhere, but the followers believe it’s because it hasn’t been done properly.

  10. IRFM

    The solution to Ms Nova’s correctly identified dilemma comes from that old and well loved sea shanty – “The Good Ship Venus”
    The first mates name was Carter
    By God he was a farter
    When the wind wouldn’t blow and the ship wouldn’t go they called on Carter the farter to start her

    Just need more Carters

  11. Aynsley Kellow

    The situation is more dire than this graph suggests, because the Germany and Danish figures include their very high taxes. I believe Australia tops the price net of taxes.

  12. duncanm

    shit – worse than Italy.

  13. Leo G

    Raising electricity costs for the peasants and destroying a country’s electricity grid is no biggie.

    No big deal- all that’s needed is an Australian electricity market operator 40% directly owned by energy companies in turn dominated by foreign-owned energy companies, and 60% owned by Australian Governments, with control by a board stacked with industry executives and consultants (whose firms earn millions from their relationships with the energy companies).

  14. zyconoclast

    Follow the money!

    Q. Which Prime Minister’s family is heavily invested in the roonybells scam?

    Raising electricity costs for the peasants and destroying a country’s electricity grid is no biggie.

    Liberal leadership: Malcolm Turnbull’s Familial China links

    Malcolm Turnbull may not speak Chinese like his Labor predecessor Kevin Rudd, but the new Prime Minister has strong connections to Beijing.

    These come mainly via son Alex and his wife Yvonne Wang, who also goes by the Chinese name Wang Yiwen.

    She is the daughter of a former government-linked academic, who worked with the country’s most prestigious think tank, the China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

    “He was an expert in international law and trade so he advised the government from time to time,” Alex Turnbull said via phone from Singapore on Tuesday.

    The younger Mr Turnbull, who runs his own hedge fund, provided a potted history of his wife’s family to the Australian Financial Review.

    He denied his father-in-law, who is now 92, had any connection to China’s security forces, but confirmed he was a member of the Communist Party.

    Mr Turnbull said such membership was necessary for him to leave China in 1976 to attend Colombia University in New York.

    “Do you think he could have got a pass to go abroad if he was not a Party member,” he said.

    This membership looks to have worked against him, as according to Mr Turnbull, he was later thrown out of the United States for his links to the Party.

    After that Mr Turnbull’s father-in-law returned to Beijing where he worked for CASS, at a time when China was beginning to open up and English speakers with an understanding of the international environment were rare.

    “None of my in-laws have been employed by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) for 20 years,” he said. “There is no connection to anyone currently in power.”

    After leaving CASS the family moved to Hong Kong where the father was an international trade consultant, helping to bring the likes of IKEA to China.

    It was in Hong Kong that Yvonne was born, according to a profile in Sassy Singapore, published in September 2014.

    Ms Wang, who is a senior communications manager for TripAdvisor in Asia, told the magazine she has lived in Hong Kong, Auckland, Beijing, Vancouver, Washington DC, Boston and London.

    “I’ve moved every few years for the last two decades,” she said.

    Ms Wang said the couple now live in Singapore because the air quality is better than Hong Kong.

    Up until Tuesday morning Ms Wang was an active Tweeter under her own name, but the account subsequently appears to have been taken down.

    The couple are understood to have met while Mr Turnbull was studying Mandarin in Beijing and later moved together to Hong Kong.

    “I like to think that stories of my business adventures in China inspired him [Alex] to study Chinese which in due course led him to his beautiful wife Wang Yiwen,” the then Communications Minister told a conference last July.

    Like his father, the younger Mr Turnbull has spent much of his career in finance, working for Goldman Sachs, hedge fund Mount Kellett Capital and Deutsche Bank.

    This followed an undergraduate degree at Harvard University and high school at Sydney Grammar School.

  15. OldOzzie

    Scientists Get Buried In Snow At Davos While Lecturing On Global Warming

    Scientists have once again set up a mock Arctic base camp to educate world leaders about man-made global warming at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    Climate scientists hope their mock camp illustrates how global warming could impact the Arctic, but the “Gore effect” may make it harder to get the message across. Davos has seen frigid temperatures along with about six feet of snow in the last six days.

    UN Climate Change‏Verified account
    The Basecamp @ArcticDavos is open for business: a unique opportunity to meet climate scientists, see them at work, learn why the #ArcticMatters for climate We can’t be late to find the solutions #2020dontbelate #WEF18

    There was so much snow, authorities evacuated some neighborhoods due to avalanche concerns, CNBC reported. Global elites headed to the conference had to force their way through heavy snow drifts.

    CNBC reported that “heavy snow had already blocked the rail line through the Alps from Zurich, and villages along the route were at the highest level of avalanche alert.” Davos visitors were forced off trains and onto “a half-hour bus trip on back roads around the blockage and then loading them onto a crowded red commuter train that ran the rest of the way into Davos.”

  16. classical_hero

    duncanm, at least Italy has thousands of years of culture, which we don’t have.

  17. According to that graph cost per Kw hour is about 12 cents in the US and 26 cents in Oz. I guess that is priced in US cents. The last year or so we have paid about 32 cents/kwh in Perth on average, Oz cents. By comparison our holiday home in Capetown costs 19 cents/kwh, Oz cents.

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