Support Peter Ridd and freedom of speech

And keep your eye on this site Intellectual Takeout for a change of pace from the MSM.
Jo Nova on Peter Ridd.
Karl Popper on freedom of speech. The Poverty of Historicism section 32.

How could we arrest scientific and industrial progress? By closing down or controlling laboratories for research, by suppressing or controlling scientific periodicals and other means of discussion, by suppressing scientific congresses and conferences, by suppressing Universities and other schools, by suppressing books, the printing press, writing, and, in the end, speaking.

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15 Responses to Support Peter Ridd and freedom of speech

  1. Siltstone

    Thanks Rafe, I have contributed to Peter Ridd’s GoFundMe campaign.

  2. Atoms for Peace

    First go fund me donation for me. Worthy cause.

  3. Peter Campion


    There’s some big names already on the donor list – Anthony Watts, John Roskam, Leif Svalgard…

    Even a “Sandra Harding” gave ten bucks – let’s hope the million-dollar-a-year Vice-Chancellor of JCU of the same name also gives (commensurately with her bloated salary, of course).

  4. Leegal

    Done. He has a very stressful year ahead. I don’t envy him. But thank goodness he’s prepared to endure the sleepless nights to protect his right to speak and my right to listen.

  5. Dr Faustus

    Over $51,000 in 24 hrs – looks like Peter Ridd is well on his way to his $95,000 target.
    Good work.

  6. Mak Siccar

    440 donations a short time ago. ~$52000. Go Peter!

  7. Mick from the bush.

    Just donated. They really don’t like it up em.

  8. JohnA

    Past $60K at about 17:30 Friday AEDT.

  9. Tintarella di Luna

    Over $68,000 in such a short time. I wish him all the best. Professor Ridd passes the integrity test with flying colours – he refuses to be compromised.

  10. Cynic of Ayr

    Don’t forget Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull! Malcolm donated!!! He’s on the list of donors.
    10 bucks. Yep, t.e.n. bucks.
    Hey Malcolm, seeing as you seem to be a bit short – electricity costs for the Air Con at the mansion must be a living hell – tell ya what. I’ll refund you your ten, and donate another ten on top of my first donation to Riddy!

  11. Catfeesh?

    Holy crap, I just went to make a contribution and Peter has reached the target and closed it off.

  12. boy on a bike

    Of course the uni wants to shut him up. He threatens the rivers of gold flowing into the pockets of the administration. The VC pocketed $1.16 million last year, and the head of research got $740k.

  13. Tintarella di Luna

    Well Peter Ridd’s go fund me page reached over $99,000 in a couple of days – and Malcolm Turnbull in all his greatness has donated $10 — at dinner tonight the Sunbather wanted to donate again — alas it’s closed off. Peter Ridd knows how much he is supported with donations small and big — integrity is priceless. so happy for him to know how much he is admired and supported

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