Pope Francis and the Caring Society

Pope Francis has sparked uproar with inflammatory comments on capitalism and markets based on his passion to help the poor and his experience of crony capitalism in Argentina. He has called for a dialogue on building a compassionate society and the Independent Institute has responded with a high powered collection of papers led by the late and great Michael Novak who wrote the Foreword not long before he died in February last year. The book is Pope Francis and the Caring Society.

Many of the contributors are Christian believers of various kinds and they have made a big effort to embrace the dialogue on the assumption that Pope Francis is genuine in his humanitarian concerns and in the hope that he might be prepared to learn some economics like the great Polish Pope John Paul. Economic issues are thoroughly treated, especially the power of markets to liberate the poor if only there is a framework of law and property rights and a vibrant civil society. Several contributors pay attention to the Pope’s wayward and scientifically illiterate views on the environment and ecological issues.

Highlights of the book. To buy the book.

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15 Responses to Pope Francis and the Caring Society

  1. I think the Pope believes in the old adage of ‘charity begins at home’, given the Vatican’s immense wealth.

  2. Roger

    Economic issues are thoroughly treated, especially the power of markets to liberate the poor if only there is a framework of law and property rights and a vibrant civil society.

    Is a Spanish or Italian translation available?

    I don’t think the pope’s written English comprehension would be up to reading it otherwise.

  3. Tim Neilson

    The Catholic Church has bestowed many great benefits on humanity.

    The election of Pope Trotsky I isn’t one of them.

    I’m sure that he is in many ways a decent human being, but I sometimes wonder whether he has ever read the Bible. For example, he once stated that no Christian could ever invest in an arms manufacturer.
    That would be news to Pope Trotsky’s predecessor St Peter, who (Luke’s Gospel tells us), along with the other disciples, was advised by Jesus to go out and buy swords to defend themselves. It would be a bit difficult to buy swords if there were no arms manufacturers. So according to Pope Trotsky, Jesus was telling his disciples to support by their patronage an industry that no Christian should support as an investor.
    If that seems a bit improbable, it’s no doubt only because we deplorables simply aren’t insightful enough to understand the elevated thoughts of the enlightened and progressive.

  4. Mother Lode

    I really wish this Pope would bugger off.

    He’s is a virtue signalling cretin.

  5. Confused Old Misfit

    Let him first persuade some Catholic businesses to adopt his principles. Then take note of their success or lack thereof.

  6. Are there still people around who think the Vatican and the Papacy is about religion? (Insert some LMFAOs and ROFLs and LOLs)

  7. H B Bear

    Nothing good has ever come out of South America except pre-Chavez Venezuelan Miss Universes.

  8. Turtle of WA

    JP II understood that communism was evil.

  9. LGS

    I don’t understand why so many lefties despise the Catholic Church.
    After all, Pope Francis is one of them – an out-and-out socialist!

  10. Robbo

    Pope Francis is a Jesuit and that means he is a lefty and knows what is best for us. Of course his dislike of capitalism doesn’t extend to the activities of the Church he leads. Decrying poverty while bleeding the uneducated poor for every cent they have is the modus operandi of the Catholic Church. If you ever want to see outrageous wealth just go to the Vatican and while there have a good think about where the money came from to fund this display. So while Pope Francis spends his days lecturing the world on how to end poverty I have a one word response to him, HYPOCRITE.

  11. Jannie

    What I like about this Pope is that he diminishes my Catholic guilt for being a heathen.

  12. mareeS

    The Pope is a Jesuit, Robby, but a diminished one.

    His faith is socialist. If he had been young in the 1930s he would have been fighting with one of the many illbegotten fragments. As it was, he was even worse in indulging the factions of Argentina.

    I am a Catholic of quiet fath, but this pope really insults me just by being t(ere.

  13. classical_hero

    Doesn’t the Pope know that Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us? God isn’t that concerned about how physical well being in comparison to our spiritual well being. This Pope has been focusing too much on the material rather than the spiritual. Never once does the Bible say that giving to the poor is the government’s job, but for individuals. When individuals help each other they get involved in making sure that the right outcome can happen. When it’s a government program there is no personal involvement and all you get a a good feeling while doing nothing good.

  14. Turtle of WA
    #2643277, posted on February 22, 2018 at 3:38 pm
    JP II understood that communism was evil.

    Being Polish, yes he certainly did.

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