Nirvana – income equality and a truly fair society

The evidence is in.  Again.  Socialism and government stat-ism is the only way to eliminate income inequality.

As reported in Reuters, a 3 university study of conditions in Venezuela has shown that 90% of citizens now live in poverty.  But socialism can only achieve so much.  The other 10% must suffer in abject affluence so that the 90% can have income equality.

That in Venezuela income equality necessitates poverty is a design feature of the policy and not a fault.

Venezuela has also demonstrated that socialism can not only eliminate income inequality, it can also eliminate obesity.  There was no need to deploying a sugar tax, when the income equalization policies achieved the same ends.  You see, Venezuelans reported losing an average of 11 kilograms in 2017.  This was on top of losing an average of 8 kilograms in 2016.

Viva Venezuela.  Viva Chavez.  Viva Maduro.

It was so sad that Hugo Chavez did not manage to accept the invitation of the leading green left lights of Australia to come down under to achieve our own version of income equality and fairness.

Perhaps Philip Adams can get the ABC to sponsor a Maduro tour this time.  Public service budgets you know – use it or lose it.

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12 Responses to Nirvana – income equality and a truly fair society

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    After a strike Chavez replaced the workers at the state oil company with Party members. Today:

    “I Haven’t Eaten Meat In 2 Months” – Venezuelan Oil Workers Are Collapsing From Hunger On The Job

    One worker told Bloomberg about how his weekly salary barely pays for the corn flour he mixes with water and drinks every morning.

    Hunger is hastening the ruin of Venezuelan’s oil industry as workers grow too weak and hungry for heavy labor. With children dying of malnutrition and adults sifting garbage for table scraps, food has become more important than employment, and thousands are walking off the job. Absenteeism and mass resignations mean few are left to produce the oil that keeps the tattered economy functioning.

    Meanwhile over in the enlightened Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the elite soldiers on the front line are hungry and infested with worms. It has now gotten so bad that despite being shot at trying escape the army has been forced to rotate the guards every 30 minutes lest they run away.

    North Korea on ALERT: Paranoid Kim swaps border guards every 30 minutes in new crackdown (21 Feb)

    One source told Radio Free Asia, guards were now being rotated from their position every 30 minutes – a huge increase in frequency designed to crack down on soldier defections and reduce complacency.

    The source, who spoke to RFA under the condition of anonymity, said: “In Hoeryong city and Onsong county, guards are now being changed at their posts every 30 minutes.

    “Previously, border guards were rotated every two and a half hours but the time they spend at their posts has now been drastically shortened.

    But surely someone will make socialism work if they do it just right!

  2. thefrolickingmole

    I must have missed this .. 2015
    Gold surged above $1,200 an ounce Monday in its best day since January, amid market intrigue surrounding a deal between Venezuela and Citigroup to swap $1 billion in cash for part of the country’s gold reserves.

    The swap, reported last week, provides cash to President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government as the country reels from a steep drop in oil revenue. Reuters reported Friday that the Venezuelan central bank was expected to have provided 1.4 million ounces of gold in exchange for the cash, and the country would have to pay interest on the funds.

    “He had to pawn their gold. That’s what they’ve done. They can buy it back. They have rights of first refusal,” said Dennis Gartman, publisher of The Gartman Letter. “They went to the biggest pawnbroker of gold—Citibank.”

  3. Rafe

    Mao attacked obesity as well although he may have overdone it. Still we all make mistakes.

  4. Jannie

    Socialism and Starvation go together like love and marriage.

    They should put Hollywood on the Venezuelan diet.

  5. TFX

    Things fall apart;
    the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed

    Venezuela now has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world. Maybe cannibalism is taking over.

  6. H B Bear

    But surely someone will make socialism work if they do it just right!

    Corbyn. Watch and see.

  7. Roger

    a 3 university study of conditions in Venezuela has shown that 90% of citizens now live in poverty.

    As in the Soviet Union in its latter days the 10% doing OK are probably party hacks or black marketeers…I’d say the goal – equal misery – is as good as attained.

    Chalk up another society destroyed by Socialism.

  8. John Constantine

    Australia must send a study tour of our waddling and corpulent leftists to Venezuela immediately.

    Surely one of our enlightened porkasaurusas per starving rural village could stave off starvation for a month.

    Thinly sliced.


  9. Spring is coming

    Aah yes Venezuela, but lefties all know the US crashed the price of oil just to destroy their economy cos they were threatened by Socialism.

    It’s a conspiracy I’s tells ya!!!

    …so that would be their Obama?

  10. Viva

    Viva Venezuela. Viva Chavez. Viva Maduro.

    Just like to point out that none of these people are related to me.

  11. André M.

    “Socialism Has Never Worked” Debunked!

    In order to debunk the statement, this video…
    1. Ignores their own cited popular definition of socialism.
    2. Claims the early industrial revolution was spreading poverty and inequality.
    3. Describes the USSR and Mao Zedong as “right wing perversions”.
    …Possibly more but I gave up at the halfway mark.
    Perhaps Cats can continue the debunking of the debunking.

    Now to really spoil your day, this video also accurately quotes George Orwell as describing 1920s Catalonia as a successful Anarcho-Syndicalist (socialist) society and that this group was on the right, not the left.
    And it also shows that being a Christian and being right wing are about as compatible as being Muslim and supporting women’s rights. They are incompatible with those religions’ founding texts.

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