Swatting Leftists in 6 Easy Steps: Part Two – Get Comfortable

TMR’s special on swatting leftists continues with Part Two: Get Comfortable…

Time and time again I’ve seen non-leftists capitulate and make concessions that they would never otherwise have made – and which they don’t actually believe in. Often this is done to appease or ‘negotiate’ with the leftist because the non-leftist feels uncomfortable or awkward in the situation.

Repeat after me: a debate is not a negotiation – it is a shared search for truth and the truth cannot be negotiated: only found. Leftists also do not negotiate in any event. This is typically because they have little business sense and are hopeless at it. So don’t waste your time.

When it comes to informal and social debates, leftists will typically get things going by signalling their virtue and expressing exaggerated astonishment when you indicate that you have a different opinion. From there, it’s almost certain that the leftist will throw all sorts of labels and accusations at you as the debate progresses – some less subtle than others. In many cases, the leftist will do these things in order to attain the benefit of ‘first in vigorish’ in an attempt to win by default.

(NB: ‘first in vigorish‘ is a poker term coined by Dan Harrington which states, in very simplistic terms, that the person laying the initial bet tends to be in a position of advantage to the person being asked to call the bet – because, even if the person betting actually holds the weaker hand, there’s always the chance that the person being asked to call will fold).

If you’re not careful, you’ll end up defending for the whole debate… and having a bad time. Dealing with this issue starts with being comfortable. While you may end up doing more defending than attacking in a debate, you won’t get off home plate unless you’re comfortable and can find the right places to attack and counter-attack in devastating style.

Given that you’re about to venture deep into the leftist’s doghouse, you might as well put a coat of paint on and stick some furniture in there. You want your leftist dog house to be a safe space that you can spend some quality time in and keep coming back to. If you are, or look, even the slightest bit uncomfortable, the leftist will immediately detect this and it will adversely affect the quality of your debating (NB: leftists will persistently try to make you feel guilty and uncomfortable and are always on the lookout for visible results).

One way to get off to a good start and get comfortable is as follows (NB: there are various of other ways and you will need to find your own methods that suit your style):

  • Leftist can’t believe that there could be anyone out there who disagrees with [insert eye-rolling social justice cause of the moment].
  • You calmly announce yourself as someone who is diametrically opposed to such social justice cause and state that is saddens you how much damage this particular social justice cause has done to humanity and particularly those who are most vulnerable and in need. You even suspect that the social justice cause in question has some regrettably racist undertones towards ethic minorities and/or senselessly attacks those without privilege (PS: you would be amazed at how often this is the case. For example, what else can one make of the Clinton’s intervention into Haiti? Or how the minimum wage prevents poor and young people, particularly from ethnic minorities, entering and competing in the job market? The list is endless).
  • Leftist gives exasperated look to demonstrate that their flabber has well and truly been gasted. They will have absolutely no idea where to begin with handling what you have just said.
  • You resist any urge you may have to justify or explain your position – as it will immediately put you on the defensive.
  • Leftist appears to recover slightly.
  • You politely ask the leftist to justify their position (i.e. why do they support this particular social justice cause?). As the leftist proceeds, they will be inevitably burdened by what you have initially said – and be forced to prove how their social justice cause is good for humanity and not racist. Listen carefully and ask questions and follow-up questions (e.g. ‘tell me more about why you are against Brexit’, ‘do you support democracy?’ and ‘did you know that the EU executive isn’t elected?‘) – almost as if you are conducting an interview. Refrain from interrupting, or else you will miss all the great material that’s about to come your way.

Ben Shapiro’s principles on ‘walking toward the fight’ and ‘framing’ the leftist are right on the money when it comes to the above (see 2.04 on – then do yourself a favour and watch the whole video).

If you would prefer to be a bit sneakier about things, then feel free to skip points 2-5 above and pretend that you’re conducting a harmless interview – before dropping the hammer at a time of your choosing. The advantage of this method is that you may obtain more freely given concessions up front which you can use to your advantage later. In fact, if you’re really good, you may not even need to drop the hammer at all – because the leftist will have twisted their logic so poorly during the interview phase, that the mercy rule will prevent things from having to go any further.

The method you choose really depends on the situation and your preferred style. Sometimes you’ll be having a very civil discussion and a calm interview style ‘debate’ is all you’ll need. Other times, you’ll have ‘one of those’ leftists that you want to have fun with and crank out some shock and awe. Regardless, when leftists are put on the back foot from the start, they invariably end up saying some incredibly stupid stuff – which is when the good times really get started.

As for Doctor Peterson (video below), he looks like he could have happily kept going for another 3 hours. Newman, on the other hand… not so!

(PS: note the relative levels of the glasses of water by the end of the Newman/Peterson video and the manner in which Doctor Peterson drinks his water! Also note how Kerry Packer stirs his cup of tea in the following video at 7:28… and learn!):

When you constantly remind a leftist of how comfortable you are during the debate, it will demoralise them – as their hopes of winning by default have been ruined and there’s no substance for them to fall back on!

Next up: Part Three – Set the Table.

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11 Responses to Swatting Leftists in 6 Easy Steps: Part Two – Get Comfortable

  1. stackja

    I expect leftists to live up to their claims. Of course, they never are, and MSM quietly forget the past.

  2. Jock

    You have to love Kerry.

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    Totally agree with Mr Packer thousands of “laws”passed ,none repealed . I think it’s them pretending they are still lawtradespersons a job they were not very good at ,thats why they are in politics . I would love to see a new Real People’s party takeoffice and spend the first six months repealing laws probably thousands wouldn’t be missed ,especially the u.n.communist ones illegally passed without referenda consent poofter “marriage” being one, the u.n. Commo refugee scam , the renewable energy scam , legal aid for criminal illegal entrants ,and many others .

  4. Irreversible

    marcus: you might like to look at mr packer’s history of hirings. Notably the Peter Barrons and the Malcolm Turnbulls, followed by a parade of left and Labor machine greasers. Packer was part of the problem, not the solution.

  5. Herodotus

    Tell it all to Lucy Cincinnati.

  6. Chris M

    Art Robinson is great, check how relaxed he is swiveling and rocking back on his chair while Madcow screeches hahaha!

  7. Set the table LOL. By this stage of the dinner party the wingnut would have been frogmarched out for being a crashing bore, or everyone else would have left through the party being ruined.

  8. Aristogeiton

    This is pathetic.

  9. stackja

    Why it’s important to turn the radicals’ playbook against them and not let them shut down discussion
    Warren Mundine, The Daily Telegraph
    March 6, 2018 12:00am
    Subscriber only
    I AM known for speaking my mind and many of my opinions provoke strong responses.

    For example, when I condemn silence about family violence in indigenous communities. When I say the only way to lift indigenous people out of poverty is a job.

    People abuse me with racist slurs including “Uncle Tom” or “coconut” or call me a race traitor.

    This kind of abuse is a deliberate tactic to silence people to promote ideology. When I studied community development at university I was introduced to Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radicals.

    Firstly, stick to the facts. Facts can never be racist. Don’t generalise, extrapolate or get drawn into sidebars (For example, history — if talking about today).

    Don’t cede to socialist-left redefinitions of race. To modern race theorists “racism” is anything white people, conservatives or people in authority do; “white” is synonymous with conservative opinions, authority, prosperity and success (also synonyms of “race traitor”); and “black” is synonymous with powerlessness, victimhood and failure. This isn’t linguistics. It’s ideology. Finally, be fearless. Note Alinsky’s Rule 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

    Without fear, the Rules for Radicals are ineffective.

    Nyunggai Warren Mundine is chairman and managing director of Nyungga Black Group, author of Warren Mundine — In Black And White and host of Mundine Means Business, 8pm Sundays on Sky News Live.

  10. Rob

    Kerry Packer could have given the token “conservatives”, that subject themselves to a flogging on the ABC’s Q & A, a powerful lesson on how to deal with left-wing opponents.
    Kerry Packer on Q & A?
    I’d have loved watching that.

  11. classical_hero


    I like how she’s outraged that some people would rather be anonymous.

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