Dan Mitchell on death by spending and taxing

A historical survey with special attention to some US states like New Jersey.

A couple of decades can make a huge difference in the political and economic life of a jurisdiction.
Two decades ago, Venezuela had not yet been subjected to the horror of Hugo Chavez and his destructive statism.
Three decades ago, the pro-market success story of Estonia was an enslaved part of the totalitarian Soviet Union.
Four decades ago, the Latin superstar of Chile was still in a hangover stage from a disastrous communist government.
Five decades ago, Ronald Reagan was a conservative governor of the now-notoriously left-wing state of California.

And here’s something especially amazing from a bit more than five decades in the past. New Jersey used to have no state income tax and no state sales tax.

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3 Responses to Dan Mitchell on death by spending and taxing

  1. OneWorldGovernment


    I was reading a transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s Radio show and he made mention of a New Jersey woman that had phoned in to complain about the Trump Tax ‘package’ because now she was going to have to pay more taxes in NJ.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Yes that would have something to do with the tradeoff that had to be arranged between Federal and State taxes.

  3. max

    i am from the government and here to help.

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

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