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Your intrepid correspondent has 2 mini Spartacii who very much enjoy watching Marvel movies.  And today team Spartacus went to see The Black Panther movie, the most current of the Marvel series. Watching the pre-main event trailers were 3 other upcoming Marvel movies; another Ant Man movie, another Avengers movie and another Dead Pool movie; all movies team Spartacus is likely to watch.

Spartacus marvels whether Hollywood produces anything other than Marvel movies?

But one thing that bugs Spartacus is the overt politics occasionally sprinkled in Marvel movies and Hollywood movies in general.  It was in an earlier Captain America movie and it was in this one.

This sprinkling of politically correct politics does not seem to bother the Spartacii because they are indoctrinated in the way of  Social Justice at their very expensive school. Spartacus is constantly working to re-educate (or would that be de-educate) the young Spartacii, but it is increasingly difficult given the PC messages coming from all angles.

To this end, Spartacus is seeking that the current movie rating system be enhanced to include political message warnings. If they can warn us about drug use, sex and violence, then as a parent and consumer, Spartacus believes political message warnings can also be incorporated.

Now Spartacus suspects that there are people of influence who read Catallaxy so please, please, please. Do it for the children and let parents know if there are political messages in the media content their are children are consuming.

If we can be warned about occasional drug use, we can be warned about occasional politically correct propaganda.

Again. Do it for the children. You know it makes sense.

Have a good weekend all the Cats out there.

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31 Responses to Movie Rating Systems

  1. Rafe Champion

    Good call.
    I have a problem with film reviewers who insert gratuitous political commentary. Of course they are entitled to their views and also to express them but it is tedious to read reviewers who regularly insert derogatory comments about life in “Thatcher’s Britain” for example to signal political correctness. Nowadays I suppose it is “Trumps’s America”.

  2. kurt

    “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”
    ― Aristotle, The Philosophy of Aristotle

    SJWs (as with all former totalitarians) know this too. By 7 it may be too late.

  3. a happy little debunker

    I’d rather watch a fictional Zamunda than a politically expedient Wakanda.

    Compare and contrast

  4. Empire 5:5

    If we can be warned about occasional drug use, we can be warned about occasional politically correct propaganda.

    Majoring in minors is poor form, Spartacus. The only message the Sparticii require is this: everything produced by Hollywood is a tyrannical psyop.

    Keep it simple, champ. Impressionable minds can do without the corruption of chaos, or the chaos of corruption, if you prefer.

  5. OneWorldGovernment


    Don’t be ridiculous.

    Not only does all your money belong to us but your children as well.

  6. stackja

    Hollywood supported Stalin. There was a clean out in the 1950s. Then the leftists returned in the 1960s. Keep reminding that movies are fantasy.

  7. classical_hero

    Black Panther is not a revolutionary movie that some critics made it out to be. It’s a decent comic book movie that killed the best character in it. Far too many characters were one dimensional and the story did not advance much.

  8. PB

    Someone really should tell Black America that Wakanda isn’t real. Detoilet is, Bodymore is, Chicongo is, but Wakanda isn’t. Maybe they should all go back to Liberia? They can then build their Wakanda free from the burdens of the oppressive White man who be always holdin’ a brutha down.

  9. Reader Pete

    Now as a follow up to this PC education (thru stealth). Recently the media reported that home education/schooling was on the increase because of ‘bullying’ in the schools. Reader Pete has friends who are home schooling the budding young adults but not because of the ‘bullying’ of the violent / psychological type from fellow students. No; but because the friends have had a gut full of the PC (read ‘leftoid’) garbage being forced on the young impressionable minds thru our education system. Which prompts the question; “Are some of our less than intelligent educators actually engaging in a form of bullying, surreptitiously disguised as education.

  10. duncanm

    “Guardians of the Galaxy” is much more fun.

  11. struth

    It all starts in our schools.

    Until we pull the filth out from under their education department rocks and heavily defended fortresses we send our children to, whaddaya expect?

  12. John Constantine

    Pirating hollywood movies is doing The Lord’s work.

    Don’t pay for godless commo propaganda, only pay for the good stuff.

  13. yarpos

    Black Panther was bizzare with its stereotyping reinforcement. The greatly advanced society was based on something that fell from space rather than the people. The greatly advanced society had no better plan for succession planning than violence (multiple times even). And of course their success was founded on walled off isolation.

  14. Diogenes

    Pirating hollywood movies is doing The Lord’s work.

    Amen brother !

    As I am supposed to be a role model, I never pirate, I just download the ‘extended free trailer’ 🙂

  15. wozzup

    I demand trigger warnings. Otherwise I will scream myself hoarse and claim to be offended whenever the Hulk utters a politically correct sentiment.
    Say BTW, I wonder how long it will be before the Hulk is recast as a green third wave feminist whose anger comes from the dominance of the white patriarchy. And I wonder if anyone would notice. (After all in the words of the old joke – Why do Sumo wrestlers shave their legs? Answer – so no one confuses them with third wave feminists.) Same kind of thing might be said for the Hulk and third wave feminists.

  16. Michael Bowden

    Can we also have a warning that a movie contains homosexual scenes so that we heterosexuals are not confronted with this nausea producing content?

  17. Marcus

    “Guardians of the Galaxy” is much more fun.

    Yep. Spectacular visuals, great soundtrack and characters who can crack wise as they shoot the bad guys. That’s literally all you need from a comic book movie.

    As for Black Panther, I’ll probably never see it but everything I’ve heard about it is crying out for a Dave Chappelle skit.

  18. cohenite

    But Marvel really has lost the plot:

    Iron Man is a woman, Spider-Man is African American (with a bit of Mexican mixed in), Thor is a chick, Ms. Marvel is a Pakistani Muslim, and the Hulk is American-Korean.

    All my old comics from Daredevil 1 onwards and Steve Ditko Spider-Man are now politically incorrect and probably worth nothing so I’ll just put them away until this fucking madness ends.

  19. Up The Workers!

    Hmmm…I thing that something along the following lines might suffice:


    The following film contains scenes of extreme gillarding, followed by several wanton acts of explicit Flannerying; gratuitous Goreing and vigorous Musking.

    This film is not to be shown to people with more than one operative brain cell.”

  20. I think Mark Steyn was very insightful when he observed that the current mad craze for Superhero movies- which is basically where a single, American, saves the entire world – was a manic reaction to the experience of America – the world’s largest, richest and most advanced military power – getting its arse kicked by a bunch of medieval goat-fuckers in Afghanistan. Like a bloke with ED watches porn to reassure himself.
    In other news, I sympathise with you Spartas, and indeed my wife and I have three young adults who we have raised as soldiers for reason and common sense, and for whom amongst many other home-schooling efforts I wrote a 18,000 paper called “What is Cultural Marxism” which covers this topic (political messages in movies) very thoroughly. I am very proud of it and would love other to find things useful in it. Please track me down for a copy, which I would be very happy to share with the very highly esteemed and discriminating readership of Catallaxy.

  21. DM of WA

    … they are indoctrinated in the way of Social Justice at their very expensive school …

    So you are happy to pay handsomely for something to which, apparently, you are vehemently opposed.

    I stopped reading at that point.

  22. Infidel Tiger

    “Guardians of the Galaxy” is much more fun.

    Great movies. The director is a left wing lunatic but hasn’t destroyed the films with politics.

  23. Dr Fred Lenin

    Do they still make films that aren’t full of pc bullshit and u.n.communust propaganda ? Most of the actors are communists these days ,I suppose most of the directors etc are too . Still in Macarthys days Hollywood was rotten with commos . They still hate JOE for “persecuting “ poor innocent communists , Traitors ,who wanted to betray the USA ,which had saved many of their parents fron persecution in Europe , bloody ingrates . Never expect gratitude or thanks from a communist, or charity .

  24. I am Spartacus

    So you are happy to pay handsomely for something to which, apparently, you are vehemently opposed.

    I stopped reading at that point.

    It’s all a question of degrees. Not to mention that it is baked into the national curriculum meaning there is nowhere to hide. The only option is re- and de- education.

  25. Crossie

    Now Spartacus suspects that there are people of influence who read Catallaxy so please, please, please. Do it for the children and let parents know if there are political messages in the media content their are children are consuming.

    Evidence, or rather lack of evidence, does not support your theory. Neither the government nor Shorten’s mob would dream of reading here and be contaminated by non-leftie thoughts.

  26. cuckoo

    Now in the US, movies can have a content warning for ‘historic smoking’; apparently the movie Chappaquiddick is one example. Melbourne Theatre Company has had these smoking warnings for years, but in their case I think it’s in case anyone in the audience has a physical reaction to the smoke. Cuckoo once went with high hopes to an MTC production which promised/warned of ‘explicit nudity’. He should have guessed that, being the MTC, it would turn out to be male nudity.

  27. John Stankevicius

    Goodness sparticus , you should watch the Netflix show “weeds”. Everything is Geaorge Bush’s fault, with the white guys the evil one while the Mexican and African units are the holy ones.

  28. None

    Can we also have a warning that a movie contains homosexual scenes so that we heterosexuals are not confronted with this nausea producing content?

    you should expect that as a given. Once upon a time it was the obligatory car chase and gratuitous violence then it became the obligatory nudity and gratuitous sex now it’s the obligatory gay lesbian trans sex scene. Even the resurrected Roseanne has the obligatory trans kid. Hollywood just can’t leave it alone. Hollywood is also terribly an original. The only way they will get it is if everyone just stopped going to the movies. People only respond to the weight in their Hip Pocket

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