Off again

I’m travelling extensively over the next 2 weeks. Posting might be light, it might be heavy. Clearing out the moderation queue and the spam filter will be slower than usual. Guest post responses will be slower than usual.


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6 Responses to Off again

  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    Carefull you don’t get mugged by bitter hilarity supporters Sinclair .

  2. Do these sorts of happenings still involve Sumerian mead?

  3. Gab

    This really is the year of travel for you! Bon voyage!

  4. Delta A

    On pleasure bent again.

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Read Amor Towles, ‘Rules of Civility’, if you want a good read about the 1938 and WW2 world of aspirations in Manhattan, Sinc. As I said about it in my Quadrant review of his other book, ‘Rules’ is a look back to Gatsby and a look forward to Bonfire of the Vanities. That’s if, as it seems, you’re headed NY way.

    Don’t forget to take a walk on Brooklyn Bridge.

    I am also currently reading (airport pick up) Anne de Courcy’s ‘The Husband Hunters – Social Climbing in London and New York’ – a fun (‘acidly funny’ says one review) and researched study of ‘the four hundred’ – that marital exchange of NY heiresses in the ‘Gilded Age’ of swapping beauties for the coronets of sometimes feckless and chinless British aristocrats. New York women brought massive funds into the British peerage improverished by economic downturn of the 1873 Long Depression in agriculture. So there’s your excuse for reading all about their goings on. 🙂

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