Monday Forum: May 21, 2018

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  1. herodotus

    Ged Kearney: “We are a rich country and can afford to take more refugees.”

    No, we are a heavily indebted country. Ged back to us when the debt and deficit are under control.

  2. Bruce in WA

    Dave, that’s interesting.

    We went to a wine dinner for Harewood not long ago. One of the owners less than impressed us with a mean, avaricious nature. Quite put us off the wines, TBH. Still have a few left in the racks, so … good excuse.


  3. egg_

    Catallaxy + 1 nut = crap

  4. egg_

    Sugar and fat are energy storage systems – that’s where the dreaded CO2 goes.

  5. DrBeauGan

    #2718072, posted on May 23, 2018 at 12:27 pm
    #2718030, posted on May 23, 2018 at 11:40 am
    That was an odd reply from Delonas, Baldrick. I’d ask him straight out if he hates all dzhwz, because some of his stuff looks 1930s Germany.

    A very strange reply indeed DrBG from somebody whom I suspect holds some very strange beliefs.

    He has a taste for the macabre that means I sure wouldn’t hire him as a babysitter. I don’t know what to make of him. He doesn’t exactly give straight answers, that’s for sure.

    His is the sort of job that would suit a paranoid living in fear of the world.

  6. H B Bear

    Could this sock actually be this stupid? Another low energy, drive-by squirrel toss by mUnty too.

  7. nemkat

    Sugar and Fat occur rarely in Nature.

    It’s Economics 101.
    Open Forums have been partially overrun in recent times by Trots and their useful idiots masquerading as conservatives, so the faux uproar is no surprise.

  8. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Ged Kearney: “We are a rich country and can afford to take more refugees.”

    How many are you prepared to guarantee financial support, and accommodation?

  9. egg_

    Economics 101.

    Is a lobotomy a prerequisite for STEM folk?

  10. stackja

    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha
    #2718091, posted on May 23, 2018 at 12:45 pm
    Ged Kearney: “We are a rich country and can afford to take more refugees.”

    How many are you prepared to guarantee financial support, and accommodation?


  11. H B Bear

    Keep talkin’ up those reffos Liars. It might just be the only thing that keeps the Lieborals in the race.

    Ged clearly thinks that KRudd’s ten billion dollar, 50,000 boaties virtue signally policy failure didn’t go far enough.

  12. Snoopy

    Another low energy, drive-by squirrel toss by mUnty too

    It’s Monty’s way of letting his concerned friends at Catallaxy know that he hasn’t hanged himself. Yet.

  13. Caveman

    Sugar and Fat occur rarely in Nature

    Only Qantas can answer that.

  14. Some History

    Economics 101.

    At the Jethro Bodine Skool of Economix

  15. nemkat

    Ged’s not talking to voters. They’ve tuned the bullshit out.

    She’s letting the Big End of Town Donors know that next year can be 2008 all over again.

  16. Snoopy

    Their ABC:

    Sinkhole discovered at White House, prompting a cover-up

    Hur, hur, hur.

  17. Ragu

    Thanks people for proving me right. How can you tax a molecule that is part of a proper diet?

    You can’t. And the sugar zealots should just FOAD.

  18. slackster

    Republicans Announce They’re Going After Hillary, Comey, Lynch, And Others in DOJ and FBI For Crimes

  19. Since when did Anglicans have ‘Saturday Night Mass’?

    And since when did Catholics call themselves tykes?

  20. Chris

    scroll the troll. Ze appears to be conversing, but its just a fucking game and the text is only some of the time what the person behind that particular skinsuit actually thinks.

  21. Boambee John

    m0nty at 1156

    Been a while since an indictment, Mueller is due.

    What is Mueller going to be inducted for? Incompetence?

  22. Mark A

    All this talk about Sean Delonas piqued my interest, had a look at his website.

    I think he has a bit of a problem with j…s and Trump.
    Far too single minded about it.
    Believe me we are not missing anything by Tom not posting many of his cartoons.

  23. Tailgunner

    Does Monty/Open Societies know it’s all over yet?
    Trump is God

  24. Tailgunner

    Hey Mark – how’s the Invasion going in Hitler’s Homeland?
    Invasion Updates, please.

  25. John Constantine

    Never going to post much Motley Fool stuff here, but this isn’t a recommendation, just a look at how social justice warriors go about selling godless communist social justice food to lefties that loudly boast they are against Maccas.

    Funny that ‘everybody’ mocks Trump and Kerry Packer for being billionaires happy to munch on Maccas, while ‘everybody’ proclaims if they could afford it they would eat clean hippy social justice food.

    OLI olivers real food announced this morning that australias left really just want Maccas, just like Trump and Packer.

    Can OLI keep selling social justice food with capitalist seasoning?.

  26. Tailgunner

    Demented banana, get in here!

  27. Tailgunner

    And Armadillo, thread bombing wanker.
    Give us your bank deet es, Arma, Take my bets.

  28. Tailgunner

    social justice food

    SJW terminators know where to hit.
    The Rothschild’s are not stupid.
    Ban. All. The. Things.!.!.
    The Herd is Stupid.

  29. Tailgunner

    When will the War start?
    Armed Convoy of No Consequence?

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