Some vital statistics

Monaco on the left has an area of 4 km². Gaza, shown to the right, has a land area of 365 km². Both have a Mediterranean sea front. Gaza apparently has an area similar to that of Greater Detroit, which has a population of 4.3 million. Gaza has a population of around 2 million. Monaco is where the rich and famous seem to congregate. Detroit produces cars and is known for its music.

Gaza does not produce a thing other than terrorists who have but one ambition, to kill Jews.

So the question is why does the left, along with our ABC, support Hamas’ ambitions to invade and kill Israelis? Why doesn’t Gaza make an effort to be just like Monaco, or if not Monaco, perhaps Detroit? More pertinent to us, why doesn’t the ABC grow up? On this last question, see Janet Albrechtsen and Sharri Markson, both via Andrew Bolt.

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  1. I read the Tony Jones transcript.

    Summary dismissal would be a start.

  2. duncanm

    Prager-U has a great vid (one of their many), which summarises all the opportunities the Arabs have been given to accept a 2-state solution:

    They have rejected every single one.

    They do not want an Israeli state.

  3. stackja

    Hamas just the latest ABC love affair.

  4. Percy Popinjay

    Detroit produces cars and is known for its music.

    Half a century ago, perhaps. Now it’s simply known as the US’s first third world city.

  5. egg_

    So the question is why does the left, along with our ABC, support Hamas…

    Because: victimhood.

  6. egg_

    bias and shallow analysis

    The Leftoid spin by Ringmaster Scrote on Insiders is unmistakable.

  7. calli

    It’s far, far more useful to keep them as victims, to towel up Israel and by extension, the US. And to syphon off lots and lots of lovely UN money into Swiss bank accounts.

    Yet the Palli leader’s wife was treated in an Israeli hospital only last month. Tyrants! Murderers! Dispossessers!

    Every day, truckloads of essential goods cross from Israel to Gaza. All Israel has to do is cut off the water and electricity. But they don’t. Because they’re so evil.

  8. manalive

    This short video has been up before I think, Mosab Hassan Yousef former Hamas member and son of a Hamas member, addressing the UNHRC on the PNA and by extension Hamas, worth watching again if only to see the reaction on other delegates:

  9. BoyfromTottenham

    Steve, why should we Aussies care a hoot about a long-running squabble between these minor middle-eastern desert tribes (or about Monaco for that matter)? There are about 200 countries in the world, at least 90% of which we should probably spend very little time thinking about. Does the Media (and maybe you included?) think that its primary function is to keep us all distracted from Australia’s real issues by constantly finding and beating up trivial ones? Or does the thought of having to suggest real, practical solutions to our real problems seem too boring?

  10. Up The Workers!

    Detroit is doing its best to imitate Gaza.

    Unsurprisingly for a failed City, Detroit is a Democrap stronghold and filed for bankruptcy in 2013 with a $20 Billion municipal debt.

    Way to go, Lefties!
    (At least they are consistent!)

  11. stackja

    Does ABC care about real, practical solutions to Oz real problems?

  12. Habib

    Detroit produces more crack, gangstas and medical cadavers than cars these days. I’d still sooner reside there than Gaza.

  13. Singleton Engineer

    Sad, pointless article, Steve.

    The history of the establishment and expansion of the Jewish state of Israel is littered with failure, not at all on the Gazan or Lebanese side.

    And your solution is what? If you have nothing positive to say, why join the conversation?

  14. billie

    The people who live in Gaza have a profession, terrorists and thugs, do you really imagine their goal is peace?

    Does anyone really believe if they got peace tomorrow, and all their demands met that they would go and get jobs in shops, factories and offices?

    When they used to be tough guys firing AK-47s in the air and terrorising their neighbours and trying to kill them across the border, they were heroes.

    They don’t want peace at all, that would be a problem, not solve one.

    They have a lifestyle/profession and they love it to bits.

  15. Barry Bones

    Umm, Detroit is known for its crime !

    More unsafe than Gaza !!

  16. Cassie of Sydney

    I really think that it is time to use some Alinsky methods with the ABC and that is the organisation needs to be boycotted. This organisation needs to be starved of any oxygen. I don’t know why Greg Sheridan went on the ABC on Monday night. I don’t know why he and other right of centre commentators, politicians and journalists routinely subject themselves to such venal abuse. Are they suckers for punishment? Do they enjoy torture? I really feel that by appearing on programmes such as the venal Insiders and Q&A, by allowing themselves to be the token Christian, conservative, Liberal or Libertarian on the panel, they are providing the ABC with legitimacy and with canon fodder to be sneered and laughed at by the stacked leftist panels and by the stacked biased audience, usually made up of inner city Marrickville dwelling activists. The ABC uses conservatives, Liberals, Christians, Jews and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to its Marxist world view as freaks in exactly the same way the sideshow alleys of old put freaks in cages….to be sneered at, laughed at, insulted and even have objects thrown at them (remember the shoe thrown at John Howard). It is no different.

  17. jupes

    They have a lifestyle/profession and they love it to bits.

    Professional losers. They are fucking good at that.

  18. John Constantine

    Fashionable decolonisation theory informs us that Gaza is poor because Monaco has stolen all its money, thus deconstruction of Monaco will make the world fairer and more equal.


  19. jock

    The arabs have succeeded in turning gaza into another shithole. Sharon was only acceding to the famous words of danny devito; get me out of this third world toilet. Haza has got worse since that happened.

  20. Dr Fred Lenin

    If the Gazans had half a brain they would encourage Israeali investment and trade to improve the lot of their peasants ,but that might destroy the careers of the hate preachers ,I’m sur the average Hassan and Fatima in Gaza would welcome a real job ,food ,safety and Israeli medicine and doctors , plus a decent education for their kids , seems career pollies don’t yary from country to country ,they are all self serving mongrels ,Australia’s included .

  21. JohnJJJ

    A few years ago I drove along the Jordan Valley. On the left was rich farmland, tractors, people hard at work, irrigation and row up row of fruit trees on the right side of the car was like a garbage tip, grey, half complected or partially fallen down houses, a few scrawny goats and cats picking through the rubbish, rubble, groups of men sitting on boxes drinking coffee. Which direction was the car traveling?

  22. PaulW

    Hong Kong and Singapore are more densely populated than Gaza yet they seem to have managed to make it work.

  23. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Because the Koran tells muslims they must recapture lost territory, hence the nakba.

  24. mareeS

    Inbreeding and tribes = IQ failure. Next question?

  25. Boambee John

    #2718176, posted on May 23, 2018 at 2:58 pm
    Does ABC care about real, practical solutions to Oz real problems?


    This must be a trick question.

  26. stackja

    BJ – trick is how many keep not questioning ABC agenda.

  27. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    How many Palestinians does it take to change a light globe?

    None, it’s easier to sit in the dark and curse the Joos.

  28. Egor

    The Israelis’ guiding principle with Hamas is from a 5 million dead lesson from Hitler.
    “When someone says he wants to kill you…believe him”.
    You hate Israel? Tough titties. They aren’t going anywhere.

  29. Mark A

    Singleton Engineer
    #2718194, posted on May 23, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Sad, pointless article, Steve.
    And your solution is what? If you have nothing positive to say, why join the conversation?

    What am I missing?
    Ah yes, your solution.

  30. OldOzzie

    WSJ -Middle East
    Egypt Opens a Door, and Gaza Residents Rush for the Exit
    Palestinians frustrated by a collapsing economy are trying to take advantage of a rare opportunity to leave the territory

    KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip—A taxi driver who hopes to move to Turkey. An aspiring law student. A father seeking opportunities for his children.

    They are among the hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who have rushed for the exit since Egypt opened its border last week.

    It is a rare opportunity to leave a territory that has been largely sealed off from the outside world since Israel and Egypt tightened border controls after the Islamist group Hamas took power in 2007.

    Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi ordered the Rafah border crossing opened for a month after Israeli forces killed some 60 people during protests last week at Gaza’s border with Israel.

    The Egyptian border is usually open only intermittently, and thousands of people are on the waiting list.

    Many Gazans who have come to the Egyptian border in recent days are united by unfulfilled ambition, frustrated by the collapsing Gaza economy, and eager to jump-start lives that have been on hold.

    “People used to work in the Gaza Strip and in Israel and make good money,” said Imad Al Hamayda, who is 51 years old and unemployed. “Now, I can’t find words to describe how miserable the situation is.”

    Gaza residents with bags packed and children in tow have been arriving in recent days in Khan Younis, where they wait on plastic seats fixed to concrete bleachers in a converted sports club.

    When their names are called, they file down a corridor to a separate room to be processed before boarding a bus to the nearby border.

    Many have been trying to get out of Gaza for years. Ashraf Saqer said he had previously obtained a visa to travel to Jordan, but couldn’t get permission to leave through the Israeli border.

    “I’m searching for a good life for myself and my family,” said Mr. Saqer, who spoke by phone Monday from the club, where he said he was waiting with his wife and three children

    And some said they didn’t plan to return. Mohamed Al Najar, 23, who was waiting in the club on Tuesday, said he was traveling to Egypt with his mother and his father, who was seeking medical treatment.

    Mr. Al Najar, a taxi driver, said he hoped to find work in Turkey one day, inspired in part by Turkish soap operas he had seen on television.

    Israel and Egypt effectively sealed off Gaza after Hamas took power.

    The border closure has devastated Gaza’s economy and undercut the livelihoods of thousands of Palestinians.

    Many used to work and study in Israel and in the West Bank, which is governed by the Palestinian Authority.

    Now, an estimated two million people live in an area the size of Washington, D.C.

    A series of three wars between Hamas and Israel have compounded Gaza’s woes.

    The United Nations said in a report last year that Gaza was becoming unlivable due to a lack of work opportunities, the failure of the health-care system and other problems.

    Gaza residents have grown increasingly frustrated.

    On Saturday, a young man set himself on fire on the street in Gaza City, shouting: “Curse the father of the government,” as the flames seared his flesh and a crowd rushed to help him, according to video footage of the incident.

    “There’s a lack of hope,” said Omar Shaban, a Gaza-based political economist. “One of the most destructive things for the Gaza population is not that they suffer now. They don’t know when their suffering will end.”

    Many people waiting in Khan Younis in recent days said they supported last week’s protests at Gaza’s border with Israel, which coincided with the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, which Palestinians also claim as their capital.

    But many also said they stayed away, and some questioned the risk.

  31. Mother Lode

    Interesting article, Old Ozzie.

    I note they explain the dire situation in Gaza as being the Israeli fault – their building the wall being the spring from which all the other sorrows flow.

    It does mention the three wars between Israel and Hamas where it does not explicitly name the instigators.

    No mention of Hamas constant attacks, the tunnels to sneak into and murder Israelis, the re-direction of funds and materials for infrastructure to weapons and berserker palis, no mention of deliberate placing of civilians in harm’s way (the most recent example being this recent swarming of the border wall with exactly the same results as previous times, and the convoys of free supplies poured into Gaza from Israel for the very purpose of providing succour to Pali civilians.

    The Palestinians put Hamas in place. Hamas responded by killing every Pali they had the least niggling suspicion about. They have overstayed their electoral tenure and overstepped their legal authority.

    Yet it is the Israeli’s fault.

    And what is the solution? Well, Israel surrenders and then there is no restraint on the barbarism that is knit into the very fibre of the ‘conquerors’.

  32. PB

    Ever the salesman huh Katz…er I mean Kates?

  33. Cassie of Sydney

    So even it Mr Kates surname was originally “Katz”, what’s your problem with that PB?

  34. max

    by Scott Lazarowit
    But, as Murray Rothbard noted, the acquisition of the land of Palestine by the 3 ionists was a matter of conquest, not by voluntary association and voluntary contracts.
    Additionally, the displacement of thousands of Arabs that was essentially ethnic cleansing to make way for the newcomers, and the subsequent abuses, theft of Arab-owned lands, and State-institutionalized discrimination against the territory’s own indigenous population, have tarnished 3 ionism, and, I think, permanently so.
    If only the 3 ionists were not extremists, and did not insist on Palestine and only Palestine as the new place to be the homeland for the world’s YY ews. But that is what they insisted on, and based solely on the mystical emotionalism of Biblical scriptures. There is also this collectivist notion of YY ews as the “chosen people” that I very much do not agree with because, in my opinion, NO ONE individual or group is or had been selected by God to be “chosen” or “special.”
    We are all God’s children and with equal value, in my opinion.

  35. mh

    Australia Issues ‘No-Go Zones’ For Paramedics

    …Infowars consulted with Australian activist and political blogger, Kirralie Smith, to better understand some of the underlying issues fueling the surge in crime and related effects.

    “I’d say there are probably two things – there is the drug culture in some of those suburbs, but you also have the enclaves,” Smith said. “Multiculturalism has failed because we’ve insisted that all these cultures remain independent and withdrawn, and there’s no motivation, no incentive for integration, and so we have these enclaves all around the country where groups of people are importing their own problems from their own countries – African nations, Middle Eastern nations, you name it.”

    Smith said she is receiving messages from citizens around the country saying that scenarios similar to Victoria’s are playing out in every Australian state.

    “It’s so disappointing that we’ve now reached this point in our culture and in our history where political correctness is usurping common sense, decency, civility – and it’s going to be at really great expense, and I think a backlash at some point,” she said.

    Smith asserted that a lax justice system is also to blame, adding that government officials focus an increasing amount of energy on neo-Marxist agendas while turning a blind eye to budding crises in health care and crime….

  36. Whalehunt fun

    I have a lot more time for Hamas than for the ABC. The former openly admit to being subhuman murderous filth. The ABC pretend that they are not inhuman filth deserving of the extermination of both themselves and any genetically related entities. The former are honest inhuman filth. The latter are lying inhuman filth.

  37. Kneel

    “But, as Murray Rothbard noted, the acquisition of the land of Palestine by the 3 ionists was a matter of conquest, not by voluntary association and voluntary contracts.”

    The Israeli’s have only EVER responded to attacks – the most devastating response being the 6 day war. They have also honoured by EVERY SINGLE ME peace treaty until abrogated by the Palestinians first.
    Fvck the Palestinians – they yell “Death to Israel!” at the drop of a hat, but go spastic if anyone dares to say (as I will):
    Mohammed was a liar, a thief and a murderer

  38. Cassie of Sydney

    Kneel, you forgot to mention another important historical fact about him….he was also a peodophile who liked little girls…..6 year old girls to be precise.

  39. J.H.

    Yep. Gazens could be anything they want to be… But they just want to be Terrorists. Same goes for Iran.

    Israel has a right to be sick and tired of their sh*t.

  40. Egor

    Best to stop using “political correctness’, they like that lack of rigour in language, “ideological enforcement” is the accurate one.

  41. Steve Smith

    Singleton Engineer
    #2718194, posted on May 23, 2018 at 3:16 pm
    And your solution is what? If you have nothing positive to say, why join the conversation?

    It’s comical when someone bags a poster for having “nothing positive to say” then says nothing himself.

  42. Ever the salesman huh Katz…er I mean Kates?

    That is plain anti-Semitism, PB. Shame on you.

  43. JC

    God’s in trouble.

    Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment

  44. Egor

    Not obvious? One set of Africans don’t have a religious book that instructs them to murder us, an instruction they don’t act upon regularly, they are therefore not a threat .

  45. Jimf

    It’s not something said these days , but let’s be honest , the world is full of dumb, primitive cultures that are 200 years behind the best of what’s on offer . For example , a modern successful Israel vs all their stupid , lazy,theological,Neanderthal mono-broughed neighbors. Stop pretending that these Islamic nation states are somehow contributing to a better world . They aren’t , they’re an abscess that some day will require lancing.

  46. Jimf

    Just for the record – that’s mono-browed. They’ve spread their toxic hatred and misery around gullible western democracies for 40 years . Shame on us and our “leaders”.

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