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About 2 weeks ago, your intrepid commentator Spartacus posted a piece on English for Politicians.  The nub of the post was about the perversion of the English language so as to present a loss as a win, a wooden spoon as a gold medal, a revenue increase as an expense decrease.  Basically political spin.

But since that post, Spartacus has been attuned to similar linguistic shenannigans from certain members of the pundit-ocracy.  Spartacus was originally going to refer to members of the media and journalists, but the members of the pundit-ocracy is much more relevant.

Spartacus was particular minded to write this post having read the latest Graham Richardson contribution in the Australian where he made reference to the Government creating 1 million jobs.

Normally Spartacus feels the need to have a shower having read Richardson, but this time, he was inspired to write something.  And in this light, Spartacus wishes to offer a couple of points for Mr Richardson and other pundits.

Firstly, Spartacus acknowledges that while he may be a very junior member of the pundit-ocracy, he is not a citizen of the Soviet Union.  However, some of the terms used by other members of pundit-ocracy seem to suggest that these members don’t realize that they too aren’t citizens of the Soviet Union.  Perhaps they want to be, but they aren’t.  Secondly and more specifically:

  • The Prime Minister does not run the country. The Prime Minister is not the General Secretary.  At best, the Prime Minister runs the Government. At worst we have a Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Government.
  • The Treasurer does not run the economy. At best, the Treasurer sets and monitors the budget. At worst, the Treasurer is Wayne Swan.
  • The Government does not create jobs. At best, the Government reallocates jobs from one section of the economy to another. At worst, the Government destroys more jobs than are otherwise created.

Dos Vedanya.

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12 Responses to English for Pundits

  1. mizaris

    The Government is not here to help us, it is here to make simple things as complicated as possible, in triplicate.

  2. Roger

    The Treasurer does not run the economy.

    He may, however, ruin the economy.

  3. Roger;
    Close enough for guvvie work.

  4. Shy Ted

    Most people think Graham Richardson’ autobiography was “Whatever It Takes”. Actually “Whatever! I Take.”

  5. Roger

    Winston, by the by, did you get your stake back from Bill Hill?

  6. Far too often we hear Joe Public pronounce “I didn’t vote for Tony Abbott!”. No, Joe, you certainly didn’t unless you live in Warringah. Or, “I certainly won’t vote for Turnbull!”. And you don’t even get a chance to unless you live in Wentworth.
    Why do so many confuse our constitutional monarchy with a republic? The Prime Minister is not a President. The Prime Minister is just a representative in the House of Reprehensibles like the rest of them, except that the mob in the party room let him/her/it be the “leader”. (not to be confused with the leader on a fishing line which supports the hook and the bait)

  7. Chris Harper

    You forgot one.

    – The Prime Minister is not the leader of the people or the country. He is the leader of the government, and I am not a member of the government. He is also the leader of the party, and I am not a member of the party.

    The Prime Minister has no leadership role in any enterprise I am involved in. He is not my leader.

  8. Up The Workers!

    If I was Editor or Owner of the “Australian”, I’d be very wary of any involvement with a certain “arseless chap” who famously espouses the philosophy of “Whatever It Takes”.

    His relationship with the printing industry has run hot and cold over the years (but mostly hot)- just ask the insurers of Offset Alpine Printery, if any clarification is needed.

    Does the “Paywallian” also have a fire wall? I hope its insurance premiums are up to date.

    As Virgil didn’t quite manage to say between 29 and 19 BC; “Beware of ex-Labor pollies bearing a tin of petrol, a box of matches and a paid-up Insurance Premium receipt.”

  9. iamok

    And last time I looked the govt is the biggest employer and recruiter in the country. That’s how they “create” jobs. Trouble is few create value, they simply add costs and red tape. Lemmings all of us.

  10. Dew Point

    Um, this is what Richo said
    “Both men constantly refer to the government having “created” a million jobs and having an economic plan. Governments do not create jobs but their policies may help to create the climate where employment can grow. For Bill Shorten, this does represent a real problem because if Labor stands for anything, it stands for more jobs.”
    I actually took a double take at the time because I couldn’t have imagined him saying something like that…

  11. I rather think ne sprashivay is a more appropriate term.

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