The End Game of Tim Soutphommasane

Dr Tim Soutphommasane is, thank heavens, the outgoing Race Discrimination Commissioner.

It was reported today in the Australian that John Roskam of the IPA:

said the “Leading for Change” report encouraged “government-sanctioned ethnic apartheid”, while “far-right ­nationalist extremism” was an idea “confected” by Dr ­Soutphommasane.

Dr Tim has advocated, for example, for quotas and programs to address the observation that the number of Asians represented in senior business and legal leadership roles is less than the proportion of Asians in the general population.  Well Dr Tim.  Consider this.

In a study of the admission practices of elite US colleges, it was found that those colleges that practiced race based admissions, significantly disadvantaged Asian students.  The study compared the percentages of Asian students at three elite private colleges: the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  The study found:

Caltech does not practice affirmative action; its Asian student population stands at 43 percent, having nearly doubled since 1990. MIT and Harvard, on the other hand, use race-conscious admissions in an attempt to achieve a racially diverse student body; consequently, the percentage of Asian students at both schools has remained relatively flat over the past two decades—26 percent at MIT, 17 percent at Harvard.

Anecdotally, Asian students are disproportionately represented in selective high schools, including the one Dr Tim attended.   Asian students are also disproportionately represented in Universities.

Should Australia pursue Dr Tim’s racist ideas of capping the number of Asian students in selective schools and universities at a level similar to their representation in the general population?

Hang on.  Such ideas can’t be racist.  Dr Tim is of the left and only those of the right are racist.

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38 Responses to The End Game of Tim Soutphommasane

  1. Percy Popinjay

    Rosko has made some interesting observations about why the stupid.frigging.gliberals are so keen to replace Southpossumarse with another z-grade tax hoovering offensive and divisive collectivist hack:

    You’ll be interested to know that since we released our Parliamentary Research Brief quite a number of Coalition government MPs have been in touch with me agreeing that the position shouldn’t be filled but saying to me words to the effect of “well, if we don’t appoint one of our own people, Shorten will appoint someone worse.” My response has been of three parts. One – “so much for principle”. Two – “does that mean you think you’ll lose the election?”, and three – “Even if you do appoint someone ‘good’ the legislation under which they will be operating and the entire apparatus of the Human Rights Commission requires them to promote division, not cohesion.”

  2. Egor

    Soupie was an ethnic opportunist taking advantage of Liblab’s state of confusion, appeasement and compliance to ‘tail wags dog’ stuff in the Alinsky press.

    A referendum on the HRC with particular reference to the QLD students would deal with these commie clowns forever.

  3. Baldrick

    The only end game for Tim Supercheapauto I’d like to see is on the wrong side of a dock.

  4. H B Bear

    Not being admitted to Harvard is a problem?

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Our Tim waves goodbye.
    Pyongyang is nice this time of year Tim. Just sayin’.

  6. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Pyongyang is nice this time of year Tim. Just sayin’.

    I’d return Tim Solarpanelrebate (h/t Tim Blair) return to the land his parents fled – Laos, in advance of the Pathet Lao takeover.

  7. rickw

    Australia hands down has the most shit Politicians and Bureacrats in the world.

    Possumarse has made a sterling contribution to this achievement.

  8. Squirrel

    Rather than continuing to beat its collective head against the wall pursuing a corporate tax cut which is seriously on the nose with the people whose votes will decide the next election, the Government should grow a pair and start a big, noisy campaign to get rid of the legislative and bureaucratic embuggerances which waste the time and resources of entrepreneurs and largely serve the interests of people who will never vote for the Coalition.

  9. egg_

    No CEOs of colour, Tim?

  10. John Constantine

    Obviously, [unless waleed their golden calf wants the job] their turnbullite election winning machine will appoint yasmynsys to the job of racial divisions commissar.

    Anything to leave a landmine for Abbott.


  11. Tom

    Tim Southpossumarse is Australia’s Adam Schiff: whenever he opens his mouth, he’s lying his head off. The sooner we get rid of such dissemblers, the sooner we get the truth.

  12. cynical1

    Fat, little loser with a chip on his shoulder.

  13. struth

    That Australia ever could have had a position like that for a racist social engineering fuckwit like Tim Shouldbeknockeduponhisarse has our war veterans turning in their graves.

    We let it happen on our watch.

    We should be ashamed.

  14. Pedro the Ignorant

    Joins “Professor” Mike Daube, the Pommy wowser in the race for the most punchable face in Australia.

    Being an Asian (stereotype) he probably has sooper secret unarmed combat skills, so a 4×2 to the back of the head might be needed.

  15. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Joins “Professor” Mike Daube, the Pommy wowser in the race for the most punchable face in Australia.

    David Morrison, surely?

  16. Pedro the Ignorant

    Hear, hear, struth.

    Been in Canberra with relatives, veterans of Vietnam Battle of Coral Balmoral for their 50th anniversary.

    They have been awarded the Unit Citation for Gallantry, 50 years too late, but these old warriors are not too pleased with the way their country is headed.

    Tim Southpossumarse is one of the symptoms.

  17. Pedro the Ignorant

    A bit down the list, Zulu, but definitely a candidate.

  18. Dr Fred Lenin

    When sothpawinsanes term is up wouldn’t that be a good time to wind this waste of taxpayers money up the public employees there could be transferred to the dole waiting line ,save a few bucks there ,never mind offending the u.n. Commos or indigenius and foreign bludgers.same with the shooman rites gang .

  19. Helen

    Yes, I demand equalidy for math students. Non Asian students should have their marks raised to equalidy of Asian students.

  20. duncanm

    I’m torn,

    is Tim Soupinhisface or Tim Flannels the worst Tsar we’ve had?

    I think we should round up and eliminate all the Tims in society. Just to be sure, mind you.

  21. Robber Baron

    I’ll wager that Tim has a 4cm long penis. You know this makes perfect sense.

  22. Tim

    Dr Tim & TimF would be better cleaning public toilets

  23. Norman Church

    Like many here, I would abolish the so-called Human Rights Commission in a heart beat. For many years, the HRC was an expensive exercise in virtue signalling that was totally unnecessary. In recent times, it has become nothing less than the military wing of the lunar left with disastrous consequences both for affected individuals and the nation as a whole. The Liberals contemplating the replacement of this Marxist race baiter is emblematic of their surrender. Diet Labor with a flaccid flip.

  24. Norman Church

    And another thing, when one is next asked to celebrate diversity, think of the Asian kid whose dreams are considered expendable in the cause of a Marxist utopia. I suppose the kid needs to check his or her privilege. No surprises here, diversity was the weasel word created to justify discrimination against J3ws who were too successful in getting into the best courses at University. I guess the Asians had it coming. What with belief in hard work and self-sacrifice.

  25. Rob MW

    The End Game of Tim Soutphommasane

    Sorry Sparty but there is really no end to that prick, it stretches right round Oz……. twice. The only cure is a surgical reassignment.

  26. Seza

    Just rejoice in his Twitter ID and laugh – @Timsout. He sure is!

  27. billie

    unintended consequences, a by product of tinkering with the levers

  28. iain russell

    Petrus Inscius, I had never heard of Punchable Mike Daube until your comment. Researched and agree.

  29. Egor

    The left have a problem, where do they find the white hating, now minor apparatchik who fell on his feet, a job that keeps him off the dole? A sinecure as another pretend professor on the taxpayers’ teat seems the obvious move. Or he could read Their ABC’s news.

  30. Boambee John

    Rob MW
    #2720220, posted on May 25, 2018 at 10:03 pm
    The End Game of Tim Soutphommasane

    Sorry Sparty but there is really no end to that prick

    That’s why he has never been circumcised!

  31. Robyn Todhunter

    We have a farcical judicial system (at all levels)
    We have terrorism bollards scattered throughout OUR country
    We have third world internet
    We have out of control indiscriminate immigration
    We have schools indoctrinating our children with lies and social engineering marxist drivel
    We have no guaranteed, affordable electricity (again third world)
    We have academic standards free-falling to third world standards
    We have taxpayer-funded education openly hijacked by the Gonski rot
    We have governments who kowtow to the UN at the expense of all Australians
    We have a corrupt banking system
    We have corruption at council levels (throughout the country)
    We have insufficient fuel to defend OUR country if attacked
    We have a welfare system which is corrupt
    We have a biased left-wing main stream media
    We have degenerated so far as a society, our essential services personnel need police protection
    We have a police service (was once a force) who can’t/won’t react to overt violence
    We have no go-zones in our cities
    We have a choice of two leftist political governments who are driven by the dictates of the UN
    We have universities so corrupt that they terminate tenure of scientists offering debate
    We have no audible platform to challenge the corrupt UN Paris Climate scam
    We have a foreign aid program giving billions of OUR tax $$$ to corrupt governments
    We have organisations like Hizb ut-Tahrir, which have been declared terrorists, flourishing
    We have a taxpayer-funded National Disability Scheme being rorted to the hilt
    We have been informed by OUR leader that the threat of islamic terrorism is now part of daily life
    We have a family court/domestic violence judiciary placing /leaving children in danger
    We have farmers who feed us, suiciding while we give unaccounted foreign aid
    We have indigenous babies/children living in peril because to help them is racist
    We have a taxpayer-funded AAT overriding Home Affairs and allowing criminals to remain here

    Are we still the lucky country?

  32. Cynic of Ayr

    So, what this arsehole is saying is that Asians, in general, are so illiterate and dumb, that they can’t earn a place in school on their own merits?

  33. Jannie

    I don’t think its the end game for the salted possum. He has a glittering array of career possibilities in the ABC and/or Fairfax, the Greens and/or Labor, “diversity” consultancy. Anything paid by government or mandated by government is an option. We will hear and see plenty more from him.

  34. JC

    What an irrelevant little squib of a “man”.

  35. Anything paid by government or mandated by government is an option. We will hear and see plenty more from him.

    Corporate isn’t out of the question

    Companies go overboard on non mandatory issues.

    They don’t just want to be on the right side of the fence, they want to be nowhere near the fence.

  36. None

    The racemongering Soupcan is enough to turn me lesbian. He oozes sanctimony, racism and small man syndrome. Creepsville. *shudder*

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