Is North Korea defying China?

Any news that reflects positively on PDT is naturally ruthlessly suppressed by the media, but the net being the way it is, we nevertheless do tend to find out if these things are of interest. Anyway, seems the June 12 “summit” is still on. Which has brought a different kind of thought to my mind. The premise is that China is the road to influencing the North Koreans. But the way this is unfolding, it may well be that the North Koreans want to be friends not just with the rest of their nation to the south, but with the entire West itself.

First look at the picture above and then read this article for yourself and think about what the North Koreans, and even Kim, really want: U.S. team in North Korea for talks on summit, Trump says.

Anyway, things seems to be limping towards a peaceful outcome for the first time since 1952.

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19 Responses to Is North Korea defying China?

  1. Shy Ted

    Nah, Kim’s just nicking Moon’ Samsung with his left hand.

  2. Herodotus

    Treatment of their own citizens doesn’t support the theory that they just want to be friends with anyone.

  3. egg_

    With Russia offering increased direct trade, bypassing the China route, with a second bridge crossing quick-deployable via pontoons and below, given China’s policy on Taiwan:

    Oriana Skylar Mastro, a North Korea expert at Georgetown University:

    “Today, China is no longer wedded to North Korea’s survival. In the event of a conflict or the regime’s collapse, Chinese forces would intervene to a degree not previously expected — not to protect Beijing’s supposed ally but to secure its own interests.”

    Nork’s isolationist policy would suit China.
    Treating your own citizens like dirt would be the Maoist model.

  4. egg_

    The Ruskis are also reportedly offering the Norks increased intarweb, so that must curtail isolationism, also.

  5. Rohan

    Or maybe Kim Il Fatso has realised that a permanent state of Cold War is not the path to implementing a one world government. Tear down the wall then subvert its institions with sleeper agents. Its working well so far.

  6. nemkat

    The better interpretation is that Kim has always been Washington’s man on the peninsula.
    More observant Cats will notice that whenever Chinese troops start massing on the border, Kimbo fires a few skyrockets into the drink, makes some statements about being mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore, and voila, the Seventh Fleet shows up off Korea.

  7. struth

    Nemkat is nothing if not a laugh.

  8. duncanm

    I’m starting to warm to nemkat. Need a good chuckle in the morning.

  9. Is North Korea defying China?


  10. Egor

    “Eagle Hits Dragon With $50 Billion Interference Penalty…” at CTH.

    Must drive the pretend free traders to yet another apoplectic tantrum……

  11. Entropy

    Is North Korea defying China?


    Betteridge’s law applies there I reckon.

    Based on past NK behaviour, you have to accept we aren’t dealing with rational actors. If, in the to be frank unlikely outcome of Trump making a deal with NK that brings them out of the cold, the most likely scenario is the NKs will break it, just like they have done for the last four presidents at least

  12. Percy Popinjay

    The entire Norko politbureau deserve to be executed for crimes against humanity, starting with fatboy.

    They have zero legitimacy.

  13. egg_

    The Ruskis are also reportedly offering the Norks increased intarweb, so that must curtail isolationism, also.

    Russia and the US trying to break China’s isolation of the Norks?

  14. pbw


    The same could be said of the Chinese leadership. However, if you wan to deal with China, you have to deal with the leadership. China has exerted none of its supposed influence on Nokor to improve the lot of the people there. It was only interested in NoKor as a brick in the cordon sanitaire it wanted to build.

  15. Punter

    Pyongyang is a ruthless dictatorship that is occupied solely with regime maintenance. Trump is about to provide a propaganda coup. Far better that he left the public displays to Moon, since his pictures with Kim are difficult to spin for domestic benefit.
    I fear Trump has been played and the Chinese will take a slice of his bottom.

  16. NB

    Seems to me the game is to seduce NK from being China’s attack dog against the West. Why would Kim want to live the life he does now, as China’s beast, when he could have fun instead?

  17. NB

    Actually, let’s go a step further: North Korea is what a country looks like when it allows itself to be governed by China. South Korea is what a country looks like when it allies itself with the West.
    You choose!

  18. Kneel

    “…the most likely scenario is the NKs will break it, just like they have done for the last four presidents at least”

    My take is that PDT, not particularly caring what the media say, has thrown NK a face-saving bone by letting Kim be the “hero” who “saves” the talks. That way, he(Kim) is more inclined to be generous at the negotiating table. As a bonus, it is also showing that PDT won’t accept crap from NK anymore than NK will accept crap from the USA – something that has been sorely missing for the last 50 years.

  19. Entropy

    The NKs are ire irrelevant if talk of the talks stop. That is their only interest.
    They don’t want to save the talks. Just talk about them.

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