Trump’s progress with deregulation

Tracking site in case you missed it. Better than a poke in the eye with a stick. h/t Confused old misfit.

There is also the vibe of it. Business knows that the man in the White House is not out to get them.

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  1. 2dogs

    I love the “Scientific Transparency Rule”.

    Spare us from the “trust me, I know” types. No, we don’t trust you. If you wan to keep your data secret, keep your results secret, too. They, like Paul Bongiorno’s officially confidential but actually non-existent sources, are all smoke and mirrors, and are wisely ignored.

  2. Thanks Rafe.

    I was asking for this on the other thread.

  3. And thanks to old misfit who linked it first.

  4. The table presented at the link is only able to be interpreted by someone who has background knowledge and experience in US law and regulation.
    Honestly, it is only of use to someone who can understand the intricacies of Swaheli.
    Can it not be presented in another way so that illiterates such as myself can use the data to shut up the sufferers of TDS?

  5. RobK

    More winning. Im not tired of it yet. Just wish we could see some over here. (Sigh.)
    It seems the US is waking up but Australia is a bit slow off the mark. We live in hope.

  6. nerblnob

    It needs to be clear.

    It needs to be explained, again and again, to Australians who think that the sun cannot rise without a legal requirement that it do so, and that everything is forbidden unless expressly permitted by the government.

    Sad, but that’s the way it is.

    Everyone’s waiting for Hitler or Stalin to ban anything offensive to them.

    If zillions are murdered, well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

  7. mareeS

    If only, here in Oz. What happened to deregulation and unwinding red tape that Cormann instituted with Abbott? Seems to have died a silent death under that great economic genius who is now the PM.

  8. Rafe

    Good point Winston.
    A ballpark figure for the savings to business and others would be be illuminating as well.

  9. struth

    You are indeed an optimist Robk.

  10. egg_

    Van Wrongselen on Insiders
    ABC TV Breakfast:
    Di Natale – PHON issues won’t affect Greens.

  11. egg_

    Yank commentator on ABC TV Breakfast: US economy booming but Trump’s alienation of allies ‘dangerous’ longterm.

    Also: Trump being seduced into making a ‘deal’ with the Norks, leave it to the diplomats.

    Now on rotation on Breakfast.

  12. Siltstone

    Thanks Rafe, thanks Confused old misfit.
    1. Is not the saying “Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick”?
    2. That tracking link reminds me of how hard it is to quarantine a nation against a legislative outbreak of useless or destructive “do goodism”. Trump understands the problem, but very few in Canberra, or State capitals, do.

  13. Roger W

    So far as I can work out, ALL the things in the list have been delayed, rescinded, reduced etc, so they are all positive?

  14. Jo Smyth

    Now that we have seen the academic version, any chance there is a version the rest of us understand.

  15. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Obama who?

  16. Confused Old Misfit

    Can it not be presented in another way so that illiterates such as myself can use the data to shut up the sufferers of TDS ? … A ballpark figure for the savings to business and others would be be illuminating as well. … any chance there is a version the rest of us understand.

    I have to go out! Real life intervenes!

    GOOGLE is your friend!

  17. Roger

    Meanwhile, in the land down under, the ALP had to force – via amendment – the Libs to submit their GST on imported goods of less than $1000 to a regulatory impact assessment, which is Liberal policy meant to decrease regulation!

  18. Mark M

    Trump has damaged the Paris Agreement, say its architects

    One year on from Donald Trump’s announcement he would withdraw the US from the UN climate pact, leading figures assess the “dire consequences”


    Thank you, President Trump.

  19. It doesn’t matter what Trump achieves, the MSM will try and turn it into something bad, insignificant or ignore it and look for something else. The Australian media is as bad as the US media and Their ABC is one of our worst.

  20. sfw

    I thought it was “poke in the eye with a blunt stick”

  21. Interested observer

    Definitely “a poke in the eye with a burnt stick”

    I learned this one at my mother’s knee along with “faster than a shake of a dead lamb’s tail”.

  22. How about “Better than a bowl of rice up the left nostril”?

  23. sfw

    “Bang a rat up your arse” I’ve been told that

  24. nemkat

    ”If thats right, I’ll suck a dead dog’s dick til it barks”.
    Queensland Aborigines used to say that a bit, maybe they still do.?

  25. nemkat

    Staying with doggy themes, I’ve heard it said of a motorist, ”He couldn’t drive a bent stickup a dog’s arse”.

  26. nemkat

    Although ”burnt stick” also works in that example.
    Maybe that’s what was really said?

  27. Chris M

    Need to shed off public servants in a linear manner with the reduction in regulation. And aim to close entire governments departments as the numbers dwindle. Haha one can dream…

  28. TheSemiMentalBloke

    It’s definitely “Poke in the eye with a blunt stick.”
    First heard when I was in the Army in the early ’70’s.

  29. Mother Lode

    We need something like this here – but we won’t get it as things stand.

    My suspicion is that, if Labor can’t resist the temptation to trumpet their true agenda (think mandatory detention) then Fathead Trumble will limp over the line.

    But I don’t think he is in it for the long haul. He has no real vision for Australia. He isn’t really interested in the job. It is all about him. And as long as he can say he had an entire term and won an election he will be happy to love off the kudos he thinks this will win him.

    So it comes down to who replaces him.

    There are plenty that have a lean and hungry look, but don’t have Trumble’s fell spirit and map of the skeleton stuffed- closets. I expect he will want lots of sinecures and qangoes where he gets offices, deference and staff (he would not be so worried about money). So he would actually be rather cheap to bribe. Make him chairman of the Electric Donkey-Bottom Biter Commission and People with Authority Authority and he would be yours.

    All the above just means that he will not be so beholden to his previous supporters. He will sell himself to whomsoever bids the most.

    If they can arrange an accident to get rid of that nagging harridan Lucy he will likely be even more amenable. There is no way a man with such a vaulting ego (that overleaps his limitations) would want to have that be-goggled cadaverous gnat bustling about trying to hurry him to one thing or another – he wants honour and worship.

  30. David Archibald

    There is a recent article online saying that Comey is presidential material – comedy at a very abstract level.

  31. Delta A

    Great Branco toon, mh.

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