Tony Abbott to give the 2018 Bob Carter Commemorative Lecture

Many in the catallaxy family would have been familiar with Professor Bob Carter, Australia’s gentleman scientist and leading critic of the global warming hype, who passed away in January 2016.  Our friends at the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF), where Bob was a Director, have the Bob Carter Commemorative Lecture.

The Lecture will be held at CQ Functions in the Melbourne CBD from 5:30 pm Tuesday, 3 July 2018.

Tony Abbott, who has had much to say about the global warming issue and its implications for energy policy, is to give the main address.  This is to be followed by remarks from Peter Ridd, who like Bob Carter was hounded out of James Cook University for proffering Politically Incorrect views on global warming – and in Peter’s case suggesting that some of the university’s research findings should be checked.  Peter is, famously, taking legal action against the University.

The AEF website has more on the Lecture and what the AEF is doing to commemorate the late Professor Bob Carter.

An ‘Early Bird’ price of $35 per ticket is available to all comers until 11 June 2018.  All tickets to the event must be booked and purchased in advance through Eventbrite [click on the name for the link to their site]—the online booking platform.

If you haven’t yet got your ticket, now is the time to book!


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19 Responses to Tony Abbott to give the 2018 Bob Carter Commemorative Lecture

  1. red breast

    It would be good if they recorded the evening and released it for download, even for a small fee. If that fails, maybe just a podcast.

  2. H B Bear

    More Lieboral tawk.

  3. Habib

    It’s a bit sad when the best the liberal party can produce is an old-school mick DLP tax+spend ideologue like Abbott. The fact that many regard him as an arch-conservative shows the leftist delusion endemic in this socialist shithole. Thatcher would’ve thought him wetter than a fish’s fanny.

  4. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I found some of Tony’s ideas to be good, but he never seemed to do what he talked about- i.e., he never shirt-fronted Putin, or repealed 18C, etc. And claiming there would be no tax rises just before the election may have seemed good politicking, but it came back to bite him. So Tony’s record is mixed (Captain’s pick, anyone?), but Mals record is no better.

  5. Genghis

    Going, will be a great night. It is time the Federal Government cut James Cook University by 10% for each Professor they cull on dubious grounds. Universities are meant to have academic freedom. Both these wonderful Professors stood up for academic freedom and got smashed. More and more scientific papers are arriving disputing the IPCC predictions and when Prof Ridd says research papers are not rigorous enough he gets the boot. Don’t get me started on the disgraceful conduct towards Bjorn Lomborg. He believes in Climate Change but notes there are many many better things to do with limited resources – and I agree.

    Bear & Habib you really should tighten up your thought processes. The more you write the more you prove yourselves to be incompetent.

  6. C.L.

    Just for the record: Monty isn’t part of the “Catallaxy family.”
    He was billeted here years ago by his parents and they haven’t come back for him.

  7. egg_

    #2727605, posted on June 4, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Hopefully another ‘salami slice’ to wear away at the CAGW ‘carbon (gravy) train’.
    Even if it mostly makes conservatives feel warm inside.
    If the BBC acknowledges that CAGW is now Toxic, it’s warriors must obviously be shifting the goalposts to squirrels like sea levels, coral bleaching, extreme weather events, etc., as per the ABC.

  8. Habib

    Mals record is no better. It’s far worse, and given Abbott’s pretty poor form that’s a major indictment.

    Oh Great Khan, please enlighten me to my incompetence. Perhaps it was missing the repeal of the HRA, summary dismissal of its fascist personnel and demolition of their edifice, likewise for the ABC, major spending and tax cuts, the evisceration of the APS, mendicant states sent into penury, unions crushed for being criminal scum, medicare and welfare immolated…………crikey I missed a lot of achievements by Bicycle Boy.

  9. Habib

    Also binning the NDIS and NBN which admittedly required little effort or political courage, have to give him a tick for that. Same for de-funding every parasitic think-tank/lobby group that’s been cornholing us with cretinous marxist policy advice for decades. And for pulling the plug on state opposition to mineral extraction by witholding funding. All easy fixes to national problems, but he kicked on and did it.

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    Tommy who? Is that the labour bloke the meeja used to like writing about ? Did Trump knock him off the front pages ? Sic Transit Gloria ,the higher the top ,the longer the drop .

  11. Habib

    And he was pretty ruthless in demoting and having dis-endorsed his treacherous, leaky communications minister, who was also incompetent and an abject failure in the role.

  12. Habib

    The repeal of his mentor’s draconian, ill-conceived and utterly failed weapons legislation admittedly must’ve hurt, and did take some ‘nads. Cudos. I’m beginning to warm to the wing-nutted unit.

  13. JohnL

    Just for the record: Monty isn’t part of the “Catallaxy family.”
    He was billeted here years ago by his parents and they haven’t come back for him.

    Just for the record:
    Monty has no family. The sperm that conceived him floated down the Murray in the condom.

  14. OneWorldGovernment


    I have read between the lines.

    Kindly shove it up the useless arzeholes and go for it.

    UNaustralia has much to lose.

    Personally I would smack the living daylights out of Turnbull and good ‘ol boy George Brandis.

  15. cohenite

    Bob Carter was a great guy. He came to Newcastle and gave a brilliant talk; the bastards at the abc defamed him and there was a discussion about litigation. I wish he had just to stir the bastards up. Good on Ridd, cut from the same cloth as Bob. We’re lucky to have them.

    I’m not so sure about Abbott who no doubt is a great guy but not tough enough.

  16. Egor

    Indeed, why? Abbott was an official catastrophic global warmist when leading the Liblabs. He could have called it out as an ideological scam. Like Maurice Newman, once retired Abbott seems to be admitting the positions of his previous incarnation were a lie.

  17. Bernie Masters

    While I agree with some of what Abbott has to say about climate change, the reality is that everything he does is seen by the media as an undermining of Turnbull. It has long been time for Abbott to accept he’s no longer got any chance of retaking the PM’s position so he needs to find a more constructive, positive role for himself in Parliament or retire.

  18. mareeS

    cohenite, we were there too. A man of excellent logic.

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