Light relief and Dan Mitchell on freedom of association

Stairs with a difference.

Dan Mitchell on the gay marriage and wedding cake episode.

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  1. stackja says:


  2. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    Great stairs Rafe ,I was in building and architecture all my life ,most amazing stairs I ever saw were at the Old EttamogaPub outside Albury ,they were the most rickety looking things I ever saw ,how the bloody things stayed up defied gravity ,the builder must have been a genius , tourists and kids loved them ,even little kids could pick how weird they were .
    There are some quite formidable stairs at Southern Cross station in Melbourne ,they would look great decorated like some of those you showed ,brighten the place up .

  3. JohnA says:

    Dr Fred, do you know the background to the Ettamogah Pub? The cartoon by Ken Maynard called “Ned and His Neddy” which regularly appeared in the Australasian Post (first of the lad mags, I guess, often seen at men’s barber shops) featured the Pub as a caricature of many an outback pub. I always remember the crows which flew around with workers boots because the tin roof was always too hot to perch upon.

    Steve/Sinclair, I wonder if the collection is online?

  4. Egor says:

    SCOTUS has not yet decided whether the State can force a man to use his personal artistic talents to design a custom wedding cake to celebrate a practice he abhors. The cake maker was happy to sell them a standard production wedding cake.
    SCOTUS merely decided the Colorado bureaucrats were biased in their process and prosecution and dismissed them. That ended the case.
    The original point has yet to be decided by SCOTUS and they won’t be able to avoid doing so.

  5. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    John I remember the Post ,used to be everywhere mFootrot Flats was popular. The pub was designed from ‘aynards drawings the bar and gents were fantastic ,real bushy . Guy I knew had family in Albury tookmr there for a drink and to delight in my unbelieving expressions and comments ,it was a hot day and we sunk a few middies . Medicinal purposes for me you understand .

  6. struth says:

    The Ettamogah pub also was replicated in Qld and WA.

  7. Norman Church says:

    Having read the SCOTUS decision in question carefully, I must say that I am not convinced that the effect of the reasoning is quite as narrow as many have portrayed it to be. However, we shall see.

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