Open Forum: June 9, 2018

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  1. stackja says:

    Breaker episode meant AIF Charter. Pearce didn’t allow any death penalty.

  2. zyconoclast says:

    The Afghans have always struck me as an honest and trustworthy people. I would be happy to take their word at face value.

    Had to deal with some Afghans.
    One could barely speak English interpreting for another.
    The speaker was screaming “Claim number, I want claim number” at the admin lady.
    Eventually he stopped shouting long enough for her to say, there had to be a claim before he could get a claim number.

    There were Afghans. All lining at the same address, all had the same doctor, all had the same lawyer and all had a workers compensation claim for a bad back.

    When they left, I told her last week those blokes were chasing goats up a hill, this week they are in here screaming claim number.
    I’d like to see them try that back in the province of Goathump/boymolest-istan.

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