Why did the ABC employee cross the road

Why did the ABC employee cross the road?  Why?  To join the protests for increased taxes and increased public service and (by inference) ABC salaries.

Now Spartacus realises that this is his second rant on the subject this week, the other being here, but Lord Howe!  Hayman.

Spartacus is a regular watcher of ABC Insiders as it provides that start of week gee-up to fight the good fight.  But now that Spartacus has been made aware, by ABC senior management, that there is no more fat to cut, every sight of ABC indulgence and profligacy grates ever more.

To start with, in Barrie Cassidy’s introduction, the reference to “trickle down economics”.  Hey Barrie.  Do some research.  Try something new.  There is no bloody thing such as trickle down economics.  You won’t find a serious economist mention it (other than perhaps Emma Alberici #justsaying) and you won’t find it in any serious economics text book or journal.

And then, as it seems happens every week, they wheel out a Huw Parkinson “mash-up” which somehow, every single time, manages to try to lampoon the conservative political proposition.  This week’s effort being aimed at Donald Trump.

No more fat to cut.  Yeah right.

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15 Responses to Why did the ABC employee cross the road

  1. MACK

    How many people does the ABC employ just to read out the weather on TV? A job the news reader does on SBS. These people lack any degree of insight.

  2. You’re watching the wrong show. You would enjoy the OUTSIDERS on Skynews far more.
    This morning that two particularly interesting guests. (They always do)
    Riccardo Bosi is exactly what this country needs in a parliamentarian.
    And Kevin Donnely is what we need for a Minister of Education.
    (If government must be involved in the upbringing and development of the child at all)

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    What about a cut of $ 1.2 billion a year for the next hundred and fifty years ? sounds about right

  4. chrisl

    I once worked for a bloke whose job it was to watch every news show on all the channels and put together the mash-up at the start of insiders. That was all ! That was his job! His wife told me what he did,I think he was too embarrassed.

  5. rickw

    I can’t wait until the ABC’s promotion of communism results in an inability to fund it.

  6. Shy Ted

    No ABC employee could cross the road without an adult holding their hand.

  7. H B Bear

    Looks like I was wrong. I thought it was to get away from their [email protected] contractor coming the other way.

  8. Leo G

    To start with, in Barrie Cassidy’s introduction, the reference to “trickle down economics”.

    Funding the ABC to produce the likes of Insiders is more akin to “tickle up” economics.

  9. anonandon

    Watched the show as part of my weekly penance. Malcolm Farr is an idiot. Annabel Crab is ridiculous. Michael Stutchbury was pretty good but whenever he tried to make a point defending a conservative viewpoint he was simply interrupted to death. The discussion about the ANU issue perfectly summarised things for me.

  10. egg_

    in Barrie Cassidy’s introduction, the reference to “trickle down economics”.

    That would be Their two-storey dunny, where those below get to experience a golden shower.

  11. struth

    While we have an ABC at all, they cannot claim to have a revenue problem.

    The ABC is one of the most unnecessary expenses and one of the most costly of those that the Australian taxpayer has to fund.


  12. max

    What, then, do they want a government for?
    Not to regulate commerce; not to educate the people; not to teach religion; not to administer charity; not to make roads and railways; but simply to defend the natural rights of man–to protect person and property–to prevent the aggressions of the powerful upon the weak– in a word, to administer justice.
    This is the natural, the original, office of a government. It was not intended to do less: it ought not to be allowed to do more.

    by Herbert Spencer

  13. max

    Pericles and Thucydides

    The West’s political systems have been frauds from the beginning. The increase in fraud is due to democracy. It takes greater skill and more spin to bamboozle the democratic public than it does a public under tyrants. That is Classical Greece’s legacy to the West. Educated men in the West have been asked to read Thucydides’ reconstructed speech by Pericles on Athenian democracy. In the good old days, educated men read the speech in Greek. But their teachers rarely asked them to put two and two together. Pericles had convinced Athens to start a war with Sparta in 431 B.C. In the second year of the war, he gave a funeral oration — a rhetorical justification of his own lack of good judgment. If you want the background, read my 2003 article, “It Usually Begins With Thucydides.” Athens lost the war after 26 years. Five years later, the Athenian government convicted Socrates of corrupting youth by asking politically incorrect questions. Socrates was silly enough to drink the hemlock instead of departing, which was an option granted to him by the assembly. He believed — as they all believed — in salvation through politics. For the Greeks, as for Tip O’Neill, all politics was local. Socrates preferred to die rather than to leave Spin City. Apologists for both Greek democracy and Socrates have been spinning this sequence of events for a millennium. The Western political tradition rests on fraud. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


  14. Tator

    Max, you will find all throughout history that it has been left wing parties introducing all those extras. Just look at Whitlam, increasing federal government spending by around 50 % in one year. These days all we hear from the left is “it’s not fair to cut that spending as it’s trickle down economics which doesn’t exist.”
    As it is, everyone wants something from the Australian Taxpayer. Even other nations governments want money from the taxpayer because we are a “rich” nation. Unions want to protect their positions of power in the community even though union actions have caused job losses and entire industry losses through sheer pigheadedness. Many unions now exist purely for the benefit of union officials as unscrupless officials work towards their ultimate goal of ALP MP or comfortable government board sinecures with little accountability. These were the unions investigated by the TURC. There are actually some unions out there who do care about their members, but you wil find that they are smaller unions with much higher membership rates. Unions like PASA the fSA police union. Who have a membership of over 99% of all police offiers including the entire executive from Commissioner down. There have been several coppers as MPs and only one PASA secretary Sam Bass but he ran for the Liberal Party on his own merits and not gifted his position via what union he worked for

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