OMG! Prince George plays with (toy) guns

The dopey lefty brigade are out in force today.

Young Prince George pulled the trigger on a social media storm after he was photographed playing with a toy gun.

The future king was with Kate Middleton and his sister Princess Charlotte at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Polo Club on Sunday.

Prince George plays with a toy gun. Picture: Mega
Prince George plays with a toy gun. Picture: Mega

Prince George and a friend appeared to be more interested in pretending to shoot their toy weapons.

No! Really? Four year boy plays with toy gun. Hold the presses.

On my European safaris I like to visit castles and palaces and see how the nobelity etc. live and, on the continent, used to live. In the homes, castles, and palaces of extinct Royals one often sees magnificent art collections. While in the UK and the Windsor homes (where the public can visit) one tends to see weapons and suits of armour. So those Royal families who live in their home countries and are still considered ‘Royal’ tend to know something about weapons.

I often make this point in my public choice classes about the nature of power – even in a democracy. I usually refer individuals to recent Royal weddings and ask the students to tell me about the clothes they saw at the weddings. There is always someone who can talk about the dresses and hats and female attire.  I then point out that what the females were wearing is not nearly so interesting as what the males were wearing and I ask the class if they can recall. Almost nobody ever recalls that Prince William had a choice of outfits to wear at his wedding but wore an Irish Guards Officer uniform (colonel I think). His brother wore a Captain’s Irish Guards uniform. His father wore  a Royal Navy Admiral’s uniform. If I recall correctly his grandfather did too. We saw, more or less, the same thing at Prince Harry’s recent marriage.

So of course the boy plays with toy guns – soon he’ll be learning to shoot real ones. The Royal family are directly descended from a warlord. That is how their family gained power.


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35 Responses to OMG! Prince George plays with (toy) guns

  1. Pickles says:

    As Phil The Greek chortled knowing full well most of the fruit of the fruit of his loins has bin shot at.

  2. Mal Siccar says:

    Ignore the bloody whingers and virtue signallers! Don’t give them oxygen!

  3. bemused says:

    If anything, the royal family has to be prepared.

  4. Roger says:

    Socrates defined justice as minding your own business.

    What an unjust society we tolerate, full of busybodies telling others how to live!

  5. Geriatric Mayfly says:

    George and his little mates should have been tarting up Barbie dolls with designer labels as their parents debrief them from the giddy heights of the recent wedding. The Mrs Clooney outfit would take considerable patience, with the ever present danger that Barbie might get mangled in a fit of frustration.

  6. Herodotus says:

    What was it Mao said about power and guns? No problem back then from the cheer squad.
    Modern leftists are just attenuated creeps and are for the most part Big Evil’s useful little acolytes.

  7. stackja says:

    Leftists are always good for a laugh. ABC comedians?

  8. C.L. says:

    I’ve become cynical about these sorts of ‘reports.’
    I read the Prince George story this morning and noted that, actually, there was no controversy about him playing with a toy gun. There were a few lunatics on Twitter who’d expressed varying degrees of ‘outrage’ about it and this ‘outrage’ was then ‘reported’ by News Corp and other media.
    This is now a pretty hackneyed click-bait and ‘news’ generation tactic.
    There is a reason I’ve likened journalists to poo joggers.

  9. billie says:

    do we all need a scold’s bridle, or just some of us?

  10. Delta A says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens if Wicked Prince George continues his obsession for weapons of kindergarten destruction. Or, Lord help us, if he ever chews a toastie into the shape of a gun.

  11. Pickles says:

    Can’t wait till he guts his first rabbit. Great grandma has dropped a few deers and a bit of African bush junk as well. They’re all bred for it.

  12. Egor says:

    All my kids are firearm trained and absolutely competent at 12 yo.
    Rigid safety protocols never to be broken are their’s for life
    There is nothing like firearms to give a kid self confidence and responsibility.

    Does that push the social engineering left to apoplectic rage?
    I hope so.

  13. stackja says:

    MSM worried about a toy gun but not Islamic State?

  14. NuThink says:

    What about the guns blazing shown in ya face in ya TV room on a daily basis by FollyWood?

  15. Nighthawk the Elder says:

    So that would be Prince George, future King of England. Will most likely at some point serve in at least one branch of the armed forces, like his father, grandfather, great grand parents and great great grandfather, to eventually rise to the head of the combined British armed forces (even if it is only ceremonial).

    Guns, really big ones too, will feature prominently throughout his life.

  16. Egor says:

    He’s actually pissed off with the trigger pull on his striker fired handgun. Look at his face.
    We all are, son.
    You can go Walther… as the best of a bad lot ….but no trigger beats a SA 1911 style handgun.
    F**king DA blacksmith jobs.

  17. candy says:

    If it was the little sister with a gun the media would be championing her “power”, her “authority”, her “strength”, etc.

  18. Y says:

    Hopefully the Taliban will stick around to serve their rightful purpose as target practice for the British aristocracy.

  19. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    I’ve become cynical about these sorts of ‘reports.’
    I read the Prince George story this morning and noted that, actually, there was no controversy about him playing with a toy gun.

    I read it too and thought the same thing.
    And this sort of beat up applies to many stories of a similar ilk.
    There is no story until some leftie gets online and complains.
    The Royal family deal with security and police and army all the time.
    They shoot for sport and always have. They know the power of arms.
    And they don’t object to them. All good.

  20. Egor says:

    Get your kids around firearms young.
    You’ll watch them grow up beyond belief, quickly.

    Never, ever point a barrel at anything you can’t kill. (Firearm unloaded matters not).

    Never, ever assume a firearm is not loaded and ready to fire, even if it obviously isn’t.

    Voila, no more firearm “accidents” in bogan land.

    We do have to deal with the problem of legal ticky tacky storage.,

  21. Pedro the Ignorant says:

    Most of the male members of Britain’s Royal family have served in the armed forces, many are combat veterans.

    George’s Uncle Harry was offing Taliban from a multi million dollar Apache helicopter gunship not long ago and young George, like most boys, will grow up hero worshipping the military men in the family.

    Good to see that the PC bullshit has not yet infected the royals.

  22. NuThink says:

    Lefties who believe in equality should be pleased with guns, after all they are the Great Equalizers. No matter what you look like, or how big you are, male or female or any of the myriad other genders with agendas, if each has a gun it comes down basically to the skill of the person in handling a gun.

  23. hzhousewife says:

    Good to see that the PC bullshit has not yet infected the royals.

    Meghan’s only been in The Family a couple of weeks, too soon to have fixed everything yet.

  24. harrys on the boat says:

    Rodmans interview with that arsehole Cuomo on CNN was one for the ages. MAGA hat, slapping Obama, praising Trump. What a world we’re living in

  25. Egor says:

    Legal ticky tacky longarm storage requirements in NSW are a joke.
    A wooden cabinet is acceptable in NSW.
    The SSAA should be the ones screaming NO…. they don’t yet get the PR problem.
    Lord Waffle’s cosmopolitan theatre going anti firearm associates know they’re on a winner….and they are.

    Until the SSAA grows up.

  26. Nerblnob says:

    I’m no stranger to social media but this Catallaxy is the first I’ve seen of this “story”.

    Don’t be part of the problem.

  27. Boris says:

    Don’t be part of the problem.

    Good point.

  28. Dave Brewer says:

    You don’t have to look very closely to see that the “toy gun” is only a water pistol. FMD, are those now banned too?

  29. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld says:

    If the frenzied lefties had nothing to rant about, they would probably invent something. Wow, a little boy with a water pistol…shock, horror. I don’t hear any raging from them about the multiple murders in their city of Chicago, many by guns, how about the attacks on South African farmers? How about the appalling crime in London? No! However if a little boy has a toy, there they go, true to form, ranting, raging, screeching, screaming etc, etc

  30. Spring is coming says:

    OMG how did he get through security with that weapon to get so close to Royal family?

  31. Spring is coming says:

    That’s got Putin’s fingerprints all over it

  32. Mother Lode says:

    Kids are infinitely more curious and inventive that lefties – in fact that is the main difference as they are both equally mature, experienced and knowledgeable.

    If you take away the toy gun he will find something else to play with as a gun. Similarly give a kid a stick and he will play swordfights.

    Lefties think:
    1) Only a toy gun can be used for playing games with guns
    2) It is the toy that makes a kid play a game. What they want to do is an ‘input’ from adults. Give a boy a Barbie doll and he will spend hours having dressing it up and having tea parties with it.

    Lefties are just so bad at everything – comedy, drama, relationships, science, economics, etc. Oh, but most importantly – relaxing. If they are not straining their faces as if incontinent, crowded in on all sides by ’causes’, then they feel adrift and agoraphobic.

    If they could see a boy playing with a frisbee and a dog as happiness, and not as a budding patriarchal rapist psychologically mutilating a natural creature (as if he owned a living thing) by deploying an extruded fossil fuel by-product, they might not feel forever prompted to make themselves unwelcome.

  33. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    What an unjust society we tolerate, full of busybodies telling others how to live!

    The more feminised our society becomes, the more feminised the sins.

    Sins, of course, are universal, but the Bible does warn men and women away from certain sins that seem to gather round the various hormones. Estrogen is in the zenith, affecting harridans of both sexes.

    So – women are warned about nagging, gossiping, busybodying and being fearful, for example.

    Now look at the way the powers-that-be treat we poor plebs.

    Proverbs 21:9
    “Better to live on a corner of the roof than to share a house with a quarrelsome wife.”

  34. Squirrel says:

    What fun! – and with a cousin named Savannah (what is the world coming to), it won’t be long before little George is threatening Nanny with “I’m gonna pop a cap in yo ass”.

  35. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    Good story about lesbian mother of little boy being rearedPC style she was shocked when he used toilet paper empty tube as a gun , bang banging at everyone , shock horror he should have known better he was five years old .

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