Catallaxy Exclusive – Australian Broadcasting Corporation has not paid tax for at least 20 years

In an investigative exclusive, it can be reported that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has not paid any company tax for at least 20 years.

A deep analysis of the ABC’s 2016-17 audited financial accounts has shown that, despite revenues of over $1.1 billion (Government and own source), not a single cent of tax was paid.  But according to the ABC’s Chief Economics Correspondent, Emma Alberici:

And while the Treasurer and Finance Minister warn that Australia’s relatively high headline corporate tax rate means Australia remains uncompetitive and companies will choose to invest in lower taxing countries, the facts don’t bear that out.

Although previous ABC research has shown that Qantas has not paid company tax for 10 years, the ABC has not paid tax for longer than that.  Alberici further noted:

A zero corporate tax bill at Qantas has certainly seen one significant wage rise at the company — the chief executive’s. The benefit to workers has been less pronounced.

This is a similar phenomenon at the ABC with it’s chief executive’s salary being at least $0.9 million per annum and its top presenter’s salary being $0.5 million per annum.

When contacted, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) refused to comment on whether there was any investigation of the ABC’s tax payments being undertaken.  ATO spokesperson Bob D’Builder said:

The ATO does not comment on such company specific matters.  But as a citizen, I enjoy watching ABC shows, especially Peppa Pig.  #justsaying.

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17 Responses to Catallaxy Exclusive – Australian Broadcasting Corporation has not paid tax for at least 20 years

  1. Entropy

    You can take the rest of the day off, Sparty. You have earned it!

  2. H B Bear

    Clearly Sparry needs to go away and work on his Alberscreechinomics.

  3. Dave in Marybrook

    Love your work, Sparty. Alberici needs to be doorstopped with this bombshell revelation.

  4. Up The Workers!

    Yoda Guthrie.

    The Farce is strong, in this one.

  5. struth

    Of course they haven’t.
    They’re a government department after all.
    However getting this out amongst the dumbonomic left is a good move.
    Keep attacking.

  6. They’re a government department after all.

    They are not a government department. If they were a department, the minister could give them instructions.

    They are a corporation that happens to be owned by the state. Hence the name – Australian Broadcasting Corporation and not Department of Australian Broadcasting.

    The head of the ABC is called the Managing Director and not Secretary or Director General.

  7. H B Bear

    Taxes for thee but not for me.

  8. EvilElvis

    And with over a billion dollars in revenue, this is a disgrace! Emma! EMMA!


  9. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    The billion dollar OPM pig

  10. struth

    Potato potarto.

    Yes, Spartacus I’m very well aware of what they call themselves, and yet all who work there are paid by taxpayer, public servants.
    Picking them up on the issue of a government department calling itself a corporation and then holding them up to their own aggressive stance against other true corporations and companies and the tax they pay is a great thing and I am calling “good job” for again pointing out their left wing hypocrisy.

    But a department paid for by taxpayers and full of public servants is a government department to me.

    There’s way too many government departments (like councils) calling themselves and registering as corporations and other such diversions allowing them to appear other than tax dependant government departments full of public servants, and more importantly, to engage in shoddy business and money making that would simply be corrupt for a government department.
    Which is precisely what they are.
    But I am praising you for pointing out that if they want to be a corporation they should be taxed like one.

  11. struth

    For example.
    A government department has public service pay scales.
    A corporation full of public servants can pay what it likes.

    That’s one of a thousand reasons for calling them out and I praise you for it.

  12. rickw

    The ATO is sending me huge bills for taxes I have no idea about.

    The ABC pays zero tax.

    What a third world shit hole.

  13. Whalehunt fun

    Arrogant lowlife civil servant. I would enjoy watching ABCstaff and their families being tried and executed. Wby is ATO bebaviour dependent on his likes and not mine.?

  14. John Constantine

    No tax on receipts of over a billion dollars a year.

    Will bounce of leftists, they are just Warring Down western capitalism, they truly shrug off any rebound attack as meaningless for the cause, so it just gets forgetteryised.

  15. Macspee

    Statutory corporations are often, if not regularly, required to pay a dividend to the State. Recently Q’land has been criticised for ripping money out of its corporations. Many years ago the Cain government was in dire straits and demanded a massive dividend from the S.E.C.V. The then CEO Jim Smith wrote to Cain to object and pointed out that if the SECV had been an ordinary corporation its directors would have been prosecuted for illegally paying dividends from capital (the dividend far exceeded the SECV’s accumulated profits).
    If the ABC has not paid dividends to the C’lth then it either makes no profit (or surplus) which is a damnation of its management or it does make profits (surpluses) but the C’lth does not require it to pay a dividend, which is, I suggest, a condemnation of a weak and ineffective government.

  16. Boambee John

    #2741374, posted on June 19, 2018 at 8:56 am
    Of course they haven’t.
    They’re a government department after all.

    Government departments, at least nominally, pay tax. FBT is a very obvious example.

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