Said it before. Will say it again.

Spartacus has said it before and Spartacus will say it again.  Kevin Williamson is a fantastic writer and analyst.

For those unfamiliar with his recent history, Williamson was a long time writer for National Review and was poached by The Atlantic Magazine.  After 1 article for the Atlantic Magazine and a lefty revolt and hissy fit that would put ANU students and academics to shame, Williamson was fired.  And for what?  Officially because of something he said in jest in a podcast some 6-12 months earlier.  Unofficially, because the lefty media likes every kind of diversity except view point diversity.

Williamson has now returned to write for the National Review, although sadly less frequently, and his latest contribution is called Asymmetrical Capitalism.  Please, please read it.  In it, Williamson writes about an issue dear to Spartacus’ heart; that the debate should not be about (re)regulation or deregulation, but right-regulation:

Consumer regulation based on the power of exit rather than on the power of mandate will tend to help markets function rather than push private-sector service providers gradually in the direction of regulated quasi-public utilities — and nobody much loves their utility company, either.

Just read it.

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6 Responses to Said it before. Will say it again.

  1. Driftforge

    Heh. Someone has read their Moldbug.

  2. max

    Caveat emptier “let the buyer beware.”
    “sold as is,”
    “You can’t get something for nothing.”
    If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.
    Be suspicious of people or situations that offer a large benefit for very little in return.

    Governments have created fiefdoms through regulation. They have created dependent guilds that rely on regulation and licensing to screen out price-competitive innovators.

    “inadequate consumer protection.” Protection by what? By the state. This always produces oligopolies, higher prices, and reduced service. It is the ultimate protection racket.

  3. manalive

    … Missile defense is one thing, bulls**t subsidies for third-rate theater groups is another … (Really, Hamlet is a young woman this time? It’s been done, a lot, and it wasn’t very interesting the first 10,000 times) …

    I’ve sat through one of those.
    I’m not sure how common sex reassignment is in classic works revised in order to conform to current tastes, I recently came across a BBC radio serial adaptation from 2011 of The Lost World where Arthur Conan Doyle’s Professor Summerlee “… a tall, thin, bitter man, with the withered aspect of a theologian …” becomes Dr Diana Summerlee.

  4. tgs

    He really is a fantastic writer, isn’t he.

    Though some of the alt-right around here will complain purely because he writes for NRO.

  5. Iampeter

    Sorry spartacus I’m not going to agree with you on this one. Did you even read the article you linked? I’ve always thought Kevin Williamson was just awful but this article is a good example of why.
    Firstly, he is a religious/traditionalist collectivist, which makes him a leftist. His kind have overrun the conservative movement and are responsible for turning it into a religious version of progressivism, often even further left on certain issues.
    Secondly onto this article, he has no working theory of government and so he has no idea what he is talking about and just jumps around from random non-essential to random non-essential without tying anything together.
    First its the random relationships of consumers with some businesses but not other businesses, then he randomly jumps to discussing mergers, then random leftist concepts like “fairness”, etc. Finally he just totally contradicts himself with first talking about assymetrical relationships, then rejecting assymetrical relationships, then he thinks there are “good reasons” for regulations then he says we should “let the market work”. It’s a total mess. None of this random crap he’s throwing against the wall, hoping something will stick, has anything to do with what capitalism is even about. Hint: there’s no such thing as “assymetrical capitalism” so the heading alone is a big clue he doesn’t know what he is saying.
    No, guys like Kevin Williamson should be reviled for the insidious and confused leftists that they are and if he demonstrated a total lack of knowledge of his field in any other profession like he has here, then he would never be hired in the first place.
    Such are the times we are living in.

  6. JohnA

    max #2741658, posted on June 19, 2018, at 1:22 pm

    Caveat emptier

    Err, do you mean that there’s nobody home and the dog is going neurotic, or did you really mean

    caveat emptor which is the opposite of “caveat vendor”


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